Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage — Chapter 20 Part 1

Chapter 20 Part 1: “Chu Binghuan’s voice was clear and melodious. “Marriage between two families, the culmination of a wedding contract, and the formation of a good relationship1.””

Holding Hua Che in his arms, Chu Binghuan reached out to palm the other youth’s forehead. 

It was still burning hot.

Hua Che’s health wasn’t that good. Even though Chu Binghuan could use spiritual medicine and immortal herbs to supplement him, Hua Che’s body still needed some time to recover on its own.

In fact, even when compared to normal people, Hua Che’s recovery speed was quite slow.

But Chu Binghuan had complete confidence in his own medical skills and medicine. Thus, he wasn’t that worried about Hua Che.

Instead, the words Hua Che had just said made Chu Binghuan feel agitated. For a moment just then, he became absent-minded, and he even nearly……

Chu Binghuan began recalling the past. Back then, Hua Che had unlimited promise and boundless prospects.

But just because his history had been uncovered, he was subjected to renouncement and castigation.

And even if his entire heart was filled with benevolence and good will, Hua Che ultimately hadn’t been able to cast away his identity of being the Demon Lord’s son.

After all, although Lu Mingfeng had shielded him from public criticism by personally vouching for his disciple, it was hard to prevent Hua Che’s status in the Shang Qing Immortal Sect from taking a direct dive.

Both overtly and secretly, his fellow senior- and junior-apprentice brothers began to repel him. In addition, the elders from every palace hall became fearful and began guarding against the youth.

Anyone with a discerning eye would be able to notice these changes, let alone Hua Che, who had learned to observe people’s body language since young! 

In the end, the youth probably hadn’t been able to endure it any longer!

Without informing anyone, Hua Che suddenly disappeared. According to the eyewitnesses who had been at the scene, they saw a demonic fog emerging from underneath the mountain.

To have the cultivation needed to enter the Shang Qing Immortal Sect casually with ease, there was no one else capable enough other than Fen Qing Palace Hall’s Yin Wuhui!

It was self-evident that Hua Che had left with his father.

But from beginning to end, Chu Binghuan never believed this. With his understanding of Hua Che, he knew the other youth had loathed his father.

Although there was the saying that blood was thicker than water, the immortal and demonic ways were ultimately different paths. Even if Hua Che was unable to place righteousness before family, it was impossible for him to collude with Yin Wuhui.

Hua Che must have been kidnapped.

Chu Binghuan believed this with staunch belief. He began secretly planning a way to charge into the Fen Qing Palace Hall by himself.

But before he could put his plan to action, Hua Che suddenly returned.

And the reason he came back was to kill his Master.

Ruthlessly killing Lu Mingfeng, in addition to slaughtering five thousand disciples from the Shang Qing Immortal Sect. Deserting the place without a second thought, Hua Che left behind a hysterically screaming Lu Yao. 

After he left, hundreds of years passed. By the time Chu Binghuan had seen him again, both of them were already over three hundred years old.

It was like a lifetime had passed.

Some things may have remained the same, but the people have changed.

Ever since then, the Shang Qing Immortal Sect became unable to overcome their setback, and Yuntian Shuijing had seized the opportunity. Under Chu Binghuan’s lead, they surpassed Shang Qing Immortal Sect’s former glory and became the entire immortal way’s top sect.

And Chu Binghuan himself had also surpassed the prestigious Lu Mingfeng, becoming the highest-ranked person in the entire immortal way.

As for Hua Che……he abandoned his excellent swordsmanship, abandoned the immortal way. He entered the ghost realm, became the leader of thousands of demons, and presided over the Fen Qing Palace Hall. 

According to the rumours, after he killed his Master, Hua Che killed his own father.

He finally became a demon and suppressed all the voices who had been against him. Hua Che used blood to pave his road, stepping on corpses to achieve his current status.

Everyone felt cowardly and scared. Even if there was resentment in their hearts, they didn’t dare to express it verbally, for fear that Hua Che would come and massacre their entire sect too. 

No one would ever call him the son of a prostitute again.

Much later, Chu Binghuan was captured by Hua Che.

Falling under a sneak attack, his cultivation was sealed and he was imprisoned in the Fen Qing Palace Hall.

