Character Guide


Xu ZiYan

Transmigrated From Modern Times to the Inside of an BL Harem Novel

The third main lead in a BL harem novel and the pampered young master born to an enormous, middle-class cultivation family. His father is the Family Head and he is the Clan Head’s only, legitimate son. One day, for some unknown reason, modern Xu ZiYan who had almost been thirty years old transmigrated into book Xu ZiYan’s twelve year old body. He is determined to not end up with the book’s main character and to raise his younger brother up into a good man.

Has a slight, slight brother complex.

Spiritual Vein: Lightning Heavenly Spiritual Vein
Current Martial Art Techniques: Thunder Jolt, Nine Changes of Violet Heaven

Xu ZiRong

Reincarnated In His Eight Year Old Body After He Died In First Timeline

Book Xu ZiYan’s younger half-brother. He is four years younger than Xu ZiYan. The original Xu ZiYan had bullied him and almost killed him, distorting Xu ZiRong’s personality until he turned into the book’s main villain. After he died in the book’s finale, Xu ZiRong woke up back in time in his eight year old body.

Spiritual Vein: Tri-Spirit Vein (Wood, ?, ?)
Current Martial Art Techniques: Blood Sea Heart Sutra, Silent Running Water, Tempering Wood Secrets, Forest Speech

Xu Xiao

Xu ZiYan and Xu ZiRong’s father and the Head of Xu family. Doesn’t care about Xu ZiYan personally, but spends great resources in raising him because he is the future hope of Xu family.


Wei Qing

A disciple from the powerful Wei family who is very cold and arrogant. Possesses genuine dragon blood and is hailed as a genius.

Spiritual Vein: Fire Heavenly Spiritual Vein

Xiahou Lian

The genius from the influential Xiahou family and at odds with Wei Qing. She is a very bubbly and outspoken girl who finds the Xu brothers interesting.

Hu YuTian

Another disciple considered to be a genius and from the distinguished Hu family. He has a very gloomy personality.


Bai Hua

The protagonist of the BL Harem novel. He is extremely lucky and had three lovers, the third being the original Xu ZiYan.

Lin XiaoTian

One of Bai Hua’s lovers and the Sect Leader of Tianyu Sect.

Mo ZiYuan

Another one of Bai Hua’s lovers and the boss of Moyu Long Court.