My Former Significant Others Were All Alphas [abo] — Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Listen To Me Explain

Faced with such a serious request, Xia Lin felt as if he ought to conform to the conduct of a soap opera’s protagonist: turn around and immediately run away. Afterwards, he would be captured and the struggling scene where he goes ‘I won’t listen I won’t listen I won’t listen’ could commence, before the other lead would launch an intense kiss to confess their deep emotions and remove all the misunderstandings.

Hah. With a befuddled mind, Xia Lin filtered through all the soap operas and TV plays he had recently seen. Surprisingly enough, he suddenly felt as though reality was becoming more preposterous than those dramatic stories. In the very least, a screenwriter wouldn’t come up with this ‘a beta can solve an unmarried alpha’s problem’ kind of script.

“There’s nothing you need to explain,” Xia Lin felt as though this was meaningless. It turned out that for the past twenty or so years, where he had believed he was a protagonist, all of it had just been his illusion. “The probability of one in twenty-three is still pretty big, so I wish you good luck with that.”

Right now, Xia Lin just wanted to leave this place, go home to his own bed and then have a good night’s sleep. Only the heavens knew why his brain malfunctioned and made him feel compelled to bring Zhang TianKe to participate in a wedding reception. And only a ghost would know why he would coincidentally appear here just in time to listen to an alpha seriously discuss how they should find an omega that would be well-suited for them.

Xia Lin used to insist that true love was real, yet he still succumbed to his instincts. However, coming across a person like Kai En was what Xia Lin felt was the hardest to endure.

The results of that former boyfriend and former girlfriend he dated while he had still been a student were all just unexpected accidents.

Only Kai En.

Draped with a kindhearted and harmless appearance, he was the one who did the most injuring of things.

Everyone kept congratulating the newly-weds and saying how they were a perfect pair, but no one cared about the beta who had been betrayed.

For the first time, Xia Lin mumbled heartlessly, “You alphas are truly unscrupulous and disgusting!”

But then, Xue ZeNan’s next action made him astonished.

He half knelt down before looking up at Xia Lin’s bowed head. In a single glance, Xue ZeNan managed to glimpse the beta’s whole face, one that had been twisted with grief yet covered with shock.

Xue ZeNan said, “Perhaps other alphas are like that, but I am not.”

“Xia Lin, have you forgotten? We’ve met before,” this kind of height difference curbed the aura distinctive to alphas. Even if it was a weak and gentle beta like Xia Lin, he wouldn’t feel threatened.

Alphas would never allow themselves to show such weakness, or place themselves in a lower position. They were innately haughty and were always the ones who occupied the leading roles in life. In short, alphas were the ones who vigorously led the entire planet in their imposing manner.

Thus, Xia Lin had been so startled, he took a step back. However, Xue ZeNan reached out a hand and grabbed him to prevent the man from leaving.

“Xia Lin,” Xue ZeNan called out Xia Lin’s name in such an emotional tone, it seemed as though he wanted to rouse Xia Lin’s buried memories with just his voice. “You don’t remember me anymore?”

Yes, that was right. Xia Lin didn’t remember ever knowing an alpha like Xue ZeNan. Those arrogant and indifferent creatures only knew how to boss other people around in a high and mighty manner, before turning around and pampering their omegas, offering all their attention and love to them.

“My love for you is so great,” Xue ZeNan’s eyes were still fixed on Xia Lin. Even though he couldn’t obtain a reply, his manner of speaking was still gentle and soft as he looked up at this beta in a hopeful manner. “Even if I am in the wrong, my only mistake was coming too late.”

Xia Lin was almost moved by these deep and emotional words. He felt as though he was filming an idol drama where an alpha was in love with a beta. However, the order of events in the show was really crappy and messy. Every now and then there was a ‘I’ve met you for a short time but I can never forget you for a lifetime’ scene, so who knew, maybe there really were tropes like amnesia and secret identities on the program.

Thus, Xia Lin immediately began recalling his twenty or so years of memories, ones that didn’t have a single break in them. He even clearly remembered the things that had happened when he first dated an alpha in university. Apart from that, he also remembered his completely ordinary life.

Every day, Xia Lin cautiously attended school and left school, he went to work and got off work, and even the imposing and threatening alphas he randomly met on the streets weren’t the same type as Xue ZeNan.

The probability of an alpha secretly crushing on him for many years before finally confessing was probably as unlikely as how he was unlucky enough to keep meeting alphas that would two-time him with omegas they lived and dwelled together.

Xia Lin believed that this had to be a conspiracy made by capitalists. He forced himself out of his touched and emotional state before firmly saying, “I’m sorry, I’ve really never seen you before, Chief Xue!”

“We met on a cloudy day, after a bout of rain.”

Xia Lin: I have no impression of that.

“At that time, you even bought me an ice cream treat for five dollars.”

Xia Lin: Heh, that’s impossible.

“You told me that the lifespan of a human was awfully short. If you meet someone you liked, you have to bravely strive to win them over.”

Xia Lin: If it was me, I would have told you to enjoy life, not to let your imagination run wild.

Xia Lin finished listening to Xue ZeNan’s cherished memories and felt the slightly touched part in his heart slowly disappear. Sure enough, hoping to become a soap opera’s protagonist in this lifetime was just a fantasy.

The tone of his voice was gloomy yet firm as he said, “Chief Xue, no matter how detailed you explain that meeting, I don’t have any impression of it at all. In addition, I dislike eating ice cream, so how could I have bought you one?”

Even though Xue ZeNan said his part in a solemn and convinced tone, Xia Lin wasn’t confused enough to acknowledge things that had never happened before.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, but Chief Xue, you’ve got the wrong person.”

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