Ghost Bridegroom — Chapter 19 Part 2

Chapter 19 Part 2: “Sure enough, he really loved to nurture youths.”

Considering how he was being fawned over and bribed like this, Mo Pan’s complexion didn’t look that good. 

He subdued ghosts purely so that the common people could be at peace, and had never thought about receiving an honorarium.

But why did this person persistently stuff money at him?

The Protector of the demonic way was watching them by the side too ah! What will the image of his Sky Master Mansion turn into?! 

Was he going to become the scoundrelly cultivator who oppressed the common people by relying on his cultivation?!

When Mo Pan thought of this, he stopped being polite for the sake of his Sect’s reputation. He decisively spoke to drive Chou Fugui away:

“It’s the responsibility of the Sky Master Mansion to protect the safety of the people living in Jiangdu, so I’ll naturally subdue the ghost.” 

“As for how the Chou family will fare in the future, that will depend on yourself. Take back these calligraphy pieces and paintings, don’t disturb me while I work!”

Previously, the way Mo Pan had been kindly persuading him made Chou Fugui think the youth was just being perfunctory because he didn’t have the power to subdue the ghost. 

Now that Chou Fugui was scolded like this, it actually made him feel relieved. 

Chou Fugui thought, this was what an expert’s attitude should be like ah! After all, since ancient times, when would an immortal be so polite to ordinary people? 

Chou Fugui smiled apologetically and said, “Yes, yes. Little Sky Master, take your time. I’ll call my servants to prepare some food to serve you later.”

Watching him leave, Mo Pan’s ears were finally free from noise. He couldn’t help but complain to the other two, “Guys, why can’t he understand human speech?”

Using one’s own mindset to view others was normal. Chou Fugui, a person who could only rely on his ancestor’s remaining money to survive, would probably also never understand the behaviour of cultivators who pursued the heavenly Dao.

Thus, Bi Qianren only said in a light tone, “Once you advance to the Nascent Soul realm, there will be even more people who will beg you for help. Their strategies will just be much more superior than his.”

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In Mo Pan’s perspective, the act of subduing malicious ghosts was the same as how his Master rectified and supported the mortal realm——it was precisely the great and important duty of the immortal way.

Cultivators like them cultivated their bodies and hearts to become powerful existences among the heavens and the world. People like them should use this power to protect the cities they oversaw so everyone could remain at peace. This itself was something extremely worthy of being proud of.

But for some reason, although Chou Fugui was clearly an ordinary mortal who was being bothered by evil spirits, Mo Pan currently didn’t feel happy at all. He even felt a bit annoyed.

For the teenager, this was really something too strange. 

Unfortunately, Bi Qianren was the only senior beside him right now. Thus, Mo Pan could only complain to him gloomily, “This is completely different from what I thought being chivalrous meant.”

“Youngster, the jianghu has many hidden depths. You cannot rely on just your imagination when doing things.”

After shooting him a glance, Bi Qianren realized that this person had already forgotten how he was a demonic cultivator. Mo Pan no longer avoided him at all. 

Perhaps this was one of the advantages of getting along with youth. Simple and upright, always brimming with their dreams and hopes. Youth hadn’t yet learned to be suspicious of other people, and were also very accepting of new things. 

But who knows how long it would take before these teenagers also become like them, with an appearance full of frost. 

Sighing slightly like this in his heart, Bi Qianren suddenly discovered that personally guiding a youth like this was a pretty good experience. Perhaps he could also accept a disciple.

However, with Qianren’s frightening charisma that caused everyone in the demonic way to avoid him, would there really be anyone who was willing to worship him as a Master?

Just when Bi Qianren was thinking this, Zhuge Qingtian, who had never once feared him, approached to ask curiously, “Wife, when you were his age, were you also like this?”

Alright, there were indeed people who weren’t afraid of him. However, Bi Qianren refused to raise a rebellious disciple who wanted to marry his Master every day.

The corner of his mouth twitching, Bi Qianren dispelled his unreasonable idea without the slightest hesitation.

However, Zhuge Qingtian’s question indeed made him recall some past matters. For Bi Qianren, sixteen years-old was already a very distant age. Even he no longer remembered his past voice or features. He could only remember how he had also once been so young and vigorous.

In the end, Qianren spoke with slight reminiscence, “At that time, I was fond of using the sword. I kept thinking how I wanted to give my sword a nice name. After giving it a name, I wanted to meet all the outstanding heroes in the world and face them head-on with it, eventually becoming famous in the jianghu.”

“Afterwards, that sword broke. I also no longer thought about these naïve and vigorous ideas.”

This was the first time Zhuge Qingtian ever saw this man reveal an expression like this. Although he still looked serene, his appearance was inexplicably filled with vicissitude.

Nowadays, Bi Qianren had long become famous, but Zhuge Qingtian had never seen him use anything like a sword. Intuition told the ghost that this was currently a matter he shouldn’t ask about.

After thinking for a moment, Zhuge Qingtian smiled brazenly like he always had and said, “Wife, I can be your weapon. You can use me to become famous in the jianghu, and also hug me to sleep at night!”

Ever since the Mourning Rhapsody and Embracing Happiness ghost saints appeared in the world, all the ghosts began gathering in the ghost realm. If a normal demonic cultivator obtained a malicious ghost as their servant, it would cause them to be happy for a very long time, let alone a powerful existence like a ghost saint.

However, in response to this piece of good news ordinary people would seek but fail to get, the noble and aloof major Protector only said, “I’m not interested in you.”

Although he was rejected once again, Zhuge Qingtian felt that the current Qianren looked much more energetic than before. Thus, he became even more unwilling to let the other man be at peace. 

The ghost protested, “Liar, you obviously said before that you were interested in ghosts!”

Not expecting that the words he had said so casually before in fact dug his own grave, Bi Qianren felt his teeth become sore as he stared at the ghost.

He could only say in a cold tone, “Interest and sexual interest are two different matters entirely.”

Unfortunately, Zhuge Qingtian wasn’t a shy or bashful youth. Upon hearing his words, his eyes lit up as he crept even closer. “What’s the difference, tell me the specifics ah.”


Silently staring at the ghost saint that was emanating an aura filled with the message, “Come ah, flirt with me ah!”, Bi Qianren could confirm:

On the basis of how this ghost was even more bold and unrestrained than the women in their demonic way, when Zhuge Qingtian had been alive, he definitely couldn’t be someone from the righteous way!

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Once again, their conversation officially ended with Bi Qianren being speechless. However, as the only bystander on the scene, Mo Pan expressed that he completely didn’t understand just how the topic had been swivelled so far from his original concern about his mission.

Even if demonic cultivators didn’t think cut sleeves were a big deal, they shouldn’t demonstrate just how cut their sleeves were right in front of him ah!

This was way too exciting for an underaged righteous cultivator, alright?!

Unfortunately, as a righteous cultivator who still hadn’t graduated from his studies, Mo Pan couldn’t win against the demonic way’s Protector nor could he subdue an unknown ghost saint. 

Thus, Mo Pan could only hug the little table he used for rituals before angrily speaking, “I truly can’t bear to look at you demons and ghosts, I’m going to the rear courtyard!”

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