The Medical Casebook


Meatbun Doesn’t Eat Meat (肉包不吃肉)





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A crazy “beast” in human attire x a cold divorcee “daddy” bottom. A story between a lonely young man with mental illness and a cold, detached doctor.

A gentle reminder: This is a no brain-cell romantic drama, there are no rules, any kind of trigger can occur and contains a lot of angst. (1) Want to argue a point, don’t bother cuz you win.

This story’s background is based in a modern city. The location of the story is not within our country (China) nor does it occur in a real life society. (2) If you can’t read the room, don’t randomly start sh*t, do not make irrelevant comparisons to yourself, do not criticize the writing. The medical references in this work including medical knowledge, medical conditions, medical regimes etc. have all been appraised by professional doctors. The appraisal results indicate that none of this is backed up by science nor is it realistic. This is all nonsense and can’t be taken seriously.

(1) Basically to say that you can do whatever you want, nobody cares. It won’t have an effect.
(2) If you can’t read the room or atmosphere don’t insert yourself and start discourse or something that would ruin the mood.

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