I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 44

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“For you,” Wei Qing was very straight-forward. He raised his hand and threw over a green jade pendant. This was something he had snatched from a black-clothed cultivator. Although that black-clothed cultivator was pretty strong, he was still a bit stronger than them. Thus, after they had lost, they left behind this green jade pendant.

Xu ZiYan felt very surprised. He had never expected that Wei Qing would be this straight-forward about admitting defeat. In his opinion, with how haughty Wei Qing was, it was truly abnormal if the two of them didn’t risk their lives in a ‘you live, I die’ battle.

Wei Qing gave him an indifferent glance. “If we fight against each other, it’ll only allow other people to benefit.”

Xu ZiYan raised an eyebrow. Was this…… Wei Qing’s way of acknowledging his strength?

Of course, Xu ZiYan understood that it they both really fought to the death, it would be hard to predict who would win. After all, a large reason he had won today was because Wei Qing had underestimated him too much.

Now that his opponent had already adequately understood his strength, Xu ZiYan was afraid that should they encounter each other again in the future, winning against Wei Qing wouldn’t be this easy. After all, although his lightning arrows were quite powerful and sharp, it wasn’t like there wasn’t a way to counter them.

“In that case, thank you,” Xu ZiYan raised the green jade pendant in his hand and gave Wei Qing a beaming smile.

Wei Qing frowned slightly, although the furrow in his forehead quickly disappeared. His teacher had once told him before that should he continue to cultivate within Great Liang’s Imperial Reign, he could only do so by walking on his difficult path by himself, never knowing the vastness of the world outside.

There was never a lack of geniuses like him and Xiahou Lian in this world. However, if they did not compete with each other, there was a great chance that geniuses would disappear and turn into normal people.

With his personality, his genius talent could only reach its full potential under the pressure of intense competition.

When Wei Qing remembered how his teacher had assessed him, he couldn’t help but frown again. His teacher had told him before that he was too haughty and proud. Apart from his need to improve himself from continuous practice, he needed some ‘friends’ who could constantly correct his ways. Otherwise, in the future, he wouldn’t be able to walk far on his path of cultivation.

However, even though he knew himself the best and knew that he needed some friends, it was impossible for Wei Qing to throw away his arrogance and go make friends with people that were clearly inferior to him.

After pondering about this for a bit, he realized that within the candidates of this exam, only a few were ‘qualified’ to be his friend. In addition, his Wei family had always been at odds with the Xiahou family. Thus, he and Xiahou Lian were the same and were naturally enemies. It was impossible for that fact to change.

On the other hand, that boy from the Hu family always had a gloomy expression on his face. He practically gave people the impression that he was an unlucky guy. Wei Qing really didn’t think too highly of him either.

After comparing people like this, Wei Qing suddenly felt that Xu ZiYan, this guy who had appeared abnormally, was at least somewhat pleasing to the eyes……

Wei Qing began sizing Xu ZiYan up as he considered the possibility of becoming his friend.

On the other hand, Xu ZiYan was feeling some goosebumps from this terrifying guy’s constant staring. Thus, he dryly coughed twice before he turned around, intending to leave. However, who would have expected that before he could leave, Wei Qing suddenly raised his head. Giving Xu ZiYan a serene look, Wei Qing said, “I permit you to become my friend.”

Xu ZiYan’s face blanked. “……”

Wei Qing’s face was also expressionless. “……”

Xu ZiYan began roaring in his heart: F*ck, where the hell did this chuunibyou devil brat come from?! You actually allow me to become your friend?? Why can’t you allow me to give you a beating instead?!

Wei Qing continued to be expressionless.

Xu ZiYan felt very helpless. What should he say? If he continued smiling at a time like this, would that be enough to get by?

Although Wei Qing remained expressionless, his posture revealed hints of impatience. From what Xu ZiYan could tell, Wei Qing’s body language was clearly saying, ‘I’ve already allowed you to become my friend, why haven’t you reacted yet?’

