Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 6

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The First Arc: Blood Rain Reaching Towards a Flower

Chapter 6: The Ghost Holds a Wedding, The Crown Prince Climbs Onto the Marriage Sedan






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  • 11ampotatoes says:

    So the groom going headbutt Xie Lian evenly with the head veil on next chapter?

  • Burnt Tofu says:

    Thank you for translating this chapter!

    so we’re going to meet ML in next chapter? (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

  • Finally! The ML’s making an appearance! And, welcome back!

  • Cotton Crow says:

    Very addicting! Really look forward to the next chapter! Wanna see what our mc will look like XD

  • Will Xie Lian look better with a touch of makeup? …Stay tuned and find out, lol~ 😆

  • Thank you so much for the translations.

    This make my day. Still can’t believe this is already updated. <3<3<3

  • This is hilarious xD I thought that would be the case, but was still surprised he voluntered for that 😂

  • ExtraPenguin says:

    Ahahaha Xie Lian all dressed up in a wedding dress. I love how he went and saved Little Ying and then Little Ying came to help! Little Ying’s the MVP for making that wedding dress fit properly, lol.

    Also, “No, young lady, please don’t misunderstand. I don’t have this kind of hobby.” had me ROTFL.

  • Ahahaha oh XL !! Haha Thank you very very much for the chapter!!!~ Fightooo!!

  • Oh my…

    I wonder what the gossip will be like after hearing about the crossdressing?

  • I just knew it, he was going to dress up XD. I can’t wait till the wrath ghost getting the scare of his life when he sees his groom, (ml u better come fast, ur wife is getting married off :P)

  • Many thanks for the chapter : D

  • Thank you for the chapter!!

  • Thank you for the chapter >___< can’t wait for next chap!!!!

  • I have a feeling The two martial gods, Nan and Fu, are on strike against their superior general. How else would they be “willing” to help out?

  • Oh my god, laughed my butt off 😂😂😂😂😂

    Xie Lian has the best helpers.

  • GOT7-IGOT7-Jacky says:

    *quietly searches for fanarts of Xie Lian in red wedding dress* hopes the ML makes his appearance soon~~

  • “No, young lady, please don’t misunderstand. I don’t have this kind of hobby.”


    • Xie lian is really surprising 😂😂😂😂well I never thought he would volunteer to be the bride groom and those martial gods are something else😂😂

  • kirimiayane says:

    I love these awkward af scenes where no one knows what to do😂

  • thank you for the translations :)) i don’t know if it’s just me, but i can’t load the pictures 🙁

  • i cant see the pictures. is there a link which i can use to see it?

  • why I can’t see any of the pictures :(((

    • Same:(

  • Wowo

    • Why can I not see the pics? Or is it only me? TT

  • I wish I could see picture too

  • Love this😂

  • hahahah…. the two god’s reactions are always funny… I bet he is looking beautiful after touch up.. hehe..

  • The crown prince is one good character I already love him, he has humor, despite all the problems he has been through he is still so positive. I also love those martial gods they are something else. Wow I love how this is going so far am so hooked. Thank for translating I really appreciate this.

  • Does anybody know of a way to see the pictures ?:((

  • Elvira Sanchez Mayorga says:

    Every time Nan Feng and Fu Yao fight I imagine their chibi versions going wild. XD

  • “set some small goals for yourself first, like only rolling your eyes five times a day and so on.””

    This bit had me rolling over the floor!

  • “set some small goals for yourself first, like only rolling your eyes five times a day and so on.””

    — this bit had me rolling on the floor!!

  • “When Xie Lian wore it, although the waist area was unexpectedly quite fitting” WAIST ON THINNA

  • I just started reading this story, could it be that the ‘ghost’ is really only hurting or taking specific individuals who fall under one category? Would it be to far-fetched to think it’s taking the evil brides? Or the brides who would’ve ended up with an evil groom? Or maybe it can only come out on a full moon, I dunno, but it is interesting.

  • “Nan Feng and Fu Yao seemed to want to take a peek, but in the end, they still decided that it was better to cherish their eyes.”

    Lol these two are a mood 🤣🤣🤣 period!

  • Um.. I only see 5 dots on the screen.. I don’t see a translated chapter 🥺 like paragraph length apart and centered.

    • Same

  • waaaaa waaaaaaa waaaaaaa

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