Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage


Nine Treasures (玖宝)





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Everyone in the world knows that Demon Lord Hua Che was cruel and vicious. A single disagreement could cause him to slaughter someone’s entire family.

What raised everyone’s hackles even more was how he had kidnapped the Immortal Lord Chu Binghuan, before shamelessly forcing him to become his Daoist companion!

Everyone cursed him, calling him shameless and disgusting, but he completely disregarded them. Hua Che only gently and cautiously tried currying favor with his crush, his white moonlight.

However, even until death, the only things he managed to obtain from Chu Binghuan were the words “shameless”, “we’re irreconcilable enemies”—these kind of hurtful phrases.

Luckily, after he was reborn, Hua Che finally understood: stolen melons were not sweet. During such a nice era, wasn’t strolling with a cat or teasing a dog also fun?

First, he had to go to Chu Binghuan’s family to break their arranged marriage.

However, the lofty Chu Binghuan, who was originally devoted to cultivating and always disdained his wooing, suddenly had a huge personality change. No matter where Hua Che went, he would follow, and it was impossible to lose him!

Hua Che borrowed a certain person’s words and said, “Shameless!”

Chu Binghuan: “You and I have long had an engagement, and we’ve even slept in the same bed. This is a matter of course.”

Hua Che continued borrowing someone’s words: “We are irreconcilable enemies who cannot live under the same sky!”

Chu Binghuan: “Then the two of us should travel beyond the sky, becoming the perfect immortal couple.”

Hua Che: “……”


Chapter 1: “Delaying you for a lifetime.”

Chapter 2: “Declining the engagement earlier is also good, to prevent that person at home from thinking about it and eating vinegar.”

Chapter 3: “The three-hundredth prey.”

Chapter 4: “He didn’t want the phoenix, but wanted the pheasant?”

Chapter 5: “Chu Binghuan suddenly spoke. “You’re……afraid of me?”

Chapter 6: “Chu Binghuan wasn’t thinking much. After all, wherever Hua Che went, he’ll follow.”

Chapter 7: “Hua Che settled down Lin Yan, before he turned around and yelled at the chaotic crowd. “Little Ice Cube!”

Chapter 8: “Hua Che was so startled, he even dropped his water bag!”

Chapter 9: “Chu Binghuan’s face didn’t change at all as he explained, “I’m very sorry. I am young and inexperienced, so my skills aren’t very refined.”

Chapter 10: “Master, you wish to accept them as disciples?”

Chapter 11: “What Chu Binghuan owed, he had returned it all in his previous life!”

Chapter 12: “Chu Binghuan hesitated a few times before asking, “You……relinquished your thoughts on your fiancé?”

Chapter 13: “With a guilty conscience, Chu Binghuan looked away. “You’re thinking too much.”

Chapter 14: “Turning his gaze and smiling, Hua Che said, “Even if I cultivate the musical way, I’ll still be able to beat up the sword cultivators from the Shang Qing Immortal Sect until they’re looking for their broken teeth on the ground. Do you believe it?””

Chapter 15: “The Ghost Festival.”

Chapter 16: “Hua Che yelled, “Little Ice Cube, don’t be careless! He has been cultivating for at least a hundred years!””

Chapter 17 Part 1: “Paling with shock, Hua Che stared at Chu Binghuan and asked, “You……agreed?””

Chapter 17 Part 2: “Paling with shock, Hua Che stared at Chu Binghuan and asked, “You……agreed?””


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