I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 43

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At that time, Xu ZiRong intentionally added a little something into his older brother’s attack. For this guy to have recovered that quickly, it seemed like this senior-apprentice brother’s strength wasn’t as bad as he had thought.

Xu ZiRong stared at Qilian HongYun with a gaze brimming with malice. He didn’t know this guy’s name, but that didn’t prevent him from deciding to give this senior-apprentice brother of his a gift. After all, this was the first time they were meeting, so Xu ZiRong ought to be polite.

Lightly raising his wrist, those three blood vines began lashing out toward Qilian HongYun as they cut through the whistling wind. Qilian HongYun was shocked by his actions and immediately jumped back. However, he didn’t know that Xu ZiRong had already secretly created two thin green vines behind him. Those two thin vines wrapped around his ankles, and although it was only enough to halt his movements for a short moment, it bought Xu ZiRong enough time for those blood vines to wrap around his body……

The dark red vines tied the black-clothed cultivator into the shape of a fried dough twist before hanging him in the air, upside down. Xu ZiRong had an extremely sweet smile on his face as he broke off a willow branch without much extra effort and slowly walked over to Qilian HongYun’s side.

“This…… senior-apprentice brother. Since you were hiding here, did you want to do something?” Although Xu ZiRong’s current smile was sweet enough to astonish people, his eyes flashed with cold malice.

Qilian HongYun suddenly shuddered. In his heart, however, he was already raging. What the hell was with this batch of candidates?! F*ck, even a little junior-apprentice brother at the eighth layer of Qi Condensation Stage was this awesome??!! How could the senior-apprentice brothers and sisters who had cultivated for many years endure this, ah?!

“What’s wrong? You don’t want to say anything?” The corners of Xu ZiRong’s eyes tilted upwards into a smile as a trace of ruthlessness flitted by in his gaze.

Immediately, Qilian HongYun felt depressed. What the hell could he even say? Other than stealing Xu ZiRong’s jade pendants, why else would he have been following him?

Xu ZiRong didn’t rush him. After all, Xu ZiYan had already begun fighting with Wei Qing. His brother wouldn’t return for a short while. Thus, Xu ZiRong had enough time to vent out his recent frustrations.

Making a gesture with both hands, the thin willow branches began elongating due to his Wood Element Martial Arts. Xu ZiRong used the tip of a willow branch to lightly scratch that black-clothed cultivator’s mask before he spoke in a gentle tone, “Senior-apprentice brother, I’m still a child. I still don’t really know how to control my strength, so please don’t take offense.”

Xu ZiRong had barely finished speaking when a willow branch viciously whipped Qilian HonYun’s thigh. Xu ZiRong had fine control over the power of the branches, for even the black layer of cloth hadn’t been ripped open. However, the willow branch brought severe pain onto Qilian HongYun, which made him yell out in pain in a very immature manner.

“Ah! It hurts like hell!!!”

To be honest, even Xu ZiRong was stunned by Qilian HongYun’s shameless behaviour. He had measured his strength when he had made that blow. Even though the pain was a bit unbearable, it shouldn’t have made a cultivator let out such a miserable scream……

“Ah! Murderer! Someone save me, ah! The new junior-apprentice brother wants to kill his senior-apprentice brother!!” In an extremely shameless manner, Qilian HongYun began screaming in a loud voice. Xu ZiRong stared at him, stupified, as he watched this guy make a big fuss as he called for help. Suddenly, Xu ZiRong felt a bit helpless over this new development.

“Shut up!” From who knows where, two black-clothed cultivators appeared. When the considerably taller one saw Qilian HongYun’s appearance, blue veins immediately began bulging on his forehead. Then, that cultivator yelled at him as he gnashed his teeth.

Xu ZiRong tensed a bit. Just now, he actually didn’t sense where these two black-clothed cultivators had come from!

Immediately, a great part of the contempt he had for these senior-apprentice brothers and sisters disappeared. He didn’t know what the other senior-apprentice brothers and sisters were like, but just the fact that he hadn’t noticed these two closing in on him was enough to prove their power. Even if these two black-clothed cultivators had suppressed their cultivation level to Qi Condensation Stage, they still possessed the capability to mount a sneak attack on him.

