Chapter Updates for Marriage, Bridegroom, and Sweetheart

Ah ah ah ah ah sorry for the late updates!! Prostrates myself and offers the full chapter for Former Sweetheart QAQ!

Would have had these up sooner, but we had literally the biggest snow storm ever yesterday?! I swear I have never seen so much snow in my entire life! It was like 40cm of snow in a single day, I was so shook! ❄️❄️❄️

Anyway, it’s getting late here so I’ll keep things brief. Cheryl is still working on their new project so I’ll be recombining Former Sweetheart chapters on Monday until we add another project! Don’t be surprised if you see nothing on Thursday for the next month or so, haha!

Also, thank you to everyone leaving reviews, ratings and comments on Campus Prince! We really appreciate it! 💖

Without further ado:

Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage Chapter 20 Part 2

Ghost Bridegroom Chapter 19 Part 1

Former Sweetheart Chapter 19

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