In a flash, three years passed.

Until that day, when Hua Che repeated his old tricks and acted coquettishly. With the cool eye of a bystander, Chu Binghuan didn’t even spare a glance sideways.

He didn’t like Hua Che acting like this. He also knew Hua Che was abandoning himself, like smashing pots in crazy despair.

“Little Ice Cube, can you give me a hug?”

Already used to how Hua Che acted so coquettishly, Chu Binghuan didn’t want to pay attention to him. In addition, there were more important things he had to do right now.

Chu Binghuan didn’t even turn his head, let alone say anything else. He just quickly left.

Under the foot of the mountain, the main forces of the immortal way were already there and waiting.

Chu Binghuan was dressed in white robes, untainted by even a speck of dust. All by himself, he blocked the thousands of soldiers present.

The Yunmiao Lord everyone kept thinking and worrying about was actually still alive. In addition, not a single strand of his hair had been harmed, and his complexion didn’t look that bad either.

Everyone was both very happy and emotional, all trying to talk at the same time.

“Yunmiao Lord, where’s that demon?”

“Sect Leader Chu, did you kill Hua Che and escape?”

There was something Hua Che didn’t know. For that sneak attack three years ago, Chu Binghuan already knew about it beforehand.

He hadn’t been forcibly captured and imprisoned in the Fen Qing Palace Hall. No, Chu Binghuan had followed Hua Che back of his own accord.

Hua Che also didn’t know, from beginning to the end, Chu Binghuan’s cultivation had never been sealed. His golden core was still completely undamaged.

Thus, when Chu Binghuan obtained that silk brocade bag from the Protector who had already lost his head in fear, he had been completely dazed.

Within the silk brocade bag was a method to release one’s sealed cultivation.

What did this mean?

Hua Che wanted to free him?

Wasn’t Hua Che always insisting on obtaining him at all costs? Kidnapping him and forcing a marriage, both coaxing and pestering. Trying both soft and firm methods, it’s been three entire years! 

Why would he now……

Chu Binghuan found it hard to believe. Clutching the Protector’s collar, he coldly interrogated, “What does this mean?”

The Protector never would have imagined Chu Binghuan’s cultivation still existed. Face turning red, he didn’t dare to conceal anything.

He said with difficulty, “I’m afraid my lord, my lord is in a bad condition……cough cough cough!”

Chu Binghuan’s mind was buzzing.

Bad condition?

Remembering the somewhat unusual Hua Che from the previous evening, Chu Binghuan’s heartbeat began beating like thunder. 

At the time, he had the vague idea that the Demon Lord was acting a bit strange, but Chu Binghuan hadn’t cared about it too much. He just thought Hua Che was pretending again. 

Don’t tell him, Hua Che was already……

The scenes from the previous night began replaying in Chu Binghuan’s mind.

Deliberately angering him, in an attempt to let Chu Binghuan kill him.

And when Chu Binghuan was about to leave, that practically tragic and depressed beseech, begging him for just a hug. 

Chu Binghuan felt as if all his organs had disappeared, and even breathing became hard. Using his quickest speed, he rushed back to the Fen Qing Palace Hall, to the bamboo house behind the mountain.

But once there, what he saw was Hua Che, lying on the ground and already approaching death. 

A shattered golden core, a scattered soul. Even his spiritual knowledge had withered.

Trembling, Chu Binghuan hugged the man. But although he began to desperately call out Hua Che’s name in an uncontrollable manner, the person lying in his lap didn’t react at all. 

Only his thin lips shivered, as if he was saying something.

Chu Binghuan rushed to lean closer. That voice was extremely soft and weak, but to Chu Binghuan’s heart, it was as loud as spiritual thunder.

“I’m sorry ah, for delaying your life.”

No, no!

I was the one who delayed you, it was me!

Heart-piercing, or a thousand ants devouring one’s heart, Chu Binghuan couldn’t describe those feelings.

He only knew, in that moment, his entire world had become dark and dull!



Chu Binghuan closed his eyes, before tightly hugging the person in his lap.

In this life, he definitely wouldn’t let that happen again……

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  1. This should be the beginning of what is written on a marriage certificate during the Republic of China era.

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