Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 7

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The First Arc: Blood Rain Reaching Towards a Flower

Chapter 7: The Ghost Holds a Wedding, The Crown Prince Climbs Onto the Marriage Sedan






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  • 😱😰Two in the morning is not the right time to be hit with that picture. Lol. Scared the juice out of me.

    But thanks for all your hard work! I enjoy the work you’ve taken up.

    • AHAHA sorry ;;w;; I didn’t think other people would end up reading this late as well!! Thanks for the support!!

      • I dont know why but i cant see the picturee

        • I can’t see it too, have you figured out why we cannot see them? If you have, can you please help me as well?

        • me neither. I think they might have been removed

          • Yeah me neither

          • same here from the start i couldnt see a single picture

    • True dat. This chapter was creepy AF. I tried to imagine the whole things happening and they gave me the chills~

      Superb job, Sakhyu ♡ thanks

      • me too 🙁

      • Shirley Schreurs says:

        I can’t see them either:(

    • It’s almost 2 .i am still reading .its give me creepy vibe

  • 4ampotatoes says:

    No slap-stick comedy of hand slapping away by Xie Lian’s bandage being the overprotective guard?

  • Only the hand appeared?! I want the whole ML to show up…

    • Ha ha ha yeah unfortunately….stay in tuned for future chaps!

  • Miximmaxim says:

    Thank you for the update…
    Is that the ML? Did we finally meet the ML?

    • Hmm…I wonder……? <3

      • Haru_roku-san says:

        I’m new in this novel but who is ML? I’m a bit confused with all the name, it’s hard.

        • ML means Male Lead

        • You’ll get the hang of it as you go along

  • ExtraPenguin says:

    Oh wow, Xie Lian does have a trick literally up his sleeve! And good work on making the military officials like them a bit more with the remark about the maids missing.

    Seconding the desire to have the rest of the ML show up, even if that does seem to be a nice hand.

    • 😂As the translator, I was so happy to translate that part with the hand, I felt a bit embarrassed afterwards……Thanks for commenting!

  • I KNOW THE ML HAS A RED KNOT ON HIS FINGER!! wowow this chapter was so good, but I wish we could see the Ml!!
    I had a slight suspicion, but could it be possible the general and bodyguard of xie Lan actually came as middle realm deities to help him??

    • I have the exact same thoughts about young lads being old pals coming to mind since they strangely looked at each other xD On one hand it would be quite hilarious but on the other I feel like we would lose 2/4 funny not-so-side-characters, so I don’t know yet if I like the hypothesis xD

  • aaaaa FINALLY!!! ML finally appeared…. even if it’s just his hand…

    thank you for translating this chapter!

    • HAHAHA man I was so excited too. Took more than 20k words but he’s finally made a tiny appearance!

  • Thank you for the chapter!! 😀 Also looking forward to the appearance of the whole ML xD

  • Aawww.. Xie Lian is really a good-natured person ^^ aaah so thrilling.. (should i beat the drums for MLs appearance now? >\\\<) Thank you very very much for the chapter!!~ Fightoooo!! Take care! <3

  • Ah, translator, you are so hardworking! Bless you! You’re the best! *rain of praises for this translator doesn’t stop raining from my heart, I hope you can feel it*

    Ps. Wah, he’s here. Can’t wait for more 😏

    • QAQ Thank you, I feel your love. <33

  • Many thanks for the chapter! <3
    The ML knows how to have a great entrance to the show even if it's just his hand for now : P

  • weirddreams2 says:

    Oh My God my heart is racing. When Xie Lian said that he had been smiling since he got into the sedan my heart was pumping! I can’t wait to find out about the ghost!!!

    • In all honesty I was translating that at like?? 4AM?? So I felt kind of scared at the time too since I translate from audio and the slightly robotic woman’s voice saying the lines of the song really gave me goosebumps. XD Thanks for reading!

  • I think we should take the children’s song at face value. Perhaps the groom will like the valor of his beautiful bride.

    • LOL perhaps! We’ll find out next chapter~ <3

  • Finally he made an appearance !!! this chapter was so fun to read <3 Thank you so much for the translation <3 <3

  • I cant stop grinning! Is that the ML?!

