My Former Significant Others Were All Alphas [abo] — Chapter 6 (I)

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Chapter 6 (I): Keke, Please Scram

Reserving a luxurious, high-class hotel for a wedding ceremony was quite like Kai En’s style. Extravagant, wasteful, and fond of showing off his wealth.

The two newly weds were the main focus of the whole audience the entire time. Every perfect pairing between an alpha and an omega would draw envious gazes from single alphas and betas alike. Their world was precisely just like this. Only a few outstanding and fortunate people would find their perfect partner.

The moment he had entered the wedding, Xia Lin cautiously maintained a careful distance from the newly-weds. Kai En’s omega was a woman. Her hair was done up in fluffy, elegant curls, which showed off her fine and slim neck. Graceful, beautiful and gentle, she wore a bashful smile on her face the entire time. Against her cold and detached husband by her side, it formed a very distinct contrast.

Whenever his gaze was captured by Kai En’s eyes, Xia Lin would always move his line of sight down to the ground before silently leaning against Zhang TianKe’s side.  

“Dear,” Zhang TianKe intimately called out to him with this kind of sappy nickname. Then, he perfectly performed his role as Xia Lin’s boyfriend. “Could I trouble my old darling to move two steps forward? Otherwise, I won’t be able to get what I want.”

His tone was gentle and sweet, while the expression on his face was also full of concern. Xia Lin could definitely confirm: Zhang TianKe was truly a qualified actor.

“Don’t stuff more at me.” Xia Lin smiled like a sweet lover, yet his mouth spat disdaining remarks at the sight of the dessert Zhang TianKe brought over. “If you want to eat it, then eat it. Stop piling them up on my plate.”

Like a gentleman, Zhang TianKe dipped his head slightly, as if they were exchanging words of love, “Don’t joke around. Look at that woman across from us, she eats so fast. If I don’t grab some now there won’t be anymore left later.”

“You’re such a retard.” Xia Lin was about to laugh from anger. He gently raised his fork, one that still had a piece of his dessert from his plate speared onto it, then fed Zhang TianKe like they were making a public display of affection, “Can’t you just go out and buy some for yourself later?!”

Zhang TianKe gratefully ate the dessert he had been thinking of for half a day. After intimately rubbing Xia Lin’s sideburns, he said, “Darling, you are really too sweet. I’m too lazy to line up to buy sweets. There’s still a tray of puff pastries left that aren’t bad, why don’t we go over there and get more?”

Xia Lin replied with a smile, “Keke, scram.”  

“Cough.” Xue ZeNan interrupted the two sweethearts that were currently clinging to each other and displaying their affection in an absolutely unrestrained manner, “Hello, I am the director of ChengXi’s branch office, Xue ZeNan.”

Zhang TianKe immediately plastered on his professional and elite, ‘cream-of-the-crop’ mask. He politely but distantly smiled, “Hello Director Xue, thank you for always taking care of my family’s Xia Lin.”

Xue ZeNan raised an eyebrow, “Your family’s Xia Lin?”

“Yes, Xia Lin and I have been mutually in love for so long. He is always extremely grateful for Director Xue’s help at work. He often talks to me about you, so I am rather familiar with Director Xue. If we get the chance, would you like to have a drink with me?”

“That would be unnecessary.” Xue ZeNan’s smile contained a layer of ice now, and even his tone became harsher, “I’ve heard before that Mister Zhang is an outstanding designer. The owners of ‘Indistinct’ and ‘Sinful Night’ all boasted high praises for you. It looks like the two of you truly ‘love each other’.”

His words were very rude. Xue ZeNan pointed out the names of two well-known night clubs, which made Zhang TianKe raise an eyebrow. He truly did enjoy going to those two places. However, since this Director knew about this, he wasn’t that good of a person either.

“Yes, I really love him.” Right after Xia Lin said those words, he felt it was hard to meet Xue ZeNan’s gaze.

Xia Lin couldn’t stand a frank stare like this. It was one that made him feel as if he had made a mistake. In this world, other than the fated pairs of alphas and omegas, everyone else got together because of love. Was it really so surprising for him to say the word ‘love’?

“No matter how busy he is at work, he would still take care of me and love me.” Xia Lin did his best to back out of his awkward situation with Xue ZeNan. Thus, the virgin him uttered the biggest and most shameless lie in his life, “Our bodies are rather compatible. Physical harmony is the best type of romance, don’t you think so?”

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