Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 8

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The First Arc: Blood Rain Reaching Towards a Flower

Chapter 8: The Ghost Holds a Wedding, The Crown Prince Climbs Onto the Marriage Sedan






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  • Thank you for the translation!!

  • Thanks for the chapter! 😀

  • Thanks for the chapter! Interesting song… fits well.

    • haha i can not for the love of god watch that, i saw a video attached and i was like, nope. not gonna haunt myself with a creepy song.

      • haha exatly i don’t wanna haunt myself

  • Ooooohhhh ooohhhh SILVER BUTTERFLIES <3 haha oh gahd I'm hyped.. Now who is the ghost bridegroom hmmm..

    Thank you very very much for the chapter!!~ Your Hardwork is amazing <3 Fightoooo nee! And imma cheer you up for the 7k wc .. FIGHTOOOO!!!


  • Silver butterflies eh, ML sure has style! the song is really creepy QAQ

    thanks for the chapter and ganbatte for the 7K characters next chp!

    • Hey, I’m new to the fandom, what’s ML ?

    • Thanks I found it. I thought it meant a name since Xie Lian can be called as XL

  • ExtraPenguin says:

    Aww, our ML is adorbs, saving Xie Lian from the ghost bridegroom in style and dissipating into butterflies. I bet he really enjoyed holding Xie Lian’s hand on their unhurried walk. Though I wonder whether he intentionally shattered into butterflies, or whether he was shattered by Ruoye’s touch or the wind.

    The ghost bridegroom, on the other hand, is an entertaining mystery! Fu Yao and Nan Feng are doing well as Xie Lian’s minions (though don’t call them that), and the scene within the temple was appropriately creepy. I can’t wait to see how Xie Lian uncovers the truth, so … good luck for the extra-long chapter!

    • Pretty sure he intentionally shattered into butterflies, haha! I don’t think wind can overpower our darling ML. Also, thanks for the luck, I’ll need it ^^;;;

  • My god the whole scene with them holding hands is so romantic. I love it so much aaaaa 😩💖. Can’t wait to see him officially meet Xie lian ✨

    Thank you so much for the translation.

    • I was fangirling over this scene too! So glad you liked it too, thanks so much for commenting and for the support!

  • Is it Little Ying?

    • but shes a girl tho..

  • Love it! That young teenager must be our seme then? So gentlemanly!

    I’m putting my bets on either Little Ying or the Fu Yao who came back. Can’t wait to finish this novel! Thank you for translating and sharing this gem!

    • Ehehehe, you’ll see next chapter which will be up this weekend. So glad you’re enjoying everything, thanks!

  • OMG Realmente amo esto <3
    Thanks for the chapter ♥♥♥♥

  • our ML is friggin dreamy and we havent seen his face yet…so much elegance and style…dang… butterflies of silver light?? ~~ dreaaaamyyyyyyyy
    i bet the girl is the wraith

  • Potatobunk says:

    If the girl is the wraith slap her but! Hmmm,,,,if that teenager is the gong….Xie Lian should use Rouye to turn into a hammer to whack from above the head to see his reaction is exactly like a teenager or not!

  • I started this today and I’m so hooked! My favorite but rarest type of novels are the ones with gods as actual characters in them. I’m dying of suspense to know about the ML. The plot itself Is fascinating too! Thanks for translating!

  • Oh my god that was so romantic ❤❤
    I really hope to see more of them in the future!
    I only found this website today, but you do a really great job translating!! Thank you so much!

    • Thank you so much, I’m so glad you like it!! Your support makes me very happy, thank you again <3

  • I’m rereading this again and gosh, I really do love how everything is described in the first half (the entire story, actually, but I’m focusing on the romantic part). I love how the ML is so gentle and patient (and mysterious), so soft and loving. Despite the Xie Lian’s suspicion and the corpses and killing, everything is just so soft. Truly, that entire scene gives the “romantic and flirtatious, like they were sincerely in love and inseparable.” vibe. Can’t wait for more!

    • Yeah some of these descriptions are seriously beautiful, I don’t think I’m doing them enough justice in English rip. Glad you still managed to capture some of the feel and so glad you’re enjoying it so far! Can’t believe people would actually reread ahaha.
      Thanks for commenting and for all the support! <3

  • wow this scene is so breathtakingly beautiful its hella romantic indeed, AHAHhaa I sitting at the end of my chair here just screaming internally at how vivid this gets LOLOLOLOL.

    hmm judging from description of ML, Im prettty sure he was inspired by miaozu tribe… those ethnic minority love silver a lot, are masters at crafting silvers not to mention butterflies and flowers are some of their major symbols… while they do use curved swords… they also practice shamanisms… the similarity fits to a T with our ghostly ML hahah… I’m probably thinking too much…

    but who knows, this is fantasy …perhaps..maybe the author just plays a lot of mmorpg and got inspired from many tribal character creations. xDDD!

    I’m enjoying this read a lot! thank you! lololol MC.. why did you have to strike your man down… so close yet so far lmao

  • Woaah the video of the song you put there adding the eeriness of the atmosphere.. And why most children songs sounded kinda creepy? The song reminds me of japanese folksong ‘sakura’.. It held the same creepiness lol
    Thank you for the translation 😍

  • I felt the small hairs on my nape stand when I was reading the lyrics of that song.

  • i really love how the author portray everything.. it was like i can picture the scenery, the characters.. everything! it’s just so beautiful 💖

    thank you so much for the chapter 💕

  • I really liked the inclusion of the song, it really helped set the creepy mood!

  • I want to know that mysterious guy. AMAZED how Xie Lian is not scared on his own, scary song. The travel and landing to temple was some trip, the gentle guy was nice company it seems C:

    Thank you for translation, I’m new to this story but loving it. Also, I dont know why I am unable to see the images posted here.

  • Can someone give me the title of the song? It’s add the creepy atmosphere there and give me endless goosebumps when hearing it,but strangely I quite like this song

  • So the ML looks like a teenager?That’s a bit strange.

  • Bangtan London says:

    I am officially addicted to this. The way u translate this is beautiful. The meeting with the ml was so mysterious n it left me wanting more.

  • Thank you for the translation! I just have a question, is there a problem with the images that I see should be loading but are not?

  • Thanks for the translation! I’m reading the original raw and my Chinese isn’t that great, so I have to refer to your translations every now and then to help me get through some of the descriptions.

    I’ve noticed that the description of the bells around his boots were missing. Is that on purpose?

  • What a first meeting, gave goosebumps

    Thank you for the chapter

  • Ugh! My fujoshi heart is being triggered with XL and HC holding hands aww

  • Thx for the chapter!

  • WonderingMongoose says:

    Fellas is it gay to take another man’s hand in marriage and then dissolve into silver butterflies?

  • ML seems quiet cool … That song tho jeez , scared the shits outta me.

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