My Former Significant Others Were All Alphas [abo] — Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: I’m Different From You

Xia Lin didn’t sleep well for the entire night. In unfamiliar places, he always had difficulties sleeping in a bed that wasn’t his own.

He ended up having a chaotic dream. He no longer remembered the general contents of his dream, but the scene where his ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend and Kai En all gave him a pair of red pockets was extremely clear. They were all very grateful as they emotionally sighed over how Xia Lin had been an amazingly successful matchmaker, one that allowed them to smoothly find their true loves.

Xia Lin woke up and sat up from his bed. He ferociously grabbed his pillow before throwing it out and roaring, “F*CK YOU ALL!”

Then, his pillow flew a graceful arc through the air before falling onto the back of his own feet.

It was a day where nothing much happened, but it started from a bustle.

The formula ‘business trip = fun’ never appeared in Xia Lin’s life. He only knew two kinds of business trip experiences: the ones he where busied around, and the ones where he was so busy, he practically worked himself like a mistreated dog!

Right now, Xia Lin was floundering at the indistinct line between a human and a dog. He only wanted to say goodbye to the shameless, exploiting capitalists.

Of course, that was only if he had the money.

“Go to the eleventh floor and find An DongLi from the project team. One of his reports lacks his signature,” Xue ZeNan ruthlessly ordered Xia Lin, who was about to break his leg from running around so much. “There’s only ten minutes before work ends, so hurry up.”

Toward those last words, Mister Chief had pronounced them extremely clearly. But when Xia Lin, who had just returned from the thirty-second floor, saw Xue ZeNan bustling around as he made plans with the person in charge of implementing the project written on the paperwork in his hands, a lot of the resentment in his heart scattered.

Even the Chief worked himself into a pitiful dog-like state, so how could Xia Lin have the nerve to stand by and watch?

Sprint ah, Xia Lin! For the sake of money!

“Hello, I’m looking for An DongLi,” there were at least twenty people in the room on the eleventh floor. Xia Lin had no hopes of finding An DongLi with a single glance.

“Xia Lin?” A familiar voice drifted over from the right of the office. Even if Xia Lin was deaf, he would have been able to tell who had spoken just from the vibrations of the sound wave.

For some things, you just had to square up and confront it.

For example, his ex-boyfriend. For example, Kai En.

That alpha who had successfully mated with an omega stood spiritedly in the branch office’s territory. The plaque stuck to the door of their single office had the shining words: ‘CEO’s Office’.

The world was just a place that made people feel heartbroken. No matter how frustrated one could be with their own life, there were always people who found a lover. Those people were the winners of life, the ones where the universe offered them everything on a silver platter.

Even if they were hormonal, two-timing scum.

“Who’s looking for me?” Unfamiliar colleague An DongLi successfully saved Xia Lin from his awkward situation.

As if something had freed himself, Xia Lin, who had finally escaped from having to reply, suddenly found his voice again, “Uh, I’m from the city’s west branch office. Our director said they’re missing one of your signatures here.”

An DongLi took the report from his hands. The moment he flipped through them, he immediately apologized. “Sorry, I should have been more careful when I checked these over.”

He raised the report in his hands before gesturing, “Boss, the signature you said you’d do, you forgot.”

Kai En nodded his head. “Let Xia Lin bring it in.”

‘Let Xia Lin bring it in, let Xia Lin handle those matters.’

In the past, those two side-by-side orders were the popular first lines of Xia Lin’s daily, work-day itinerary. Kai En had always paid more attention to someone he regarded as important, and the way he showed it was by using all sorts of jobs to improve his subordinate’s willpower.

If the events that happened afterwards did not happen, Kai En would have truly been a responsible and diligent leader. After all, Xia Lin had learned many things while working under him.

But once someone placed a label with the words ‘has selfish motives’ onto it all, the memories of the drinking parties and banquets Xia Lin had participated in before now made him feel rather uncomfortable.

“Are you doing alright these days?” Kai En kept his head low, flipping through the document he had long already read.

‘Yes, I’m doing very well. I am still chatting with others everyday, brushing through web pages, and depositing money to buy a house in the future.

I am still single and have not turned into a lusty dog, and am more outstanding compared to someone who had became sweethearts with another person and immediately decided to marry.

So congratulations to you, and I bless myself!’

Those words immediately popped up in Xia Lin’s mind, but in the end, he did not say a single word out loud.

No matter what, Xia Lin himself had been the one who sincerely tore down his own mental barriers in order to accept the other man’s confession. Thus, slandering someone just to save his own face was a bit too unsightly.

“General manager, if you have signed your signature, I will take my leave now.”

Kai En silently stared at him. After confirming that Xia Lin didn’t want to reply to his earlier question, the man handed him the paperwork.

“Thank you……” Xia Lin started saying. But then, he suddenly realized that Kai En didn’t plan to let go of the papers.

“Xia Lin.” Kai En held the other end of the paperwork before standing up. His body neared Xia Lin with an innate, oppressive aura, “I truly did love you.”

When Xia Lin heard that line, the only thing that went through his mind was ‘fuck you1’. Just what kind of damn reconciling scene was this?

He could not suppress his sharp voice as he furiously fired back, “Well, thank you very much! I’m spending my days exceedingly well and I even met a new boyfriend, so I hope you can be kinder to your omega. Let’s consider everything that happened between us over and settled, and all our messy things should come to a stop here. Is that fine, Kai En?”

“No…” Kai En began to hurriedly explain. However, when he heard a certain term, he immediately became emotionally stirred up, “You have a new boyfriend?”

“Excuse me.” Xue ZeNan’s voice and the sound of his knocking drifted over from behind, “Long time no see, Kai En. I just recently heard from the project manager that you got promoted, congratulations.”

Kai En’s emotional state was curbed in a split second. In front of outsiders, he would always pretend to be incomparably cold and detached. He said, “Xue ZeNan? So it turns out that you came to the Cheng Zi branch office.”

“Yes.” Xue ZeNan replied, “Have the papers been signed yet? We’re in a hurry.”

Those words were like the lifesaver to Xia Lin. The papers he was holding were finally declared innocent and freed.

Currently, Xia Lin held incomparable adoration and worship in his heart for his dear Lord Director. In his mind, he sung words of admiration for Xue ZeNan as he bounced over to stand behind him.

“You also heard about this rumor?” Kai En’s line of sight stayed on Xia Lin and moved with him.

Xue Zenan replied, “Congratulations to you for also finding your destined omega.”

Extremely nervous, Xia Lin’s back stretched taut and straight. Those blessings were like needles, and every one of them ruthlessly stabbed the softest part of his heart.

These alphas were similar to the beasts fighting for a mate while in heat. They used any means necessary to find their destined omega, and that was something that remained unchanged since ancient times, with absolutely no exceptions.

But then, he heard Xue Zenan say, “But I am different from you, I hate omegas.”

Tch. Xia Lin felt himself making a sneer. For creatures like an alpha, they truly could speak any kind of lie.

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  1. This part was said in English in the raws!

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