My Former Significant Others Were All Alphas [abo] — Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: You Definitely Must Want to Tease Me

Not even a week had passed before Kai En was replaced by another Chief who had came out of nowhere. When Xia Lin saw that tall figure appear in the currently spacious and empty Chief office, his tears were practically about to flow down from his eyes.

Preparing to properly give the Chief report materials as if he was an elite, Xia Lin knocked on the door and stepped into the room. However, inside his heart, he was already cheering excitedly: Thank the heavens that the main branch finally sent someone over! I had been f*cking so busy lately, I was going to work myself into a mental breakdown!

Immediately, Xia Lin gave Kai En another poor review in his heart. After all, a beast who neglects his work during the rutting season wasn’t a good boss!

Xue ZeNan, an alpha. He was a top student who had graduated from an international and elite college. For him to get dropped out of the sky into the position of the branch company’s Chief, in the eyes of the company, this was purely just him going to the countryside for experience before returning with an emperor’s robes and walking to the summit of life.

However, Xia Lin believed that having a boss whose abilities were off the charts was much better than encountering a boss who was only a pretty flower vase! He could even forgive him for being an alpha. As long as he properly did his work, beasts going into heat were the same as humans! Xia Lin expressed that he definitely wasn’t admiring, envying, or hating them!

“What I just mentioned is this week’s work itinerary. If Chief Xue has any problems, I can still adjust it.”

From the beginning to the end, Xue ZeNan had been continuously staring at Xia Lin with eyes containing hidden depths. Suddenly, he asked, “I heard all your former significant others were alphas?”

That question immediately made Xia Lin recall what had happened three years ago. Kai En had also asked him, “I heard that your former boyfriend was a male A?”

Although he had been in conflict with alphas, Xia Lin had been a sweet and naive newcomer to the society. Thus, without any vigilance, Xia Lin questioned Kai En back. “How do you know?

Because he happened to be my friend,” after that, Kai En used the excuse ‘a friend of a friend is still my friend’ to meet him for various occasions. And then after that, heh heh.

When he recalled that memory, Xia Lin smiled and replied, “You were friends with Chief Kai En?”

“So it turned out that your former significant other was called Kai En? How about the others?”

Xia Lin: The f*ck? A mental case? What did he mean?

“Chief, it’s still office hours. It isn’t the best time for discussing personal affairs, right?”

Xue ZeNan nodded to himself. “It seems like your former significant others were truly all alphas.”

Chief, did you know that your current thought process was very dangerous, ah! He really didn’t have the ability to allow single alphas come across rutting omegas, especially ones that were the alpha’s perfect match!

Xia Lin looked unperturbed as he continued to report work affairs. However, in his heart, he had already decisively stuck a label onto Xue ZeNan: this was a foolish alpha who believed the rumours of the underworld. Red alert warning! Stay a distance away from him in order to avoid getting infected by his delusional disorder!

The f*ck, the new Chief was a retard ah!

Ever since he found out that the new Chief was a retard……no, that the new Chief was an alpha who believed in rumours, Xia Lin’s vigilance stat had rose to a flashing red alarm level.

However, another week had passed and Xue ZeNan didn’t express any interest toward him other than their normal work interactions.

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: Is this him running right after he gave someone a punch?

This Daddy Is Prettier than An Omega: You want to be flirted with?

Nymphos Are All Morons: You want to be flirted with.

Xia Lin recalled all those times Kai En had tried hinting his interest or the times he had just been blunt. Then, he imagined the serious and stiff Xue ZeNan, the one who had done everything strictly in a business manner, trying out Kai En’s methods. Immediately, Xia Lin felt super unwell.

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: I guess he had just been curious……after all, there aren’t a lot of weirdos like Kai En.

The World Is My Canvas: I’m guessing he’s just brewing up a storm. You completely can’t understand an omega’s attractiveness. It could practically make an atheist become a devout lover of God. Let alone the trivial matter of dating a beta. You best be careful, ha ha ha.

Other than the omegas and alphas themselves, Xia Lin was afraid that he understood the magnetic force between them the best.

For example, his ex-girlfriend. Everyday, his girlfriend had professed her love for him in an extreme manner as she chased him. She had considerately prepared a breakfast, lunch and dinner for him, and she even prepared some OOXX things that could not be named in order to play some rape roleplay. However, in the end, she flipped her face and discovered that an omega was her true love.

Or example two, his ex-boyfriend. Brimming with talent and surrounded by an extraordinary temperament, the love poems he wrote made anyone’s heart tremble with emotion. Every word and every sentence all revealed his unwavering love for Xia Lin. However, in the end, an omega obtained a complete victory over his boyfriend’s promised ‘forevers’.

Or example three, Kai En……

“Xia Lin, come over,” Chief Xue called his office phone.

“Tomorrow, there’s a business trip to X City’s branch office. Prepare all the information and reports. When we’re there, we need to partake in a discussion consisting of all the employees,” Xue ZeNan finished briefing him in a deadly earnest manner before he asked, “Do you have any plans for tomorrow evening?”

It arrived! Xia Lin, who had been high strung for many days, finally got asked this question. He immediately replied in a serene manner, “I do have plans. I’ve already scheduled a date with my beta boyfriend. We’re going to eat dinner together before watching a movie.”

The word ‘beta’ had been enunciated in a particularly distinctive manner.

Xue ZeNan replied, “Then we can only wrong your boyfriend.”

Xia Lin: ???

Xue ZeNan explained, “Because we leave at night.”

Xia Lin: ……

The World Is My Canvas: Darling baby Xia who harboured a heart that was just waiting to be flirted with, nobly and elegantly refused the A’s invitation. Then, the A said f*ck, I’m not trying to invite you on a date, the company planned a business trip, ah! Ha ha ha ha ha, this proper A’s expression: a f*cking retard.jpg

Nymphos Are All Morons: Ha ha ha ha ha ha I now believe that your boss had just been curious.

This Daddy Is Prettier Than An Omega: Ha ha ha ha ha ha it’s hard to say, perhaps he just wants to separate Xia Lin from his loving beta boyfriend. It’s very hard to say.

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: I’m going to leave this chat!

The World Is My Canvas: A traitor has appeared among us. You actually want to leave the group and follow your boss, escaping from our single dog society.

This Daddy Is Prettier Than An Omega: A traitor has appeared among us. You actually want to leave the group and follow your boss, escaping from our single dog society.

Nymphos Are All Morons: A traitor has appeared among us. You actually want to leave the group and follow your boss, escaping from our single dog society.

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: Ahhhhhhhh, you guys! Scram!

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