Former Sweetheart Chapter 18 Part 2 + Campus Prince [END]

My graduate class started back up today, so here I am uploading these chapters past midnight 😂 After Monday’s little scare, I’ve been scrambling to stockpile some chapters lol. Fingers crossed I can both get dem A+s and keep up my translating schedule!! 😤

Also, I’m sure you noticed in the title, but this is the final chapter for Campus Prince!! 🎉 I think Cheryl did a super good job on their first translation project haha, so applause for them!! And once again, if anyone has enjoyed reading it so far and has a NU account, we’ll really appreciate a rating, comment or review! 💖 The NU page for Campus Prince is here!

Cheryl will be back with something new after they’re done with it, and I also have something surprising for you guys next week too. Please look forward to them!! 😉

Without further ado:

Former Sweetheart Chapter 18 Part 2

The Embarrassing Days of Accidentally Wearing the Same Clothes as the Campus Prince Part 9-10 [END]

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