Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 20 (I)

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The First Arc: Blood Rain Reaching Towards a Flower

Chapter 20 (I): A Thousand Miles in a Step, Lost Within a Sandstorm






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  • Oh!!Finally 很谢谢你 姐.. Take care for your health too.Thank you again for hard working.

  • Mmmmm….. An indirect kiss…..

    • ThatOneCryingInTheCorner says:

      San Lang is just trying to get an indirect kiss but everyone tries to get in his way. QaQ

      • haters will hate…

    • bangtanseonmul says:

      ah!~ I should have thought that way – indirect kiss , ofc my low iq won’t process it…

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  • Of course San Lang didn’t come for sightseeing, he came for a date (´ ▽`).。o♡

    Thank you for the chapter! ❤

  • “San Lang took the water bottle by Xie Lian’s elbow before saying, “Of course it’s different. The water here tastes so much better.””

    Just say you wanna kiss XL and go (do it)

  • Hahaha. Those three are hilarious. I don’t know how XL can mantain a blank face in front of them.

    Of course San Lang only wants to drink from gege’s bottle! They’re so cute.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  • Pfft he just wants an indirect kiss! Just let him already cause he thirsty LMAO

  • The ‘gege’ is so adorable.

  • Red mirror is for?? ( Sorry I’m not touched with chinese novels >_< )

    Thank You for this chapter!! ♥

    • Tereza Janošíková says:

      It’s the name of the sword. ^^

      • Thank You dear.. I thought that something magical sword haha. Anyway, Thank You ^3^

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  • Huh im guessing it’s cause he’s ironically in his true form that there were no visibke effects. Gosh he’s playing the other two so badly

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  • Thanks for the chapter!

    Poor baby being denied an indirect kiss…

  • Minh Trang Vu says:

    thank you for the new chapter :3

  • The only thing I can think of is that he is already in his true form… But didn’t someone tell me his true form was with the eye patch? Or did I see this on Tumblr?? Anyway I remain confused.

  • Thank you for the chapter.

  • Your translation is way too perfect.Please update HOB as first priority when you’re free.I really bet you.pleaseeee … And thank you again.Good luck with your exam.

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  • Quiltcheesecake says:

    Thank you so much for the update! I really wish you the best for your exams, so don’t stress on translating this novel! We will wait for you patiently :> 💗 Those people who keep asking for updates are mean and inconsiderate :<

  • A lot of people commented that HOB had a lot of angst but I just can’t seem to understand the angst part lol this series is so much fun!

    • I suppose it comes later on. We will have to wait and see… The angst always comes later on ^^;

    • In it’s purest state

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  • It’s already 10 days😭😭😭pleaseeeeeeee

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  • He does wear an eye patch, I feel that he could easily just not be wearing it. Through literature logic and how smooth San Lang is I think he can be blind in one eye and just not show it. ^^

  • I binge-read all 20 chapters today, and I absolutely love the story. In this chapter, the image of this kind-hearted, long-suffering protagonist watching those three people he cares about fighting like children over a water bottle was especially hilarious. I really love XL, he’s such a good character.
    Thank you SO MUCH for translating everything, and with such brilliant quality, too! You’re absolutely amazing.

  • thank you so much for writing this translation! my best friend linked me to read it, and it’s so good! i read the whole thing in a day and a half and i am just, dying. this is such a good story and honestly your translation is masterfully done, and it just. is really good overall thank you so much

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  • I was so dumb and never scrolled down. I always asked myself how can I leave a comment?? Finally haha!

    I really love how much heart the translation has. I am grateful for everyone who worked on this. Thanks for letting me and others enjoy it!

    From the beginning of last week I continously read Scum Villain’s Self-Saving-System then The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation and am now here, filling my mind with Heaven’s Official Blessing. It’s the most I read since seventh grade haha

    Once again I must say thanks to the translators and wish everyone a happy new year, ✨

  • Thank you for translating! I like how the author ties in humor with horror and romance and great world-building.

  • Hahahah…. it was amusing..

  • To bad the youngsters used “Form Revealing Water.” Because that night just be Hua Cheng’s form. XD
    And as a German I really must disagree with Fu Yao “It’s only water. Don’t they all taste the same? What sort of difference could it have?” Water is wonderful and tastes different everywhere. 😀

    Again, thanks for translating!

    • So it is his true form? Why nothing seem to have an effect on the Demon Lord at all.. They should have recognized him right?

  • I love xl so much he is so calm when they are fighting over a bottle who is gonna drink first it was hilarious 😂 😂 I wonder why they thing San lang has bad motive lol. I also like San lang he seems to trust xl so much because he asked, “gege does it have poison”. Xl was like no but… “. SL was like” Okey since you said so am gonna drink it” that right there my people it’s trust 😂😂I guess even when they were traveling that day when SL said he had a beloved he would trust his own ashes to his beloved I think he meant xl, this is just my pov though. Thanks for translating you are the best 💕

  • Okay, but really… Anyone else coming from GDC/The Untamed and can’t help but seeing so many similarities to XZ and WYB? I might be delulu but XL always smiling and helpful, the two mains teasing each other, SL/HC’s “gege” thing, drinking from the same container… I am sensing many coincidences…

    • You’re so right!!!! OMG … It’s the second time that I’m reading this and it’s the first time I realized about this, now the question is: is this coincidence or on purpose?🤔 Hahaha 🤷🏻‍♀️😆

  • Did Xie Lian really not get that suggestive remark ( “this one tastes way better😏”) and just smiled innocently, thinking “hehe, all of this is funny🦋”(*´ω`*)

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