My Former Significant Others Were All Alphas [abo] — Chapter 6 (II)

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Chapter 6 (II): Keke, Please Scram

The atmosphere was very tense. In a split second, Xue ZeNan’s face turned dark, and he didn’t even make any attempts to cover it up. Zhang TianKe took a sip of the wine from the glass he was holding and felt that these two were truly just childish. If you liked each other, then confess! What was there to be scared of? Xia Lin was also naive and cute, to actually believe in something like true and eternal love. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Zhang TianKe felt like a bystander that was currently enjoying and watching a fun show. Even the boring wedding cerremoney had suddenly became especially interesting.  

Then, he saw Xia Lin raise a purple, transparent drink before draining it in one gulp, all in an attempt to avoid Xue Zenan’s gaze.

This was Tarrango. A nightclub king like Zhang TianKe naturally had no fear toward strong alcoholic drinks, but for Xia Lin, a good child who normally did not drink or smoke and was even very fond of milk……this move was so bold, Zhang TianKe could not hold back his alarm, “Holy hell, Xia Lin, are you crazy?”

“Ah.” Xia Lin finished drinking and felt that the flavor of this juice wasn’t that bad, there just wasn’t much of it. He licked his dry lips as his mind became somewhat sluggish.

Just by looking at his current expression, Zhang TianKe knew that it was too late to save this child. After mentally applauding Xia Lin’s alcohol tolerance in silence, he even began teasing him, “You finished drinking it?”

“Mm.” Xia Lin subconsciously replied, his tone becoming obviously vague.

If there weren’t outsiders watching, Zhang TianKe absolutely would have laughed out loud, without any regards to his reputation. But right now, he could only accept his fate and watch Xia Lin sway here and there. Their acting jobs today could be considered over now. After all, Tarango was a strong drink. It could even make an alpha fall over drunk.

“Are you stupid? This is……” Zhang TianKe was just about to commence his daily Xia Lin lecturing. The teasing look on his face appeared almost flamboyant as he prepared to support his friend by the shoulder, only to personally witness an alpha’s rage.

Xue ZeNan supported Xia Lin, who had fallen into a confused state, and spoke in a low voice, “Mister Zhang, I don’t know what methods you used to deceive Xia Lin, but you will pay the price for your deeds one day!”

“Ah?” Zhang TianKe inexplicably received this kind of threat out of nowhere. Then, he watched Xue ZeNan take Xia Lin away from him.

An alpha’s aura would forever oppress a beta into surrendering and submitting to them. This was the reason why they were forever at the peak of power, never to fall.

What the heck? Zhang TianKe really could not make sense of this alpha. In terms of identity, he was the one who was supposed to take care of the drunk Xia Lin!  

“Excuse me, can you give me back my boyfriend?” Zhang TianKe emphasized the word ‘boyfriend’ in a futile attempt to rouse this beast’s reason, since the man was still emitting a threatening aura all over the place.

Xue ZeNan did not smile. Anyone who passed by him would all be astonished to see his blatant anger. In a corner of the harmonious and beautiful wedding ceremony, a vacant space was suddenly formed around an alpha. Even the extremely daring Zhang TianKe could not help but retreat a few steps in face of the other’s hostility.

Xue ZeNan glared at this timid opponent, who despite having someone, still went out clubbing. Even though he was in an intimate relationship with Xia Lin, Zhang TianKe was still a famous figure in nightclubs.

Xue ZeNan once again felt disappointed by Xia Lin’s terrible choice. He curtly and gloomily said, “You don’t deserve him!”

Requesting help, how can a beta fight and win against an angry alpha?

From a distance, Zhang TianKe glanced at Xia Lin, who could no longer stand stably and was thus currently within Xue ZeNan’s embrace. He sincerely observed a moment of silence in tribute, and then said, “Oh, alright then.”

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