Xu ZiYan mentally felt tears stream down his face. Sure enough, in this world, only his precious little brother was the most lovable! Other children were all little brats!

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Wei Qing felt that the atmosphere had become a bit strange. He didn’t understand why Xu ZiYan was smiling so foolishly right now (Xu ZiYan slipped! That was called a gentle smile!). At a time like this, shouldn’t Xu ZiYan say he was very happy to become his friend?

It was clear that…… although Wei Qing’s teacher had long understood his personality, he hadn’t taught Wei Qing enough skills.

If you asked Xu ZiYan, he would say that this child’s emotional intelligence was clearly insufficient and really required a recharge……

The two of them once again sunk into a strange silence. Xu ZiYan didn’t know what to say, and Wei Qing seemed to have finally realized that something went wrong earlier……

However, Wei Qing clearly remembered that he had also said something like this to the son of a second ranked chancellor. At that time, he had even used a slightly annoyed and disgusted tone of speaking, but that guy had been so excited he nearly fainted. Afterwards, his teacher also criticized and scolded him for this, but even now he didn’t know what he had done wrong.

That strange atmosphere from before became more and more intense. More importantly, hints of anger actually began faintly appearing on Wei Qing’s expressionless face.

Xu ZiYan immediately felt startled. He completely didn’t understand how things had developed to this stage. The haughty Wei Qing actually took the initiative to become his friend? (……Please allow him to reword and change Wei Qing’s words.)

When he saw how the situation between them was about to become worse, Xu ZiYan couldn’t help but feel extremely anxious. However, it was at this moment that he suddenly realized that although Wei Qing still looked expressionless, the two ears half-hidden beneath the other boy’s hair were slightly red——

Xu ZiYan became speechless.

So…… wasn’t this just a brat who didn’t know how to express his own feelings?

Trip! The hell? What kind of environment did this guy live in previously? If it was Xu ZiRong who been this bratty, he would have long suffered a spanking, alright!?

Helplessly supporting his forehead, Xu ZiYan suddenly couldn’t stop himself from smiling. He just realized that Wei Qing was nothing more than a young child. Although Wei Qing didn’t know much about the ways of the world, it didn’t necessarily mean he wasn’t sincere.

When you became friends with someone like this, you absolutely didn’t need to worry about them betraying you. This was because their pride simply didn’t allow them to do something like betraying their friends.

“Alright, alright. We’re friends now,” Xu ZiYan’s expression was quite weird right now. After all, he had to restrain himself from laughing out loud.

Although Wei Qing still looked calm and tranquil, one could see a trace of tension in his eyes.

Ah. Sure enough, he was nothing more than a child. Xu ZiYan thought this, still feeling a bit amused.

It could be considered that the two of them had agreed upon a ‘gentleman’s friendship’. However, before Xu ZiYan left, Wei Qing very seriously told him that should the both of them have a chance to fight against each other in the future, he definitely wouldn’t go easy on him.

Xu ZiYan agreed with a chuckle. He believed that should he seriously fight against Wei Qing again, it would be hard to predict the winner.

After all, although Wei Qing had a hidden trump card he hadn’t revealed yet, Xu ZiYan had not used all the cards up his sleeve either.

After bidding farewell to Wei Qing, Xu ZiYan boldly passed through the west river valley. Being able to become friends with Wei Qing could be considered as an unexpected bonus. But following that, Xu ZiYan couldn’t help but worry about this new, unexpected friendship of his.

This was because it was still highly likely that Wei Qing would die at the hands of that novel’s protagonist. Although there may be differences in this world because he had transmigrated, who could guarantee that Bai Hua wouldn’t be able to ensure that the story’s plot would progress without a hitch? He did have that damned protagonist halo!

Even though he only met Wei Qing a few times, Xu ZiYan didn’t dislike this person. Otherwise, if he hadn’t liked him, he wouldn’t have agreed to become friends with him. Wei Qing was a very straightforward and upright person. Perhaps he was a bit haughty, but he indeed had the skills to back up his arrogance.

