Chapter Updates for Marriage + Bridegroom

And we’re back!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Did anyone receive something cool from Santa they wanna brag about? 🎄🎄

I only have two updates for you today, but chapter updates for Sweetheart and Campus Prince will be up on Thursday or Friday!

The change is because I’ve come to realize that it takes me an ungodly amount of time to post 4 chapters in one-go (since I do the final edits on the website pages itself), so you guys will probably hear from me two times a week from now on. Hope nobody minds too much!

Also, I am still desperately seeking comments 😂 Please, let me know what you’re thinking of the novels!!

Without further ado:

Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage Chapter 19 Part 1

Ghost Bridegroom Chapter 17 Part 2

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