My Former Significant Others Were All Alphas [abo] — Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Without Even One Bit of Defense


The coffee shop Blue Paradise was suddenly quarantined one day.

Xia Lin was only late by two minutes. He could only look at the people inside slowly withdraw from where he was blocked at the entrance. Following that, all the air vents were lowered, isolating and sealing the place within.

“Oh, another omega has gone into heat. I didn’t even finish my coffee.” A beta lamented over his coffee.

An omega in heat?! Xia Lin was simply dumbstruck. There was actually an omega wandering outside in this era who didn’t know when their own heat day was? And instead of dragging away the omega in heat, they chose to quarantine the scene. It didn’t look like a scene where the omega met an alpha whom they have over 60% compatibility with and thus went into heat. Since that was the case, it must mean that the omega has an alpha accompanying him.

Xia Lin: My god, live action of someone going into heat!

The surroundings were full of customers who were driven out. Most of them were taking pictures and complaining about the alpha-omega pair that didn’t pay attention to their location, some chose to leave while others stayed behind to adjust their schedules for today.

Standing in the crowd, Xia Lin looked around for a long time. Kai En was very easy to recognize. As an alpha that surpassed most betas in height along with a head full of blond hair, he was very eye-catching no matter where he was at.

But, he did not see Kai En’s figure at all. Heart tightening, the worst conclusion formed within Xia Lin’s mind. He asked a staff member that was maintaining the area, “Excuse me, I want to know if there is anyone else inside, besides the omega and alpha who is compatible with him?”

“There isn’t, any staff members that have nothing to do with it have already been pulled out.”

With only his last resort left, Xia Lin called Kai En’s phone. The result was that no one picked up.

My god, this was decreed by fate. Xia Lin quickly sent a text message to Kai En, as for when the other would see it, it was not something the present him could worry about.

Then he went on his chat group “All Alphas Should Go Die Die Die Federation”, took a picture and sent it—

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: Congratulations to me for meeting the third Alpha that meets an omega who has a 60% compatibility rate with him and successfully enters his rutting season. [Picture of Blue Paradise’s blockage].jpg

This Daddy Is Prettier than An Omega: ……

Nymphos Are All Morons: ……

The World Is My Canvas: Hahahaha, congratulations! That’s why I said, what use is there to romance with someone who follows their reproductive organs, cutey Xia. Congratulations to you from escaping the abyss of suffering.

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: You’re right.

The World Is My Canvas: Now where’s the promise live broadcast of you eating your keyboard?

Xia Lin went off the chat room. He gave one last look to Blue Paradise and went home.

Xia Lin was a beta. In the entire Noah Company, there were eight thousand three hundred and sixty betas, two hundred and six alphas, and thirty omegas with steady lives. Amongst the negligible percentage of 0.3% omegas in other companies, their company has been elected as “Nationally Most Gender Equal and Outstanding Company” for three years straight. Incidentally, there were a total of one hundred companies that have obtained this title. The one with the highest percentage was 1.7%, causing Xia Lin to click his tongue. Such a weak percentage was actually number one in the nation, that was truly amazing.

There wasn’t anything they could do about it. Omegas were rare in the first place, they couldn’t even reach a 1:1 ratio with alphas. Plus, each one of them was pampered and showered with the love of the people courting them, so most omegas already had their minds mostly set before graduation. Furthermore, many of them would become pregnant after their heat, so they had to return home and become a full-time house-husband or house-wife.

Zhou Zuo remained unconvinced despite all that.

“This is blatant discrimination. Alphas also have heat days, they also have maternity leaves, why aren’t they the ones taking care of the children? My family’s Gu Cheng is pretty good, I’ll add a chicken leg to his meal when I get home.”

Zhou Zuo was one of the thirty omegas in Noah Company. After he graduated from college, he married and gave birth. Other omegas remained home to take care of children, but he decided to head out and work to achieve the value of life.

Xia Lin: “Yes, yes, yes, your family’s Gu Cheng is the best. Eat your chicken leg.”

