Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage — Chapter 20 Part 2

Chapter 20 Part 2: “Chu Binghuan’s voice was clear and melodious. “Marriage between two families, the culmination of a wedding contract, and the formation of a good relationship1.””

“Do you want to strangle me to death?”

Chu Binghuan was startled. 

The bitterness of his previous life had suddenly merged together with his current life, making him feel completely dazed. Practically half a day passed before he slowly reacted.

Chu Binghuan lowered his head to take a look. Hua Che, who had been on his lap, suddenly drilled out of his embrace.

The bonfire was currently roaring prosperously. The reflection of the flames made Hua Che’s clear and moist eyes look as if they were filled with flowing light and vibrant colours. 

Without blinking at all, Hua Che stared at Chu Binghuan, before the youth suddenly grinned. “Do you want to f**k me?” 

A string in Chu Binghuan’s brain suddenly went ‘snap’!

“Talk!” Hua Che grabbed Chu Binghuan’s collar before urging in a pitiful voice, “Are you really sincere to me?”

Chu Binghuan: “……”

Hua Che’s face was full of melancholy. “In the end, do you love me or not?”

“Hua Che.”

“I won’t listen, I don’t want to listen, don’t say anything!”


What the hell was going on?

Chu Binghuan nearly thought he had given Hua Che the wrong medicine! 

He raised a hand to palm the youth’s forehead. It was still as scalding hot as before. 

Hua Che’s brain had completely burned into a muddled mess, right?!

The other youth pushed him away before rubbing the forehead Chu Binghuan had touched with disgust. “You don’t love me, right? Then just divorce me! Hmph, in any case, there are plenty of fish in the sea. I’ll go find Mr. Wang from next door2!”

“……” Chu Binghuan truly didn’t know how he should reply.

Hua Che urged, deadly earnest. “Grab a brush to write our divorce papers, quick!”

Chu Binghuan calmly analyzed his patient’s condition. Since Hua Che had gone silly from his high fever, he would naturally say some nonsense.

He was probably confused with a scene from his memory. This baffling performance ought to be a scene from a play Hua Che had watched in his childhood. 

Otherwise, his neighbour might have really caused such a disturbance. Hua Che could have stored the memory in his heart and substituted himself into the role right now, thus creating this confusing scene.   

According to Immortal Doctor Chu’s assessment, Hua Che’s fever should go down by dawn. Thus, this wasn’t something too serious.

“If you don’t write, I’ll write!” On the contrary, Hua Che suddenly became anxious. He picked up a twig from the ground, using it as his brush.

Forgetting to dip his “brush” into ink, Hua Che began gesticulating on the sandy ground for practically half a day……before he awkwardly turned his head to look at Chu Binghuan. “How do you write divorce papers?”

Knowing this was just a temporary impulse, Chu Binghuan wasn’t agitated. But it also wasn’t good to just ignore Hua Che during a situation like this.

Chu Binghuan thought for a moment, before he was suddenly hit with an epiphany.

He took out a brush, paper and an inkstone from the spatial bag in his sleeves and said, “I’ll talk, you write it down.”

Hua Che suspiciously threw away his twig and then nodded obediently, “Oh.”

Chu Binghuan’s voice was clear and melodious. “Marriage between two families, the culmination of a wedding contract, the formation of a good relationship, and a perfect match3..”

Hua Che’s writing was lively and expressive. He put his brush to paper with single-hearted devotion.

Chu Binghuan watched him very seriously as well. “This is proof.”

Finally, Hua Che stopped the tip of his brush. Chu Binghuan promptly pulled away the paper as a shallow smile flickered past his lips.

With the appearance of a complaining wife, Hua Che muttered, “It’s done?”

“Not yet.” Chu Binghuan looked at the “divorce paper” and felt extremely satisfied. 

Although Hua Che came from a humble background, he didn’t lack a good education. Hua Che was proficient in all of the four arts4 and had beautiful writing.

Even a professional calligrapher or painter would slap the table and praise him with excitement.

Hua Che was very agitated. “The divorce papers have already been written. Why aren’t we done yet?”

“There’s still the Gengtie5.” Chu Binghuan said in deadly earnest. “If you return the Gengtie to each other, we can make a clean break.”

“Oh.” After his fever had burnt him silly, Hua Che couldn’t even distinguish the difference between a marriage certificate and divorce papers.

How could he hope to know the custom of returning the Gengtie after marriage, not divorce?

