Former Sweetheart — Chapter 19

Chapter 19: “Our Leader is super fierce.”

Precisely like what You Jiang had expected, Qiu Yuebai indeed knew the history behind the spirit. After obtaining Fu Hongye’s promise, he finally revealed all the details.

“Treasures made from heavenly materials require thousands of years to take shape. The Azure Sky Mansion has guarded Mingchuan for three hundred years, but only my father’s generation discovered the existence of the Rain Monarch Cave.”

“Alliance Leader, do you know how he had found it?”

The location of the Rain Monarch Cave couldn’t be considered remote. As a city surrounded by mountains, the people of Mingchuan had frequently hiked the mountain to hunt or pick herbs.

Thus, it was reasonable to say that a cave located within the mountains shouldn’t have evaded their eyes for so long.

Hearing how Qiu Yuebai’s tone sounded a bit unusual, Fu Hongye tried asking, “It’s related to that spirit?”

Sure enough, Qiu Yuebai nodded solemnly. He continued to say:

“A hundred years ago, the three lords of the Profound Sect began entering seclusion one after the other in order to welcome their heavenly tribulation. In the Heavenly Alliance, it was precisely the time where the handover between the old and the new elders took place, so everyone was extremely busy.”

“So upon finding their gaps in management, the demonic cultivators took advantage of the situation to cause mischief.”

“From ancient times, the Sect of Longevity in the demonic way has always been researching the method to revive people from the dead. It was unknown what they had done that year, but they actually managed to create a drought demon.”

“This drought demon was the strongest undead that appeared in the last thousand years. Wherever it went, not a single drop of water would be able to flow. After it appeared in the mortal realm, Jiangnan welcomed a drought that lasted three years long.”

“Because of this drought demon, the Rising Dragon River completely dried up. For the entire three years, not a single drop of rain had fallen. Cultivators had already reached the limit for the water they created from spiritual energy or collected from different parts of the world, so every city had practically no way to get by.”

“And because Mingchuan had been the city closest to the drought demon, it had been the most seriously influenced.”

You Jiang never expected to hear about the old affairs from the Sect of Longevity here. He had no intention of letting Du Huo, that brat, obtain any information about this rotten sect.

Upon hearing the sect’s name, You Jiang immediately used his spiritual knowledge to sweep the entire area. Confirming Du Huo really wasn’t there, he breathed out in relief before saying with annoyance: 

“Mentioning the demonic way again when speaking about the spirit? Heh, why not start the conversation from how Pangu had created the world1?” 

Qiu Yuebai rarely encountered someone with such a bad temper. After being interrupted like this, he paused blankly.

But upon catching sight of the hint of unhappiness in this senior’s gaze, Qiu Yuebai immediately explained gently, “Forgive me for my impropriety. At that time, the Alliance Leader had still been cultivating with the Sword Saint. I was overly wordy because I thought he might not necessarily know these events.”

Fu Hongye used many years to adapt to his newly-created body. Although he had seen these matters recorded in the ancient history books of the Heavenly Alliance, he didn’t know the details.

But once he heard Qiu Yuebai’s narrative, Fu Hongye actually had some doubts. “A drought demon is an undead that has strength comparable to a Post-Calamity cultivator. Since my master had been in seclusion to pass his tribulation, how did the Heavenly Alliance eliminate it?”

“According to the elders in my Mansion, the Sect of Longevity had been too haughty and refused to listen to the orders of the demonic way. Thus, the leader of the demonic way massacred the entire sect and completely burnt down the Indestructible River.”

“Afterwards, there was civil unrest in the demonic realm for a long time. All the opposing sects were annexed by the demonic way. The leader of the demonic way even molded the demonic cultivators who had died in his hands into the heart demons he controlled.” 

“Thus, the people who had been defeated by him didn’t even have the chance to steal a body or reincarnate. Everyone feared the leader of the demonic way for his vicious and merciless methods, not daring to disobey him. This is how the demonic realm developed into today’s state, with the demonic way as its leader.”

Being unable to handle the demonic cultivators, with a civil war in the demonic realm being what had ended their disaster. Such an “accomplishment” like this was naturally something the Heavenly Alliance wouldn’t record in detail. 

In their preserved records, this entire incident was only mentioned in the single line: “The Gao dynasty, thirty second year; the drought demon was eliminated, the entire world has returned to peace.”

And not even half a word had been mentioned in regards to You Jiang’s magnificent feat of sweeping across and conquering the entire demonic realm.

At that time, You Jiang was still in his prime. A single flip of his black fan was capable of sending countless cultivators to the Naihe bridge2.

When people mentioned the leader of the demonic way in the streets, they would look around while trembling with fear. How could anyone dare to casually comment on him like the people do today?

Unfortunately, such a flourishing age for the demonic realm had already passed.

