Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, what is your schedule?

Once a week!

I’m a translator/editor/proofreader/etc and I really want to join your group!

Hello! Currently, unless I make post a recruitment page, I’m not looking for any new members to join Sakhyulations. That being said, I’m super happy you want to lend your services to me! Thank you!

I want to translate your translations into a different language, may I?

Super sorry about this, but I’ll prefer if you do not translate off of my translations! Since I’m just a fan-translator, having someone translate off of my translations make me super nervous. I don’t mind if you translate off of the original Chinese, but please do not translate off of my translations!

I found your translations at ___________! Is it suppose to be there?

Nope, it’s not, so if possible please report them for me! is the only place where I posted the translations myself, and the only place I want them to be posted!


I plan to make them myself, actually! Probably once I finish an arc or something like that. Although if you think you’re a master at making them and would like to lend your services to me, feel free to drop me a message!

Who are the characters on your headers/art banners?

The mascots for this website! They were designed by my friend, haha. The girl is a cactus plant that cultivated enough to take a human form, and the boy is a succulent plant! They’re siblings; the girl is named Sak and the boy is named Hyu!

If you have any other questions that aren’t answered here, feel free to contact me using the contact form or by commenting! I promise I don’t bite!~