My Former Significant Others Were All Alphas [abo] — Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Preparations Before the Battle

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: This year, I’m already eighteen years old. I won’t be deceived by these words that are used to trick three year old children.

This Daddy Is Prettier Than An Omega: Even if I was actually three years old, I still wouldn’t believe these lies.

The World Is My Canvas: What a joke. Who spread those rumours about your unusual constitution? If I listed you up as an item to auction off now, would it be possible for me to earn enough money to purchase the entire planet?

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: ???

This Daddy Is Prettier Than An Omega: There are at least two thousand unmarried, nouveau riche alphas!

Nymphos Are All Morons: Pay ten million and you can date for a day! Pay twenty million and you can date for two days! The longer you date, the higher the chance you’ll run into your destined omega! Damn, Xia Lin, you’re gonna become rich! When it happens, don’t forget us!

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: Where is your conscience???

On the second day of the branch office business trip, Xia Lin received a delicate invitation card. Just a single glance at it told anyone that it was that sort of invitation card, the one where you had to give the sender a bunch of red packets.

“This is an invitation card to Kai En’s wedding ceremony. The location is still at the west side of the city. Perhaps because he had worked there for so long, that area now holds a significant meaning to him. The date just happens to be the weekend when we return,” Xue ZeNan handed over this letter. “Although I thought you would probably decline going, I still have to pass this on to you.”

Xia Lin just wanted to slap this invitation card onto Kai En’s face. Wow, he was truly emotionally touched! Kai En actually wanted him to attend his wedding!

“If you don’t want to go, I can help you reject him,” Xu ZeNan, always good at understanding people, told him.

“No,” Xia Lin took the invitation card and then pushed out his next words through gritted teeth, “I’ll take my boyfriend and personally attend.”

It was time to make these hateful alphas confront reality!

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: Zhang TianKe! If you don’t come, I’ll distribute your naked photos to the XXOO dating forum!

This Daddy Is Prettier Than An Omega: Darling, although you already think that this is a very malicious threat, I’ll kindly remind you of something……do you even have my naked photos?

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: ……

This Daddy Is Prettier Than An Omega: [image] [image] [image]

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: F*ck you slut! My eyes are burning! Quickly delete them!

The World Is My Canvas: Xia Lin, why do you wanna invite this slut and not me?

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: You’re too effeminate, I refuse.

The World Is My Canvas: [image] [image] [image] Open up those dog eyes of yours, I’m effeminate???

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: F*ck stop sending pictures! I don’t want to see everyone’s XXX and OOO! If you continue sending pictures, you’ll be invited over by the pornographic yellow book club to drink tea!

Nymphos Are All Morons: ……Did I, your father, walk into the wrong room after waking up?

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: Dum-Dum Lin, I need you to be my boyfriend!

Nymphos Are All Morons: I already have a boyfriend. He’s taller than you, more handsome than you, and more rich than you. [smile]

This Daddy Is Prettier Than An Omega: Xia Lin, how are you this unfaithful to me!? I’ll go ah, I never said I wouldn’t go! I love beating up the faces of scum guys!

Zhang TianKe, the world famous clothing designer. In a world that was quite particular about the abilities of each gender, Zhang TianKe was the first male beta in the country that received the Golden Sparrow’s Tail Feather Award. Winning amongst a bunch of female alphas and omegas, he was simply an anomaly that stood out from the crowd.

This was also something Xia Lin believed to be one of the world’s unfathomable mysteries. After all, the friends surrounding him had all became local tyrants. Senior executives, famous artists, everyone became amazing……except for himself.

Because of Zhang TianKe disdaining looks, Xia Lin reluctantly wore an awkward formal suit. With how much attention he used on perfecting his appearance, he looked completely different from his usual look.

“You practically look like a poor dog that does hard, physical labour ah! Do you never put on lotion? Where’s the skincare set I had given to you last time? Look at your skin, tut tut tut,” Zhang TianKe’s disdaining remarks hadn’t stopped once. If it were not for how Xia Lin knew he was rich and powerful, and how they were friends for over ten years, he would have already gifted Zhang TianKe a punch to the face.

“That’s enough! How I look doesn’t matter, the main focus is you ah!”

Zhang TianKe looked great at everything, but in reality, he was the model case of the saying, ‘a perfect exterior, but shabby and ruined on the inside’. Regardless of the aristocracy aura that made him look like a cool and elegant noble, the moment he faced an old friend like Xia Lin, Zhang TianKe’s original personality would break out and he would become a long-winded nanny.

“You just have to throw out the pretentious behaviour you use for socializing, you don’t have to care about me.”

In response, Zhang TianKe suddenly asked, “Don’t you think that holding a grudge like this represents how you haven’t let go of what happened with Kai En?”

Xia Lin loosened the bow tie that was suffocating him and replied, “I’ve long let go what had happened with Kai En. It’s Kai En who won’t let me off.”

In addition, there was still Xue ZeNan.

Xia Lin had never met an alpha who kept stressing how he disliked omegas like Xue ZeNan. It was as hypocritical as if Xia Lin proclaimed that he didn’t like money.

“Don’t forget, Zhang TianKe,” Xia Lin fiercely threatened him. “In front of Chief Xue, remember to act like you’re totally head over heels for me, thank you! Or else I’ll……”

“Or else you’ll distribute my naked photos everywhere……” Zhang TianKe casually repeated the sentence without any signs of fear. “Oh right, darling. If you really decide to distribute my naked photos, I can give you a few more pictures with different angles.”

Xia Lin: ……


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