(now complete with a ‘Run Away From Your Death Flags’ version!)


When the game was first launched, even the most zealous fangirls felt sorry for the otome game’s main love rival, Lettice. After all, no matter what kind of ending it was, she would always be killed by the capture target of that route!

Hold on a second, you say I’m that Lettice? Wait, what?! My fiancé, my older brother, my younger brother…they’re all capture targets, you know! What am I supposed to do now?!

Featuring a villainess love rival who goes through great pains to avoid her likely deaths (aka the capture targets), her best friend the Princess who goes through great lengths to create a romantic story for her friend, and the (also reincarnated) Heroine™, who is actually asexual…and all too willing to help her bro-friends with their girl problems. And oh, we can’t forget about the poor capture targets now, could we?

Table of Contents

Step 0: Finding Your Used Ticket To Hell (aka, realizing that you’re dead)
Step 1: Triggering your Past Memories (while being extremely, extremely sick)
Step 2: Meeting your family (and your Death?)