Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 15

Thanks to Nicole for the coffee!!

OMG formatting this chapter was a headache, it’s footnote galore so please prepare yourselves. We did a lot of researching for this chapter!

Also, once again, please welcome Lily to our team! The bulk of this chapter was actually translated by her and she did a fabulous job! Both Lily and I just finished final exams so hopefully we can start cranking out those chapters, no promises but chapter 16 should come soon too! Maru did a beautiful job translation checking and special thanks to my friend and Maru’s mum (real MVP!) for clearing up iffy parts with us!! Hopefully, this chapter will read as smooth as butter even with all the Chinese aspects thrown in~


It’s pretty late now so I’ll leave it at that (I swear I spent like an hour+ just formatting this chapter LOL). Please enjoy the chapter everyone!!

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  • Thank you for the chapter! 😀
    I’ve been looking forward your translations~ and happy holidays ;3

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