Thus, Hua Che obediently began searching himself, trying to fish things out from his clothes. 


Like a blind cat finding a dead mouse, his Gengtie actually fell out when he opened a spatial bag hidden in his sleeves. 

Chu Binghuan rushed to grab it before Hua Che.

Hua Che’s eight horoscopes6 were written clearly on his Gengtie, along with his birthplace and three generations of his ancestors.

Although Hua Che followed his mother’s surname, the Hua family wasn’t an impoverished household. 

In the very least, before Hua Mei’er was met with misfortune, she had been the daughter of the first wife of an illustrious sect leader.

Hua Che’s maternal grandfather was the only appointed Prince7 of the previous dynasty. His maternal grandmother was a wandering cultivator who had transcended the secular world. Reportedly, she had been a female warrior who wore a headdress8 and was a match for men. 

Hua Che’s grandfather had been deeply attracted to her. After bitterly wooing her for more than ten years, he finally moved Hua Che’s grandmother. The two of them held a vigorous wedding ceremony and had Hua Mei’er by the second year of their marriage.

And after Hua Mei’er started wandering the brothels, she had changed her name. On Hua Che’s Gengtie, what was written was——

“Mother”: Hua Sijin. 

In a single morning, their entire family lost power and were sentenced to death. All the children were subjected to torment.

“It wasn’t like that!” Hua Che snatched away his Gengtie before saying in a daze, “Please, what kind of a thing is that old emperor? My grandma only needs a single charm to let our entire family escape into the cultivation world without a single trace. Even if that old emperor dispatches ten thousand horses and soldiers, there’s still nothing he could do to us!”

Chu Binghuan was startled. Upon seeing Hua Che was still in a daze, he secretly breathed out with relief.

Chu Binghuan could also think of this. With regards to cultivators, ordinary mortals were truly too fragile and weak.

Thus, even if the emperor had control over the entire world, he could only dare to be so tyrannical on his own turf. He had no way to manage the cultivation world.

Toward other people, it was easy to accomplish something like searching a house or eradicating their family. But it wasn’t easy to do it to Hua Che’s maternal family.

“Then your family……” The past Chu Binghuan had never mentioned this matter. It wasn’t that he wasn’t curious, but he had been worried that he’ll touch on Hua Che’s heartbreak.

But right now Hua Che’s mind was completely muddled. When he woke up, he shouldn’t remember anything.

Hua Che mysteriously hooked his finger in a beckoning gesture. Chu Binghuan subconsciously approached him.

“Eradication of the entire family.” Hua Che leaned closer to say into Chu Binghuan’s ears. As if he was talking about other people, he explained in a light and relaxed manner, “I heard my mother say, her family had been killed by cultivators. The demonic cultivators killed everyone, not even letting go of the chickens or dogs!”

Chu Binghuan’s heart shook.

When everyone had scorned Hua Che as the son of the Demon Lord, had anyone thought about his feelings? His frustration, his hatred and his unwillingness?

His mother’s entire family had died in the hands of demonic cultivators! Hua Che’s hatred toward demonic cultivators, hadn’t been lesser than anyone in the world!

Toward how he had inherited Yin Wuhui’s blood, Hua Che must have been more disgusted than anyone else!

Feeling pained, Chu Binghuan clenched both of his hands into fists. “Hua……”

Hua Che: “You devil! Where did you put our divorce papers? Quickly give them back to me, I must take the divorce papers and then hang myself!”

Chu Binghuan: “……”

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  1. This should be the beginning of what is written on a marriage certificate during the Republic of China era.
  2. This is a term used to describe a neighbor who is supposedly sleeping with one’s wife.
  3. Once again, this should be the beginning of what is written on a marriage certificate during the Republic of China era.
  4. Commonly refers to the zither, Go, calligraphy, painting.
  5. Or roughly translated to the invitation card. It’s a card with the horoscope of a boy or girl sent as a proposal for betrothal.
  6. This includes the year, month, day, hour, heavenly trunk and earthly branch.
  7. Another way to translate this would be ‘foreign prince’. Usually Princes in a dynasty or scions of the imperial household who are related to the emperor and share the same surname. Appointed Princes are the people who have a different surname and contributed some meritorious deed and got appointed as prince. They are normally highly regarded by the emperor and “as close” to the emperor as his real brothers.
  8. 巾帼 or “jin guo” is the type of headdress for ancient female warriors.

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