My Former Significant Others Were All Alphas [abo] — Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: One in Ten Thousand

When Xue ZeNan picked up Xia Lin and carried him away, quite a lot of people saw them. Thus, everyone at the venue began to whisper.

However, Xue ZeNan couldn’t bring himself to care that much.

His heart was brimming with anger. Anger toward Xia Lin, and anger toward himself.

An elegant but insincere playboy beta, and an alpha who faked his friendship and affection in order to obtain an omega……Xia Lin’s experience in love had simply been completely terrible. So much that every single one of the rumoured junior female and male schoolmates he had once dated were able to make Xue ZeNan gnash his teeth in anger.

Right now, Xue ZeNan felt that he couldn’t restrain his scorching fury. However, when he saw the completely ignorant Xia Lin lying on his bed, he once again couldn’t express it.

Loosening his necktie in an annoyed manner, Xue ZeNan grabbed the hair resting on his forehead. Truly, when certain affairs dragged on for too long, the results would only become increasingly worse.

“Why are you so stupid?” Xue ZeNan stared at the simple-minded person who was currently sleeping peacefully on the bed. “Had it not been enough to be deceived once? Why are you fooled every time?”

Xia Lin slept very soundly. He believed that this was the most invigorating sleep he had ever since he begun crazily working overtime.

In a dream, he could rain curses upon capitalists about how they were demented and inhumane without any restraints. If he wanted to, he could abandon his job before returning home and pursuing whatever he desired. Then, he could pass a lovely night with his beloved partner.

When he finally woke up, Xia Lin stared at the ceiling. He was still feeling reluctant about leaving the beauty in his dreams.

With semi-short hair that wasn’t too long, a pleasant voice, a gentle temperament, and tender looks that provoked a person’s pampering heart, the person in his dreams actually resembled the junior male schoolmate Xia Lin used to hang out with.

Why would he recall him? Despite thinking it over for quite some time, Xia Lin still remained puzzled. Could this be considered as having a too trashy reality, so he began to fondly remember the good times he had in the past?

At a loss, Xia Lin reached out his hand, intending to pick up his cell phone. He wanted to chat about some sad past events with that group of like-minded fellows, when he suddenly realized that he didn’t manage to touch his cell phone.

Where was his phone? In addition, where was this place?!

Xia Lin abruptly sat up. The low-profile decorations in this room were completely different from the ones in his own room, and it was even less like the flashy Zhang TianKe’s style. Xia Lin suddenly became alert as he cautiously got out of the bed.

A thousand different scenes whirled around in his heart until ultimately, they resulted in a conclusion he arrived to the moment he got out of bed——

He was still wearing his pants, so what kind of thing could have happened?

Xia Lin couldn’t tell if he felt regretful or rejoiceful over this fact. Putting on some slippers, he prepared himself to find the owner of the home. However, the moment he opened his door, he heard a vague voice drifting over from the balcony.

He was familiar with this voice, one that currently sounded relaxed. That was Xue ZeNan.

He said, “If I want to find an omega that matches me, it really wouldn’t be difficult.”

“The odds of an alpha encountering an omega with more than 60% compatibility is how small? Maybe one in ten thousand?”

Xue ZeNan stood on his balcony as he surveyed the lake in the distance. His father was always this stubborn and troublesome. During his twenty plus years of life, his father never stopped trying to brainwash him with how ‘bonding with an omega was such a sacred matter, one worth pursuing’this kind of concept.

However, to the surprise of others, other than increasing Xue ZeNan’s dislike of omegas day and night, his brainwashing didn’t have any other effects.

Today, Xue ZeNan was prepared to make an important decision. Thus, in a good mood, he patiently argued with this stubborn Mister Xue.

Xue ZeNan continued to speak, “In your opinion, one in ten thousand is already considered as hard as ascending to the heavens. Then, how small will the odds of encountering the true love of your life be? You think it’s easier than encountering an omega that’s compatible with you? The meaning of one in ten thousand was, within a crowd of ten thousand omegas, there will always be one omega who would be well-suited for you. Regardless of whether they were male or female, beautiful or ugly. If you think of it like that, won’t you think that finding a compatible omega is a simple and easy matter to accomplish? The number ten thousand already makes it difficult? Please, Mister Xue. Last month, there were two hundred and thirty thousand registered unmarried omegas at a marriageable age in our country. In other words, in this country, there are twenty-three people who can be considered as a well match for me.”

Xue ZeNan jabbered on and on with the other person on the phone. He said, “If every alpha competed against others just so they could pursue an omega that could be considered as theirs, this world can only be considered as a primitive society. All the power and authority would be given to others as we allow concession after concession. The evolution of humanity until now still relies on reproducing to survive. Don’t you think this is quite lamentable? Don’t throw things! Don’t accidentally fall! I’m grateful to you and Father for giving me life, but please, give me a little bit of freedom. You’ll have to know, no matter how much omegas are on this world, I would only——”

Xue ZeNan turned around, only to see a face that looked as if the person had finally understood something. That face was Xia Lin, who was so calm, it seemed as though he had already recovered from the thunder strikes that had probably zapped him during his shock.

And just a moment ago, Xue ZeNan had been calmly analyzing the relationship between omegas and alphas, and the small, one in a ten thousand percentage.

Hanging up the phone, Xue ZeNan feigned calm even though he was actually extremely panicked. Then, with a calm and elegant expression that concealed his roaring heart, Xue ZeNan said:

“Xia Lin, I can explain.”   

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