  • I went all ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOO’ just now in class due to the cliffie ;___; idc if anyone heard me tho 😉 thankies for le translates!

    • Wahhh thank you!

    • ‪kim “SITORI” sooseok‬‏ says:

      Omg thanks!
      That was kinda creepy tbh 😂

  • Thank you so much for the update! Finally he is here! Even if its just his hand!!
    I cant wait for the next ch!

    Bless you for translating this! Thank you!

  • Can’t wait for the next chapter. Thanks so much!

  • Oh my…ML?

  • Male Lead came for his wife?

  • Reading this chapter after midnight haha, Especially that part whr he said he hasn’t stop smiling. I almost loose it. damn that black picture doesn’t help hahaha

    • Now you know how I felt when I translated it ahahaha! Gotta maximize the scare effect for my readers if I got scared too ^^;; XD <3

  • I’m rereading this again and it still makes me really amused that Xie Lian has been smiling the entire thing. Almost as if he’s prepared to troll everyone, especially the demon. MVP of his chapter would be the silk bandage Ruoye though. I want to see more of silk Ruoye in action. I hope more information about it shows up soon.

    Thank you for translating this lovely story! I really, really love and enjoy reading Heaven Official’s Blessing!

    • Thank you so much for the comment and for the kind words!! QwQ And yeah, when I got there I was like mhmm, something’s gonna happen hahaha. Ruoye is quite interesting, although it doesn’t shine that much for the next while haha.

  • GOT7-IGOT7-Jacky says:

    Gosh that’s the male lead??? Owner of such divine hand~~?? Istg the author really likes her ML making quite the dramatic late entrance. The same as GDC too lol. Words cannot express how much I’m loving this! Thanks for all your hard work, Sakhyu!! <3

  • Is there something wrong with my device or are other people unable to view the photo attachments accompanying the text?

  • ‪kim “SITORI” sooseok‬‏ says:

    Pictures isn’t working to me why ??? 😣😣

    • hellsing365 says:

      I can’t see photos either 🙁

  • Sultana Noor says:

    love it

  • i’m glad that i am reading this while the sun is shining bright outside.. this is really scary 😅😅

    thank you so much for y’alls hard work 💕

  • Thank you so much for translation. Found your site by accident. Your translation is so vivid. This story is so interesting.

  • Why can’t I see the pict?

  • Elizabeth Gonzalez says:

    Thank you for translating!! I’m just confused because when I’m reading the chapters there is this random empty square in the middle. Is there supposed to be something there?

  • ItaMochi Vargas says:

    The pictures never load for me! I want to see the scary pic! (/T^T)/

  • I wanna see the pictures but they never work for me:(

  • Araxie Viviane says:

    huhuhu I can’t see the pictures

  • kurodaisy09 says:

    What what what.. what does he mean by if it were not for me??
    Also the moment is here…

  • Thank you for the chapter, sadly all of the links to the images are broken for me.

  • Sonu Gurung says:

    “colourful and bright knot of fate” he’s here! He’s here! Aaaaaaaahhhh

  • Oh boy I have lots of questions , firstly Xie lian said he doesn’t have any spiritual powers what’s with that cloth wrapped around his arm? secondly well I don’t think if Xie lian has suspicion of Nan Feng but I do,,, hehehe I think Nan Feng is Feng xin disguised as Nan Feng because why did Nan Feng slap the sedan, it shook violently and startled Xie lian and he suddenly remembered the temperent of Feng xin in the past? Well that’s just my thinking. Also Xie lian he is very brave him saying to be left behind wow,, am just a reader and this chapter scared me. Thank you for translating lots of love 😍

  • Reading in the morning and still so scared as hell 😂😂

  • the part where xie lian said that he’d never stopped smiling ever since he got into the sedan is so creepy omg this is so good 😭

  • Nan Feng-ah….I don’t think you want to know what Ruoye is…your heart would probably bleed

  • Esmeralda Pacheco says:

    My gooooodddd!! I regret not knowing about this novel sooner ;^;
    This is just amazing, so interesting and funny!
    Thank you so much for your hard work!
    I thought I was the only one who could not see the pictures xd aghhh I really want to see this one and get scared xD

  • dramatic drumroll it’s happening yayyy 🎉

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