In a situation where he couldn’t reveal his Blood Sea Heart Sutra, Xu ZiRong was afraid that he didn’t have any chance of winning against them.

Xu ZiRong vigilantly stared at the two people that had suddenly appeared. The moment Qilian HongYun saw them, he also quieted down immediately.

That tall, black-clothed cultivator turned around to glance at Xu ZiRong. However, their gaze showed some appreciation.

“I’ll be troubling this junior-apprentice brother to please let him down.” Although this black-clothed cultivator’s voice was a bit hoarse, their attitude was quite gentle. They weren’t making it difficult for Xu ZiRong just because he had captured Qilian HongYun.

Xu ZiRong had always been a clever person. He snapped his fingers, and those blood vines quickly disappeared, as if they had never been there in the first place. Conveniently, he also let Qilian HongYun fall down. After all, Xu ZiRong wasn’t kind enough to remind the guy in advance that he was letting him go. In addition, he would be happier if Qilian HongYun actually became half-dead from his fall.

Fortunately for Qilian HongYun, although he was a bit shameless, he still had quick reflexes. Before he reached the ground, he did a flip, successfully saving the last bit of his honour.

That tall, black-clothed cultivator gave Xu ZiRong a smile as the appreciation in their gaze increased. Then, they turned toward Qilian HongYun and held out their hand.

“What?” Qilian HongYun pretended that he couldn’t understand.

That black-clothed cultivator raised their eyebrow. “Do you want me to make a move against you myself?”

Upon hearing that, Qilian HongYun’s expression abruptly became quite remarkable to see. He pursed his lips before he reluctantly took out a green jade pendant and dropped it into the tall black-clothed cultivator’s hand.

The tall man handed that green pendant over to Xu ZiRong before asking him in a deep voice, “What is your name?”

“Xu ZiRong,” Xu ZiRong stared at him with a cold expression. Other than his older brother, he wouldn’t smile for anyone else.

Oh, no, that wasn’t completely correct. Whenever he wanted to make a move against someone, he would also give that person an extremely sweet and cute smile.

The tall man didn’t say much more. Instead, he turned around to grab Qilian HongYun’s collar and began dragging him away. Before he left, he told Xu ZiRong a single sentence, “Xu ZiRong, I hope you will become one of the top three candidates of this exam.”

After he watched those three black-clothed cultivators disappear into the forest, Xu ZiRong frowned slightly. In his last life, he had practically no contact with Liu Guang Sect. Naturally, he didn’t know what shenanigans happened between the top three in the exam. However, he believed that the tall, black-clothed cultivator from before wouldn’t speak without thinking. In that case…… perhaps he too should try hard to fight for a place?

But of course, he wasn’t going to aim for first place. After all, in Xu ZiRong’s heart, the top spot was something he prepared for his older brother. However, under these circumstances where he accidentally revealed a lot of power despite originally trying to be low key, perhaps creating a high-profile was also a solution.

While Xu ZiRong pondered over what kind of treatment he would get should he take one of the top three places of this exam, Xu ZiYan had already confronted Wei Qing.

Following Xu ZiYan’s appearance, the imposing aura surrounding Wei Qing began gradually increasing.

Xu ZiYan didn’t want to cover up his strength at all. He thoroughly understood that when one fought against an opponent like Wei Qing, a short moment of carelessness meant he would suffer a defeat. If he still wanted to hide his strength at a time like this, then that would really be foolish.

“Xu ZiYan?” When Wei Qing saw Xu ZiYan walk toward him, he slowly stood up.

Within this exam, the only people Wei Qing viewed as his opponents were Xiahou Lian and Hu YuTian. Although this Xu ZiYan’s behaviour hadn’t been too bad, Wei Qing didn’t really think much of him.

However, Wei Qing knew he had underestimated his enemy the moment he sensed the aura on Xu ZiYan. This Xu ZiYan, who had come from a family that wasn’t well-known, absolutely did have the qualifications to fight against him.

“I originally believed that…… the first person who would arrive here would be Xiahou Lian or Hu YuTian. I never expected it would be you,” Wei Qing’s tone was very calm. After all, that had indeed been the case. In addition, although Xu ZiYan had the qualifications to fight against him, that didn’t mean Xu ZiYan had the ability to defeat him. Wei Qing was absolutely sure he could win against Xu ZiYan in a battle.

