Chapter Updates for Marriage and Bridegroom

Despite being MIA for 2 weeks, I only have Marriage and Bridegroom updates to offer you guys this week. 💦💦💦

SO sorry for my absence — lab and course work suddenly ramped up, got a new thesis project, wrote a 8k word+ paper (that is on draft #5 and I really never want to see it again 😂), and have a new paper due this Friday that I’ve been trying to get a head start on since December but couldn’t because I’m an idiot and despite 4 meetings with the professor I couldn’t find a suitable topic, lol. Is this what being a grad student feels like?

Anyway, all my thanks to c69bby and Somebody for the (much-needed) coffee! I really really appreciate it!!

Also thanks to everyone who was concerned about the jjwxc fiasco and poked me. I thought about it for a long time, talked to some other translator friends, and I think I’m gonna just take things one step at a time. For now, everything will remain the same — I’ll be posting my translations publicly here on my site. We’ll see if I end up regretting this decision in the future ^^;;

Cross your fingers for me in hopes I’ll finish this paper soon — and that I’ll be back with new updates after the bane of my existence in the last 3 months is gone, haha.

Without further ado:

Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage Chapter 21 Part 1

Ghost Bridegroom Chapter 19 Part 2

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