By the time Cun Jie had entered the demonic way, Fu Hongye had already left seclusion to take charge of the Heavenly Alliance. Cun Jie never had the chance to personally witness the graceful bearing of their Leader as he conquered the entire world.

But just hearing a few words was enough for him to imagine the reign of terror You Jiang had left in those years. Taking advantage of how Qiu Yuebai was talking with Fu Hongye and thus didn’t have enough time to pay attention to him, Cun Jie asked You Jiang in a low voice:

“Leader, what is the origin of the Sect of Longevity? How come I’ve never heard of it?”

But the meaning hidden in the left Protector’s words clearly meant, “Leader, what other amazing accomplishments did you have? Quickly brag about them to me!”

Unfortunately, You Jiang didn’t cooperate at all. He merely said casually, “Nothing more than a few crooked melons and split jujubes3. That brat Du Huo is so wordy, you’re not allowed to mention this to him.”

A real man doesn’t boast about his past achievements. After You Jiang lost to Fu Hongye, he never recalled his glorious past again.

Thus, the Leader the juniors knew about was merely one who had cursing fests with the elders everyday, appearing truly unlike a proper demonic leader.

Although Cun Jie believed their Leader definitely had his own outstanding points, nobody told him about them at all. At present, he could only reply melancholically, “Yes, sir.”

Young people always liked hearing about their elders’ past glory. In the past, hadn’t You Jiang also disdained the Demon Lord who had idled away all his time? 

He just hadn’t expected……as someone who had originally believed he could fight for the demonic way for his entire life, You Jiang had also matured into a person who was unwilling to go to war now.

The past always caused people to feel emotional. Sighing a little, You Jiang returned his attention to Qiu Yuebai.

For now, he decided to just care about the business at hand.

You Jiang spoke, “At that time, the Heavenly Alliance had been doing its utmost to suppress the drought demon. They completely didn’t have the spare time to go to small places like this to help the victims.”

“Your Azure Sky Mansion does not specialize in water cultivation. For those three years, how did Mingchuan manage to get by?”

Qiu Yuebai’s complexion looked terrible whenever he mentioned this topic. Right now, his voice dropped even lower as he said:

“The records in my family say, on the second day the drought demon passed through Mingchuan, the water in all the wells had completely dried up. One after another, the crops planted in our farmland also withered and died.”

“While officials from the Sect of Longevity and the Heavenly Alliance fought, it was impossible for the common people to even escape from the battle. They could only keep watch in the city and wait for their deaths to arrive.”

“The drought hadn’t even lasted one year, yet thousands of people had died in Mingchuan. Everyone in the Azure Sky Mansion was prepared to go all out and escort the common people away, even at the risk of their own lives.”

“But right at that time, the originally clear sky that was without a single black cloud, suddenly began to rain.”

“The heavy rain fell for an entire night, reviving the Mingchuan that had already been covered with an aura of death. Only after my father returned did everyone find out that the Sky Azure Mansion had defeated a spirit living in the mountains. Using its spiritual energy, they created the rainfall and saved the city.”

“Afterwards, father led the disciples of the Mansion into the mountains again and discovered the Rain Monarch Cave. Its water allowed Mingchuan to pass our calamity.” 

“And after the entire incident passed, we developed the spiritual tea business, allowing Mingchuan to flourish from henceforth. Thus, our Azure Sky Mansion became the saviour in the eyes of the common people.”

This story didn’t have any differences from what Cun Jie had found during his investigation. You Jiang shot Qiu Yuebai’s face a look before he said, “But your expression doesn’t seem like you regard this as something to be proud of.”

Sure enough, Qiu Yuebai sighed helplessly. He closed his eyes and said, “Before the wishing well matter had happened, I indeed believed my father’s impressive feat was something quite heroic. But now, I have some doubts in my heart about the entire matter.”

“At the time, although I frequently lay on the sickbed, I still understood the strength of the Azure Sky Mansion. And if they relied on just my father’s cultivation, it would be completely impossible for them to win against this demonic thing, much less have the remarkable ability to make it rain from spiritual energy.”

“In addition, before my father died, he repeatedly kept muttering the two words ‘Rain Monarch’. I suspect that he wasn’t concerned about the Rain Monarch Cave, but was instead calling for a person named ‘Rain Monarch’……a person, or perhaps a spirit.”

With everything said, the truth was more or less clear. After hearing everything, Fu Hongye fell silent, but You Jiang wasn’t someone who would care about a righteous cultivator’s mood.

He immediately sneered before saying, “The entire world was disturbed by the drought demon, and only your place rained. An abundant, water-natured spirit also appeared here. How can something be so coincidental in this world?”

“In my opinion, it was that spirit who had made it rain to save everyone, but you guys cruelly and unscrupulously stole its home. Now, you’re even regarding it as a demonic thing to get rid of.”