“Actually, I was very surprised too,” Xu ZiYan spread out his hands. To be honest, he really wished he could use a peaceful method to solve all of his problems. It was a pity that Wei Qing was just too arrogant. His body possessed genuine dragon blood, something that was able to maximize his cultivation efficiency. As a result, Wei Qing was accustomed to looking down on other people.

“There’s no need to speak superfluous words. Just make your move,” Wei Qing said in an indifferent manner.

In his heart, Xu ZiYan felt a bit helpless. Hadn’t he already said that acting like a piece of (beep) was the same as courting a strike of lightning? This Wei Qing must be addicted to acting like that, to actually allow him to make a move first when both opponents were around the same level. It was truly……

Well, then he wouldn’t be polite! ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Xu ZiYan began sprinting as he pulled out the long bow on his back. The moment he pulled back his bow, an arrow made out of purple lightning formed.

Cultivators usually learned all types of attacks made out of spiritual energy. Although there were people like Xu ZiYan who borrowed the power of his bow to attack, their numbers weren’t a lot.

In fact, most cultivators had a certain attack range they were most comfortable with. However, their ranges really couldn’t compare with Xu ZiYan’s range.

The same could be said for Wei Qing. Thus, the first thing he had to do was shorten the distance between himself and Xu ZiYan.

Xu ZiYan understood this as well and he definitely wouldn’t give up his advantage. While he ran, he continuously pulled back his bow and shot numerous purple arrows made out of lightning toward Wei Qing.

Other than martial cultivators, very little cultivators would polish and strengthen their bodies. Ever since he had been young, Wei Qing had been the skies’ proud child. With the innate talent of the Fire Heavenly Spiritual Vein and his genuine dragon blood, it would have been impossible for Wei Qing to pick the bitter path of a martial cultivator.

If his opponent was someone normal, his body wouldn’t be much weaker compared to his enemy. However, since he had came across Xu ZiYan, a guy who didn’t do things based on common sense, the only thing Wei Qing could do was nurse his grievances.

A dark red shield appeared and enveloped Wei Qing’s body. This protective shield was extremely concentrated. When normal attacks made out of spiritual energy hit it, they weren’t able to do much. However, unfortunately for Wei Qing, the arrows Xu ZiYan used were made out of condensed lightning spiritual energy. This type of arrow’s special characteristic was that the moment it hit its target, it would explode to maximize its destructive power. In addition, because the tip of the condensed lightning arrow was extremely sharp, defensive spiritual artefacts suffered a lot of damage from its attacks.

Although they were both using spiritual energy, only four of Xu ZiYan’s arrows had hit Wei Qing’s protective shield before small cracks began appearing. Wei Qing looked a bit sullen. Although he had also been continuously sending out spiritual attacks, since Wei Qing had to defend at the same time, his accuracy was greatly reduced.

Xu ZiYan felt really happy because he chose a combat style that was most beneficial to himself.

In all honesty, he would never have expected that Wei Qing would actually be willing to let him take the initiative. This kind of foolish thing—— Well, in any case, Xu ZiYan would never do it. →.→

Wei Qing’s expression was very ugly. He spread out his fingers and stretched them a bit. For a moment, he seemed to want to use some kind of technique. However, in the end, Wei Qing still restrained that alluring urge. After all, this was only one part of the Liu Guang Sect exam. Judging by his current strength, if he used his genuine dragon blood now, he wouldn’t be able to use it again for at least half a month.

Of course, Wei Qing should use the astonishing power of his genuine dragon blood when it was most needed. It truly wasn’t worth using on a small little Xu ZiYan.

After all, even if he won against Xu ZiYan right now, he would at most receive a few jade pendants. However, if he met Xiahou Lian or Hu YuTian afterwards, that would be quite bad.

Forcing down the restless thoughts in his heart, Wei Qing suddenly stopped attacking Xu ZiYan. In response, Xu ZiYan began watching him vigilantly. After all, there was no rule that someone couldn’t attack their opponent again after the battle was over. Naturally, Xu ZiYan couldn’t relax now.

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