Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 19

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The First Arc: Blood Rain Reaching Towards a Flower

Chapter 19: Within Pu Qi Monastery, Strange Tales of Ban Yue Pass






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  • Thanks for translating!

  • Oh Xie Lan, San Lang is absolutely coveting you. Why would you put your scraps above yourself in the list?

    Thank you for the chapter!💕💕

    • Omg this is so true. Why would he be hanging around if it weren’t for xie lian himself?

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  • Eww san lang figured out u two

  • Thanks for the chapter!
    Pretty hilarious chapter xD

  • Buahaha! What was that? Checking San Lang’s background… Such a good father! Haha

    • keepcalmlemon says:

      It feels like Journey to the west…. smart disciples and clueless master.

  • So close yet so far XD this is like one of those secret identity stories XD idek why XD thanks for the chapter and good luck with school~~ :v almost time for internships huww

  • “Where did you meet this person? What is his surname1? Where does his family live? Where did he come from? Why is he with you?”
    Like an overprotective mother!

  • thank you for translating

  • Minh Trang Vu says:

    thank you for the new chapter <3

  • “Where did you meet this person? What is his surname? Where does his family live? Where did he come from? Why is he with you?” – Xie Lian’s overprotective friends.

    I know we’re not even half way through the novel yet but this is just my favorite passage from this novel. Arigato for the chapter!

  • So much salt are you giving here SL. I could build a whole tower with it. hahah

  • Thanks alot for new chapter.

  • ThatOneCryingInTheCorner says:

    Now I’m more certain that Nan Feng and Fu Yao are Xie Lian’s former subordinates, they’re so protective and awkward around him. Yet they’re also mocking him for hid lack of ‘dignity’ .

  • Thank you for your hard work!
    SL surely has a sharp tongue 😏😋
    He is so pleased with himself that is blinding the eyes lol

  • XD
    I’m convinced. Thouse guys are in facts the generals.
    The generals can’t out san lang without being outed themselves.

  • He has ill intentions. All he has are ill intentions for your body!! Lol it’s cute how protective those two are! Thx for the update!!

    • Heart, mind and body! He’s one hella pecious tofu, if ask me!

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  • They slept together!!!!! I would pay to see that scene irl

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  • Hahaha. Fu Yao is like a mother. Both of them are like the worried parents. Don’t go near that punk!

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  • thanks for the chapter!! SL is savage, love him XD

  • “Xie Lian asked, “Is there a problem?”

    For a long time, neither of them spoke another word, so Xie Lian assumed there weren’t any more issues.”

    no, I don’t think that was why there was a sudden awkward silence… Xie Lian is so naive and cute!

  • omg I just binge read up til this point, tysm for all your hard work with translating!! 💕

  • San Lang is so cheeky even throwing a broom to Fu Yao XD

  • Tereasia Ramlochan says:

    Thank you for translating!!! <3 <3

  • ah xie lian is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for translating!!!!!!!!! i love this novel

  • I just noticed you’re hermitting for exams. Good luck!!!

  • Thank you for translating! I’m curious, how frequent are your updates? Do you have a schedule?

    • We’re trying to keep to an update per week BUT some family problems came up for the translator checker this week so chapter 20 got pushed back a week, sorry about that!

      • I understand, thank you. I hope everything works out for them.

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  • As much as i love HOB, girl , Get yourself some sleep I’m worried . Translate when you can. Thank you for translating as always .

  • Thanks for translating! Good luck with school!! <3<3

  • I’m pretty sure that silence was less that they didn’t have anything to say and more that they both hit the point of “where the f*** do we even start.”
    Between the need to travel to a horrible place, the sassy, couldn’t possibly be scheming anything so don’t attack him demon, the broken down building that “isn’t too different from places he usually slept” and the not-even-a-bed bed sharing, they just couldn’t.

    • Elizabeth Hartman says:

      Thank you ❤️

  • Oh my, this Xie Lian and San Lang, really are a very interesting character. I laugh so hard this chapter! They are so funny. And I love these 2 “helpers”, volunteer every time Xie Lian in troubles. MXDX really is a very good author. The stories are always very interesting, makes me unable to stop reading it. And every character in her stories are always unique and easy to fall in love with. I just started read it this noon, and reach this chapter already. I’m sleepy already, but still want to continue reading. Love her! Mo Dao Zhu Shi brought me here 😄 which I love so so very much! Thank you so much for the translation.

  • Nan Feg and Fu Yao sounded like disappointed parents reprimanding their child for sleeping with a random stranger😂 so cute to see a fanart comic of this

    Thank you for translating… been binge reading it ever since i was the trailer and manhua

    so excited!

  • The amount of smiling I did from all the sarcastic comments they threw at each other and how oblivious Xie Lian is. Thank you for translating!

  • Fu Yao: Damn, bitch, you live like this?

  • kurodaisy09 says:

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