Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 16

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The First Arc: Blood Rain Reaching Towards a Flower

Chapter 16: Clothes Redder Than Maple, Skin as White as Snow






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  • i am awake at an ungodly hour but thanks for translation! I can actually say I was first for once

  • Lol must prevent other people from praying for marriage with your hubby

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    Oh this chapter was so cute.

    Thanks for the christmas gift!

    Happy Holidays!

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  • Such a great chapter. Love the interaction between XL and SL. I can’t wait to see what happens further and how XL will react to finding out who SL truly is.

    Quick question, when does XL find out SL’ s identity – around what chapter? Thank you ~~~

    • Should be around chapter 29

  • Xie Lian is unexpectedly sharp ~ Is it about time for San Lang’s identity to be revealed? XD

    Taking down that defensive array might help him gain one loyal follower who would burn incense stick for him though (ノ≧ڡ≦)♥

    Thank you for the chapter! ⛄

  • I really enjoy this story! Both intriguing and funny. Thank you for the translation.
    And Merry Holidays!

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  • Pastry Prince says:

    Thanks for the release!

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  • I hope San Lang won’t get hurt from all that “warding off evil” stuff, Xie Lian take that thing down quickly!
    Thanks for the chapter! This year I got a Christmas present even though I don’t celebrate it lol

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    I. LOVE. THESE. TWO! OMFG, I SHIP IT SO HARD RIGHT NOW! SO HARD! Theirs the little cutie MC and the smooth as ML…MY HEART! XD Anyway, thanks for the update! Been waiting to read this one since I started Grandmaster of demonic cultivation. ^^

  • [The portrait was of a man clad in splendid clothing and a golden mask, wielding a sword in one hand and holding a flower in the other. The vigour in each brush stroke were excellent, and the colors used were exquisite This was in fact a portrait of ‘The Xian Le Crown Prince who pleased the Gods.’]

    Of course he would paint one in which Xie Lian is wearing a mask. Lol

  • Thank you!!! Can’t get enough of these two persons.

    –“If you don’t mind squishing with me tonight, we can share?”

    I bet that’s what he initially wished for.

    And O.o is San Lang going to be affected by the talisman?

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    I’m thinking could that saved child by Xie Lian be San Lang by any chance. All these questions. Overnight popularity was good too and Xie stopping those women by his instinct 😅

  • 晴天Dazai says:

    “In Buddhism, this is a cushion mat used to pray to Gods.” The religion in this novel is Taoism not Buddhism. praying mats have other uses besides praying. This mat is for Xie Lian to sit, not for others to pray. Since Xie Lian never wants his devotees kneeling down to him while praying. ( It is mentioned later in the novel)

  • thank you for the chapter

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  • gitoshri sen says:

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