“Ugh, I’ll stop thinking about this. In any case, it’s still a long before that secret realm opens up. If worst comes to worst, when that moment comes, I’ll just kidnap Wei Qing and bring him with me to the battlefield at the far west. I don’t believe that if he doesn’t go into the secret realm, that Bai Hua would come just to chase him to the battlefield!”

“Big brother? What are you saying?”

At their appointed meeting spot, Xu ZiRong was waiting for him in a well-behaved manner.

Xu ZiYan’s voice hadn’t been loud when was talking to himself, so Xu ZiRong only managed to hear some indistinct mumbling about the far west.

His gaze was a bit dark because Xu ZiYan had never told him that he intended to go to the far west to temper himself. Thus, the only person that was connected to the far west was that barbarian clan’s Lei Hu.

Xu ZiRong narrowed his eyes as he swiftly pondered why Xu ZiYan would suddenly mention the far west. Could it be…… had Xu ZiYan just come across that sensitive Lei Hu again?

Damn it! What had that guy said to his older brother?? Did he tell his big brother that there was a dense scent of blood surrounding his body??

Xu ZiRong’s thoughts were in a disorder, but nothing of that showed on his face. In his head, he had already created several responses he could use to counter any information Lei Hu revealed. But first of all, he had to take an indirect approach to find out what exactly Lei Hu said to his brother.

“Big brother? What is the far west?” Xu ZiRong asked in an innocent manner.

Xu ZiYan abruptly snapped out of his daze to give his little brother a smile. Perhaps it was because he pitied Xu ZiRong for his bitter experience in his previous life. Although he knew Xu ZiRong was very happy in this life, whenever Xu ZiYan faced his cute (not really!) little brother, he was never stingy with his smiles.

“The far west is a battlefield. Big brother intends to go there in the future to train myself. Does ZiRong want to go with me?”

Xu ZiRong nodded his head without any hesitation. “I want to go with big brother.”

In his heart, however, he completely relaxed. So it turned out that his big brother wanted to go to the battlefield against the demonic races, huh……?

Xu ZiYan didn’t continue speaking. After all, he had already intended to bring Xu ZiRong along. Although that place was a bit dangerous, what could be more dangerous than meeting Bai Hua?

In order to ensure his safety and Xu ZiRong’s safety—— and now he needed to add on Wei Qing’s safety as well—— he intended to avoid any place that would give him a chance of meeting Bai Hua.

This was basically the so-called saying, ‘if you cherish life, stay away from human scum’! (Yes, in Xu ZiYan’s opinion, Bai Hua was human scum.)

If he couldn’t afford to make him angry, he could always hide from him!

But at this moment, Xu ZiYan still hadn’t realized that under his manipulations, the story’s plot had already been going astray like a runaway horse……

Far away from the west river valley, Xu ZiRong gave Xu ZiYan another green pendant.

With regards to how Xu ZiRong unexpectedly managed to confront a black-clothed cultivator by himself, it made Xu ZiYan feel faintly depressed…… Alas! When he hadn’t been aware of it, Xu ZiRong already became this strong! It truly made him, the big brother, feel a sense of loss. _(:з」∠)_

At an extremely fast speed, the two brothers hastened on with their journey. Thus, it had only taken them one day to reach the mountain beneath Liu Guang Sect.

When he saw that winding road that snaked upwards, Xu ZiYan suddenly felt as if he was seeing the stairs that would lead him to immortality……


So, why did he feel as if it wouldn’t be easy to take a walk on this small path ……? →.→

Xu ZiYan’s prediction had been correct. At the entrance of this small path, a young man stood there with a beaming smile. This man looked extremely refined and handsome, and even the smile on his face was very kind. However, when Xu ZiYan saw this man, he couldn’t stop his cheek from twitching……


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