You Jiang’s words were sharp but hit the mark, and Qiu Yuebai’s complexion subsequently became even paler. Ultimately, he answered with exhaustion, “Although the records in my family were not clear, this is also my guess.”

The valiant father he once thought was a hero, was actually not a real hero. In fact, it was even possible that he was a vile villain who forgot favours and violated justice, someone who would even harm their own benefactor.

The faith and conviction he had for so many years suddenly crumbled in a single morning. Indeed, the pressure Qiu Yuebai had to withstand recently was not a trivial amount.

Now that the Rain Monarch had returned to take revenge, he actually had no idea how to handle this matter.

Precisely like what Qiu Yuebai had said before, this was a situation where it was difficult to select a choice. Fu Hongye gazed toward the serene Rain Monarch Cave located within the mountain forest. 

Ultimately, he could only say, “These are just our guesses. First, we should find the Rain Monarch. Only after we ask them, can we know the truth of that year.”

This was indeed the most important matter at this time. Complying with the Alliance Leader’s instructions, Qiu Yuebai nodded his head.

Seeing how the man’s emotions were relatively still stable, Fu Hongye looked at You Jiang and said, “Senior, the only clue we have is the Underworld Silk. In the past, ever since the righteous way captured the Embracing Happiness Saint, the ghost realm has regarded us as great scourges. Could you please……”

Underworld Silk was the currency ghosts used. Naturally, they were something the ghost saints had understood the most.

And since the demonic way had a good relationship with the ghost realm, it would be the most suitable if they were the ones who made these inquiries.

You Jiang never thought there would be a day where the leader of the righteous way needed to ask him for help. Shooting Fu Hongye a look, he said, “You’re the one who’s rushing to help other people fix their terrible mess. How is it this lord’s business?”

Unfortunately, Fu Hongye had completely understood You Jiang’s personality, and how he had a sharp tongue but a soft heart. The youth decisively walked over before raising the demonic cultivator’s hand. 

Sure enough, You Jiang was currently holding a communication jade in the hollow of his palm.

Fu Hongye smiled gently, “Then senior, what’s with this communication jade that has been marked by a ghost saint’s aura?”

You Jiang hadn’t expected Fu Hongye’s senses to be this keen. The youth could even detect the extremely weak Yin energy that he used to contact the ghost realm.

However, even though he was already exposed, You Jiang wouldn’t admit anything to death. He said stubbornly, “This lord is just curious how that spirit managed to get Underworld Silk, so I only asked the ghost realm a few questions, nothing more than that. It has absolutely nothing to do with you.”

After becoming used to this kind of stubborness, it actually began to look cute.

Although Fu Hongye knew You Jiang had thin skin, he couldn’t help but say with a smile, “Okay. Demonic cultivators won’t do anything benevolent, I know.”

Sure enough, using this kind of a tone, one that a person might use to trick children, angered You Jiang greatly. In any case, there were no clues they could investigate here, so he simply grabbed Fu Hongye’s collar and dragged him over. “Rotten brat, go pick a hidden realm to go to. This lord wants to give you a beating!”

The two people still remembered their identities, so they had been muttering quietly. However, once someone lowered their voice while using a fierce tone like this, it sounded more like a threat from one’s lover after they were annoyed.

Although Fu Hongye knew this was just his imagination, he still felt happy because of it. He didn’t pay attention to how he was about to fight with the leader of the demonic way again.

Instead, he turned to tell Qiu Yuebai, “Mansion Master Qiu, Senior has already contacted the ghost realm to make some inquiries. Before we receive a reply, I must request that you arrange a good room for us to recuperate in.”

The whereabouts of the spirit were hard to track. Even if they remained there, they wouldn’t be able to find any more clues. And although Qiu Yuebai wanted to settle this matter soon, he also knew that one should not act with undue haste. 

But he still had a question about Fu Hongye’s request, “The two of you wish to live together?”

As a righteous cultivator, Qiu Yuebai didn’t suspect their Alliance Leader had suddenly become a cut-sleeve4. He was merely wondering if it would be too crowded for two men to live in a single room.

However, upon meeting his subordinate’s pure and honest gaze, Fu Hongye didn’t even feel the slightest pressure or shame as he duped him, “Senior has always looked after me with the utmost care. He is now itching to give me pointers for my swordsmanship.”

Pah! The shameless rotten brat was once again extolling his own virtues!!

This rubbish answer allowed Fu Hongye to obtain a disdainful look from You Jiang. However, it was already enough to convince Qiu Yuebai.

Mansion Master Qiu didn’t think much. He replied, “I will make the appropriate arrangements. The two of you must have had an exhausting day, I invite you to take a good rest.”

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  1. Pangu is from the Chinese tale of creation. For more information, check:
  2. In Chinese mythology, this is the entrance to the underworld. For more information, check:
  3. An idiom for something ugly or repulsive.
  4. Slang for gay men. For more information, check:

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