Ghost Bridegroom


The One Who Tells Stories Under the Bridge (天桥底下说书的)





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When the demonic sect’s Protector Bi Qianren was travelling around the jianghu, he encountered a malicious ghost who liked bride kidnapping. Without the slightest hesitation, Bi Qianren kicked away the ghostly head blocking his path.

However, could someone tell him why this headless ghost began pestering him to get married? Do ghosts toss their heads to find their matches now?

Zhuge Qingtian: If you’ve sat on my sedan chair and haven’t yet died, you must be my predestined wife, one matched by the heavens.

Bi Qianren: Scram, us demonic cultivators only become husbands.

Zhuge Qiantian: Alright then, husband, when will we hold our wedding?

Bi Qianren: Even this works?

That day, as he stepped onto the path to find a missing head, Mister Hitman Bi Qianren learned a bitter life lesson—don’t casually kick a malicious ghost’s head, because who knows if that ghost will one day become your wife.

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