My Former Significant Others Were All Alphas [abo] — Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: You Definitely Want to Sleep With Me

Even in the twenty-first century, where technology has greatly advanced, humanity had yet to obtain the ability to control lightning.

As such, airplanes being delayed from taking off due to thunderstorms were still a daily occurrence for business dogs that had to go on a trip.

As the only attendant of their Great Chief, Xia Lin bore the burden of being at his beck and call until they got onto the plane. Then, he sat there stupidly and waited for a couple hours. He watched his Great Chief use a laptop and seriously deal with all of his official business affairs, as if the other was still working in his office.

In all his work experience, even when he went out on business trips with Kai Enthe bastard who constantly improved despite already being outstandingthey never had a flight scheduled for the evening before. Should it be required of them to show up the very next day for a meeting, they would just set off for the plane half a day earlier.

After the long and boring two hours passed by, Xue ZeNan was still unmoved like a mountain and did not show any impatience or uncomfort. On the contrary, Xia Lin was the one who couldn’t take it anymore.

He asked, “Chief Xue, may I ask, why must we leave at night and not half a day earlier?”

As if his train of thought was interrupted, Xue Zenan raised his head and stared at him for a while without replying. Then, the man chose to continue the task at hand.

Right when Xia Lin believed that this was his refusal to reply, he said, “Work was too busy.”

Xia Lin: “……”

Xue ZeNan continued, “Because there was too much paperwork to go over, if I didn’t finish it before the evening, then they would need to be postponed for two days. As such, I can only burden you to work overtime tonight and rush for the plane.”

Xia Lin: “I am not burdened, not burdened at all. This is how it should be, how it should be.”

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: Can’t the Chief abuse his power and push the work back so the rest of us could happily goof off for an evening? Just one evening!

This Daddy Is Prettier than An Omega: You can rush into his face and rage: Chief! I have lived to this age! Yet, I never had to work overtime just to make it in time for an airplane flight! I request overtime pay!

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: Overtime pay isn’t the point, the important point is that it’s easy to miss a plane at night! And it still isn’t going anywhere.

Nymphos Are All Morons: Oh, actually, your boss wants to spend a beautiful yet hard to forget night with you in the back of the aircraft.

This Daddy Is Prettier than An Omega: It’s quite clear that his purpose has been achieved.

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: A beautiful yet hard to forget night will not change my poor opinion of him!

This Daddy Is Prettier than An Omega: Forget it, you had once given a super negative evaluation of a scumbag, and in the end…

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: We1 are boarding the plane!

They actually haven’t boarded the plane. In fact, the delay notification was still on the announcement board, and not a single letter had changed.

Xia Lin just didn’t want to continue the subject, nor did he want to hear about anything that was related to Kai En.

Fine, he recognized the facts. Kai En was a man he had known for a year, and the potential romantic partner he had been entangled about for a month before he finally decided to the other’s feelings.

So, how could Kai En be the same as a beast lacking integrity, someone compelled to two-timing?

As such, as a beta who lost to an omega, Xia Lin’s heart was a bit disappointed. Something that had such a small probability of happening had already happened to him three times. Perhaps he ought to go burn some incense, worship Buddha and pray for safety? Or, should he find some expert to check his marriage thread and see if it actually existed?


Xia Lin raised his head and saw a piping hot cup of coffee being held in front of him by an enthusiastic waiter.

“Ah……thank you.”

Xue Zenan mercifully placed down his work when he saw how bored his face was and asked, “Would you like to go and take a look around?”

A look around? Xia Lin stared at him, flabbergasted as he held his coffee. What did Chief Xue think this place was? What was there to look at in an airport? The only things around were luxury goods that would take him several paychecks to buy, or a pile of brightly colored things like skincare items, objects he couldn’t make heads or tail of.

“There’s no need.” Xia Lin refused upfront.

“Sorry for disturbing your date with your boyfriend,” Xue ZeNan seemed to have just realized how hateful it was to break up the dates of sweethearts and said, “The next time we have a business trip, I will consult with you first before making a decision.”

“Ah—I’m very moved—” Xia Lin deliberately stretched the words out. He looked Xue Zenan in the eye, but did not see any awkwardness from him. “My boyfriend will not mind my absence because of work. After all, our love is more solid than gold and deeper than the sea. Two or three days of not seeing each other is no problem for us.”

Xia Lin placed a lot of emphasis on just how great his fictional boyfriend was. This was done in order to guard against any thoughts Xue ZeNan might have on him.

He did not want to have a relationship with another alpha at all. He also did not want to be a matchmaker that helped humanity by letting alphas meet their perfect omega matches. Why would he be a cannon fodder of his own accord?

“But Chief Xue, next time, let’s not set off at night.”

After all, Xia Lin didn’t want to wait at the airport at nine o’clock like an idiot, wasting time with a baffling alpha.

They dilly-dallied until ten at night. Then, the airplane that was delayed for four hours finally announced that people could board it.

In Xia Lin’s opinion, it did not matter who sat next to him, or which hold of the airplane he sat in himself. For Xia Lin, there was no difference at all. Because, he was classified as that certain type——as long as he was riding some sort of transportation, he was bound to fall asleep.

After he sat down, he honestly told his boss, “If I don’t close my eyes and go to sleep, I will become gravely airsick, and may even get a fever or become bloated. As such, Chief Xue, I will take a nap now.”

He then took out his eye mask. Ignored the expression of the person beside him, Xia Lin did exactly what he had just said.

Xue Zenan: ……

When they finally made their way to A City’s airport, the colleague of their branch office who was there to meet them seemed just like Xia Lin: in other words, he was heavily burdened by something.

From the original estimate landing time of nine o’clock, this guy had to instead wait until twelve. Their fellow colleague also didn’t have it easy.

Just as Xia Lin was praising his colleague for how his love for his co-workers exceeded all, reality just had to give him a heavy blow.

“……One room?” Xia Lin wondered if their branch office was going to close down. Despite being on a business trip, the branch office actually only arranged a single room for the two of them.

Xiao Li questioned, “Did you two not reserve a single room?”

And Xia Lin, who was silently staring at the closed bathroom door, felt his heart turn into ashes as he saw off Xiao Li.

What the hell, what was this ‘the man is impatient and wants to force someone to bed with them’ script?! So, this Chief Xue was finally going to use the physical force trope? To force them into the same room, then the same bed, XXOO, and then make them get together since the deed was already done?!

Xue Zenan opened the door, only to find Xia Lin staring rigidly at him. He had an expression that made him look as if he wanted to rush into the washroom, where they were enemies that could not live under the same sky.

“You can use it now?”

Xia Lin squeezed past him, before slamming the bathroom door close and locking it.

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: I do not believe in this kind of ‘Only one room was reserved because the company made a mistake while reserving rooms, they want to be more economical, two men living together is nothing’ lies. I have seen these excuses be used way too often!

The World Is My Canvas: So, your boss is planning to obtain you through cliché means?

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: Right! That’s correct!

Xia Lin grievously opened the bathroom door and saw Xue Zenan sitting on the sofa in the guest room. His suitcase remained in the same state as it had been brought in as, and nothing had been opened.

“Xia Lin,” Xue ZeNan stood and picked up his suitcase when he saw him walking out, looking like he was about to leave. “If there is nothing else, I will take my leave now. I have reserved a long-term room at this hotel, so you can live in this one. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

Xia Lin: “……Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: ???

The World Is My Canvas: Go to bed early. You poor child, you’ve already been forced into this pitiful state.

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  1. Imperial ‘I’ the Emperor uses.

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