Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage — Chapter 21 Part 1

Chapter 21 Part 1: “Chu Tianyu, you’re too awesome!”

As the rooster heralds the break of day, Hua Che’s fever also broke.

He had been in a daze for the entire night. In the earlier half, Hua Che still had some awareness, but he completely couldn’t remember what he had done in the latter half.

Although undergoing this kind of amnesia wasn’t that great of an experience, Hua Che still felt full of energy as he got up early in the morning. Practically glowing with health and vigour, even his wounds no longer hurt. 

Hua Che unwrapped the gauze around his wounds to take a look——indeed, they had lived up to his expectations and had begun to scab over.

In the six realms, anyone with eyes could see how effective the spiritual medicine from Yuntian Shuijing was. In addition, a cultivator’s body does not leave scars. For a superficial wound like this, it ought to heal in just three or five days.

Hua Che turned his head and finally caught sight of Chu Binghuan. Although the other youth still looked as quiet and beautiful as he always did, Hua Che instinctively felt that Chu Binghuan was in a pretty bad mood.

“Little Ice Cube,” Hua Che called him. “Yesterday night, did I……”

Hug, carry, cry, and smile?

His memory was really too fuzzy. Hua Che only vaguely remembered how he had run toward the river bank. Afterwards, something had been desperately dragging him back, refusing to let him move.

Chu Binghuan rubbed his throbbing temples. He originally thought everything would end once Hua Che finished acting out his play. 

Who would have thought that Hua Che would really do whatever he had said? After taking the ‘divorce papers’, Hua Che really went to hang himself!

After being saved by Chu Binghuan, who had been so frightened his soul nearly scattered, Hua Che began shouting noisily again that he wanted to throw himself into the river. In the end, he even wanted to commit suicide by biting off his tongue. 

That had angered Chu Binghuan into jabbing him unconscious with a finger, and only now did Hua Che finally wake up again. 

Chu Binghuan spoke coldly, “You don’t remember?”

Hua Che’s entire face was filled with embarrassment.

One shouldn’t write off all the nonsense someone spoke during their high fever. Half-genuinely and half-jokingly, Chu Binghuan asked, “Who is “Mister Wang from next door”?”

Hua Che was flabbergasted. “What Mister Wang?”

“Brother Hua! Brother Chu! Sigh, you guys really made it so hard to find you ah! All the villages beneath the Ming Yue Valley have been thrown into chaos, but you two hid here to idle away. You’re being too much……”

Heh. Mister Wang from next door had arrived.

Chu Binghuan’s gaze became a degree colder. When he looked at Mu Rongsa, it made the other boy run to Hua Che in fright.

“Brother Hua, you you you, what’s wrong with you? Did you get hurt? Did you fight someone?”

Hua Che laughed in spite of himself. “It wasn’t just a fight, I was practically teetering on the edge of life and death. In fact, I nearly had to report to the underworld.”

Mu Rongsa wasn’t as flippant as Hua Che. Just listening to this description made his heart leap in fear. “Then now, you’re……”

“Nothing’s wrong, nothing’s wrong. All thanks to our great doctor Chu.” Hua Che flattered with a smile.

Turning around, he gave Chu Binghuan a big bow of respect, acting as if he was very earnest as he said, “This life-saving grace cannot be repaid.”

Chu Binghuan hesitated to say something.

Mu Rongsa, “Isn’t it fine if you just devote yourself to him1?”

Both Chu Binghuan and Hua Che choked.

Only after Mu Rongsa confirmed Hua Che was fine did he dare to start joking. With a wretched smile, Mu Rongsa asked in a low voice, “How was it ah, Brother Hua? Last night did you……do a lot of stimulating things?”

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Hua Che rolled his eyes. “What are you thinking about! The two of us are completely pure and innocent, we didn’t do anything.”

“Even if something did happen, what’s wrong with it? Weren’t you two together in the past? It’s not impossible for old affections to suddenly reignite.”

As a good comrade and brother, Mu Rongsa considered everything from Hua Che’s perspective. He persuaded Hua Che earnestly:

 “How is Chu Binghuan lacking? His family background is good, his character is not bad, and even his cultivation level is high. Most importantly is his skill in medicine. If he hadn’t been here this time, would you still be able to stand here and speak to me?”

“People cannot be too greedy. Chu Binghuan is already good enough. After breaking up with him, who else do you wanna find? Not wanting such a big piece of fatty meat2, are you stupid ah?”

Hua Che urged Mu Rongsa to lead the way, and the three of them returned to reconvene with Lin Yan. 

As they flew back via sword, Hua Che felt a headache from Mu Rongsa’s nagging. He could only say, “He is indeed very good, but why don’t you take a look at me, your brother’s circumstances? With only a plain cotton robe, without fame nor any merits, and……well, you understand, we’re not compatible.”

Mu Rongsa choked. He didn’t know how he should start to enlighten Hua Che.

Hua Che could naturally see what was on Mu Rongsa’s mind, and he also understood his good intentions. His heart warmed. “You, as Young Master Mu, are still willing to call me ‘Brother Hua’ even after finding out my origins. I’m already very grateful.”

“What are you talking about?! Is this Young Master one of those shallow and superficial people?” Mu Rongsa began to argue noisily. 

“You’re you, Mu Rongsa’s good brother! It has absolutely nothing to do with your origin nor your status! If anyone dares to slander you with those messy things, do not hesitate to tell me. This Young Master will pummel them!”

The rims of Hua Che’s eyes began to heat up.

In his past life, he was truly unlucky to not have the fortune to meet Mu Rongsa.

The situation in the village was more serious than what Hua Che had originally imagined. He thought they just needed to help the villagers settle down after the incident, and never expected they actually needed to fight against demons.

The environment of Ming Yue Valley was quite unusual and provoked evil spirits and demons. The villagers who lived in the periphery were frequently disturbed by them, often suffering unspeakable misery.

And the immortal sect closest to the Ming Yue Valley was precisely Shang Qing. Every now and then, people from the Shang Qing Immortal Sect would come to reinforce the barrier, one that protected the common people from the demons. 

Now, a mysterious person set fire to the entire village, thoroughly destroying the protective barrier that hadn’t been very sturdy in the first place. 

How could the surrounding demons and evil creatures, who had been starving for so long, stay still? One after another, they began pouring into the village.

But things were really just that coincidental. After living so long, the first demon Lin Yan ever saw was the Soul Sucking Bat. As it happened, what first poured into the village was also the Soul Sucking Bat. Thus, dealing with them was practically too easy of a task for Lin Yan.

One fire was pretty much enough to take out all the Soul Sucking Bats flying in the sky. These bats were what Lin Yan and Wen Yuan were responsible for.

As for the demons similar to apes and monkeys that were running all over the place and slightly harder to handle, Lu Yao and Long Nose dealt with them.

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  1. This is part of the saying Hua Che said (he just cut off earlier). Basically, the entire saying goes, “there’s nothing I can do to repay your lifesaving grace, so I’ll give myself to you (like becoming their savour’s wife).”
  2. This is an idiom for “a gold mine”.

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