Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 15

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The First Arc: Blood Rain Reaching Towards a Flower

Chapter 15: Clothes Redder Than Maple, Skin as White as Snow






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  • nimblebubbles says:

    Thank you for the translation. Our couple is so cute!

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    GEGE!!! *dies*

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    • ” No one would wish to have these pair of hands choking them to death” haha….yeah..😳

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  • Thank you for your hardwork!

    I really am curious when will Xie Lian know that San Lang is Hua Cheng XD

    • 😂 😂 Me too, Xie lian is very funny he actually made up that palm reading. Now I wonder if sang lang(Hua Chang) actually saw that lie because he kept smiling

  • ‘Container oh container, we’ve only just met today, so don’t be so heartless! ‘

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  • yukitachibana01 says:

    Thank you for this chapter.

  • Xie Lian may not know how to palm read but he was stiil spot on!
    Thank you for your hard work <3

  • These boys are hilarious and so cute together. San Lang likes to laugh so much, he seems happy to be with Xie Lian, but It’s so obvious he is hiding something. The ghosts got scared away by XL… Right.

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  • San Lang is so cool and cute I love himmmm

  • Oh my…they are already shacking up…

    Truth get told, his fortune wasn’t wrong.

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  • They are so cute with all of the teasings ~
    I’m sure San Lang has recognised Xie Lian from the start. (♥ω♥ ) ~♪
    Too bad for him though, Xie Lian is too considerate and the awaited skinship didn’t come XD I just hope San Lang retreated his hand in the last chapter because of shyness and not a ghost won’t be able to touch a Heavenly Official. That would be sad.

    Welcome for Lily ~ ❤
    And thank you for the chapter! Merry Christmas and happy new year! 🌟

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  • yilingbigboss says:

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  • “…No one would wish to have these pair of hands choking them to death.” –> my reaction : has human always been this pervert?! –> then I tried to read slowly… turns out it was “…NO one would wish to have these pair of hands choking them to death.” –> OHH xD

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  • fingerguns4ever says:

    San Lang (Hua Cheng) calling Xie Lian Gege has me weak af damn that’s so soft and cute 😍
    Also Concerned Dad Xie is so adorable \( TT.TT )/♡♡

  • OMG IT’S HIM!!!! I’m pretty sure it is hua cheng!!!! They already met? Omg i’m so happy!!!!!! I’m LOVING this novel, despite the borring three first chapters 😂💖

  • Lol they both tricking each other. I was amazed at Xie Lian’s palm reading only to know it was all BS ^^;, he got me there but idk of San Lang
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  • Bangtan London says:

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  • b_.r._.u._.h says:

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  • You’re translation is so good, it’s very pleasant and easy to read !
    THANK YOU SO MUCH For your hard work ! I loved the moment when the ghosts were idly-talking and joking with each others. With all the spooky parts of the storie, I wasn’t expecting for the ghost to be so easy going XD.

  • gitoshri sen says:

    This chapter was soo cute! The couple r already going through some adventures together!!
    And Hua Cheng was being soo scary and cute then, praising his gege!!
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  • San Langs character reminds me a bit of Xue Yang ( as if its wei ying and xue yang in this chapter)
    and him being a powerful ghost and scaring away the other little ones reminds me of every ghost type shoujo manga where the male lead is powerful ghost or demon that protects his wife from the low ranked ayakashis that want to eat her. basically san lang protecting his wifey here UwU

    • San Lang reminds me sooooo much of Xue Yang!!!! Loving this

  • Kamille Anne Kams Joaquin says:

    “That’s strange! Why can’t we pass?”

    “For real?! It’s blocked? What the hell! Is this the work of some ghost?!”

    “F*ck, aren’t we the ghosts ourselves? So how does that work?”

    … Dame! the ghosts conversations are so hilarious 😆

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