Zhou Zuo bit into his chicken leg and asked, “Where’s your Kai En? On a business trip?”

Xia Lin was already too lazy to retort his word choice by now and cut it short, “We broke up.”

“When?!” Zhuo Zuo’s chicken leg was about to fall from his shock!


Zhuo Zuo was extremely amazed about this, “Didn’t he always say you were his true love and how he will never part from you?!”

“And then, he met his true love omega entering his heat right in front of him.” Xia Lin rolled his eyes, “Furthermore, the two of them have a compatibility greater than 60%. It truly is a romantic romance decreed by fate.”

Zhou Zuo whistled before he said, “Alphas are really unreliable. He even asked me what kind of underwear you liked last week. I had him buy you a thong, did you get it?”

“Zhou Zuo……”

“OK, let’s not talk about him. No wonder I saw an encrypt document from the human resource department, it was probably about this small matter. A week of rutting season and then moving to a branch office. Hmph, hmph, even encrypting it. Even blind people would know what he’s been up to if he doesn’t come to work for over a week. Poor Xia Lin, I think a new rumor will be going through the company soon—Single Alpha Ender Xia Lin, every alpha that courts you will meet a perfect omega with a compatibility over 60% going into heat right in front of them.”

Xia Lin expressed his helplessness to this bad friend of his, one he had a pretty good relationship with since their school days, “I beg you, please don’t say that. I still want to live a quiet, single dog life.”

“Too late. Didn’t you know Kai En has privately declared ownership over you already?”

Xia Lin, “What ownership!”

Zhou Zuo, “Last time, a beta wanted to court you. I heard that Kai En said you were his!”

Xia Lin spoke with alarm, “Holy f*ck, why didn’t I know?!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, now you know. Xia Lin, you’re about to become famous throughout Noah.” Zhou Zuo predicted without any sincerity.

Xia Lin was a bit miserable. It was a misery he encountered upon the road of love.

When he was a student, his first girlfriend was an alpha. A sweet-natured but valiant alpha with a gentle appearance. She had even prepared the toys for when she topped Xia Lin, but in the end, halfway through their romantic journey, she met her decreed-by-fate female omega in her heat. It was a heroine saving a beauty moment, and that became one of his school’s beloved, heroic tales.

After that, during his student years, his next boyfriend was an alpha. Although Xia Lin was prepared to change his determination and stop dating to console his broken heart, this gentle and kind junior of his greatly satisfied all his spiritual requirements for a partner. Just when their emotions were about to enter the passionate period, a true-love omega dropped out of the sky (metaphorically) and Xia Lin was cannon fodder-ed as simple as that.

Ever since then, Xia Lin’s conflict toward alphas, and even romancing had lasted for four years. Every time he met an alpha, he would wear a polite face and speak polite words, but the voice within his heart would also roar and roast them to go die die die!

During work, he met Kai En. He was a perfect gentleman, a perfect boss, and a perfect, heart-stirring and handsome man. Xia Lin originally refused his courting, but after being courted for three years without a break, there probably wasn’t anyone who wouldn’t be moved.

Then let’s give it a try, Xia Lin had thought. He was just about enter Blue Paradise to formally accept Kai En’s courting and officially get together. Before they were officially together, Kai En had already set everything into play and was just waiting for Xia Lin to fall into his palms. In the end, when success was just about to happen, heaven dropped down a beauty and conferred Kai En an omega with over 60% compatibility with him.

Alphas were really unreliable, walking reproductive organs. Xia Lin, who had already been part of the ‘Alphas Go Die Die Die Group’, used to still have a thread of hope. However, he finally came to fully understand this.

Ha! The heavens really wasn’t fair to me.

Bang! The furious Xia Lin landed a punch on a sandbag. F*ck romancing with alphas!

After he finally obtained a feeling of satisfaction by beating a sandbag he used in place of Kai En, Xia Lin went online to order a chocolate keyboard. And as he had promised before, he live-broadcasted himself eating a keyboard.

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