Former Sweetheart


The One Who Tells Stories Under the Bridge (天桥底下说书的)





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As the demonic way’s leader, You Jiang’s ambition was to cause trouble for the righteous way. His lifelong dream was to be besieged by all the righteous cultivators under the skies, and his daily task was to be chased by the righteous way’s leader.

The righteous way’s leader Fu Hongye, was precisely the irksome obstacle blocking You Jiang’s path to becoming an overlord.

However, just when everyone was fighting about, trying to seize power, You Jiang woke up one day to find the righteous way’s leader lying beside him in bed.

So, in order to prove evil would never suppress the righteous, Fu Hongye topped him?

……Was there something wrong with using this posture to achieve his dreams?

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