Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage — Chapter 19 Part 2

Chapter 19 Part 2: “He leaned close to Chu Binghuan’s ears before saying, half-genuine and half-jokingly, “I’ll be very willing to die in your hands.””

Hua Che, Hua Qingkong.

His mother was a prostitute thousands of people could wantonly use, while his father was an evil demon millions of people wanted to kill!

Yin Wuhui, Hua Che’s so-called birth father, was the lord of Fen Qing Palace Hall and the supreme monarch of the entire demonic way!

Countless souls have perished in his hands. Massacring an entire city or wiping out everyone in a village was nothing out of the ordinary for him!

Hua Che, the famous senior-apprentice brother of the Shang Qing Immortal Sect, Lu Mingfeng’s pride?

Heh, his birth father was a bloodsucking demon. How could his son be anything good?

From the Shang Qing Immortal Master praised by all……to the demon everyone wanted to beat even when he was merely crossing the street. More often than not, such a change can happen in just a single heartbeat. 

Demonic cultivators were loathed by the cultivators of the immortal way. After all, their close friends and relatives all died tragically in the hands of demonic cultivators. 

Thus, they were no longer capable of distinguishing right from wrong. They only knew that what was flowing under Hua Che’s skin was the blood of a demon!

If the upper beam is not straight, the lower beam will be crooked.

Like father, like son.

Who knew if Hua Che would cultivate the demonic path in the future?

Who knew if Hua Che had a nefarious purpose when worshipping the Shang Qing Immortal Sect?

Who knew if Hua Che’s “fortune” in getting accepted by Lu Mingfeng, was actually due to some crafty schemes? 

Who knew if Hua Che would act together with Yin Wuhui one day, to massacre the entire Shang Qing Immortal Sect?

They did not want to take such a gamble, nor did they dare.

People of a different race could never be trusted.

These mutters came from everyone, practically drowning Hua Che alive until he couldn’t breath.

He didn’t understand why things would turn out like this. 

Was Hua Che not innocent? Was he not wrongly accused?

What Demon Lord, what birth father!

Ever since he was born, Hua Che had never seen his father, much less even hear Hua Mei’er mention anything about him.

In fact, compared to Yin Wuhui, Hua Che felt closer to the lady boss of the Utterly Intoxicated Tavern!

Hua Che originally thought he would be publicly executed as a show to resist the Demon Lord’s threatening manner.

Unexpectedly, Lu Mingfeng, who had always detested demonic cultivators, stood up to speak.

What shocked Hua Che even more was that his strict Master was willing to face public criticism in order to personally vouch for him!

“This lord knows his own disciple well. He definitely wouldn’t enter the demonic way, much less wallow in the mire with Yin Wuhui!”

“Che’er can distinguish black from white and right from wrong. This lord swears with his life to guarantee this!”

The top-ranked person in the entire immortal way said this. Even if other people thought differently, it wasn’t easy to refute anything else.

These words of Lu Mingfeng, Hua Che remembered them for a lifetime.

His disjointed dreams continued.

The new scene depicted the mountain behind the Fen Qing Palace Hall, secluded but not cold. Hua Che laid on the soft couch inside the bamboo house as the newly-elected monarch of the demonic realm. 

Worshipped by a flock of ghosts, with millions of demons bowing their heads.

Hua Che deliberately wore revealing robes that exposed half of his naked body, greatly resembling a flirtatious slut trying to charm their lord. He was practically abandoning himself to despair as he tried hundreds of tactics to seduce Chu Binghuan. 

Unfortunately, that upright gentleman still remained unmoved. During the times when he truly couldn’t stand Hua Che’s actions, he would just harshly scold the man with a cold face, “Shameless!”

Hearing this word again, Hua Che truly couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He grabbed Chu Binghuan’s collar, towering over the other man as he said:

“What shame? How much is that worth?”

“Yunmiao Immortal Lord ah, have you cultivated yourself to stupidity? You actually tried discussing the concept of shame with me, a Demon Lord who behaved unscrupulously and killed people like flies!”

“Are you really that naïve?”

Hua Che leaned down in an attempt to kiss Chu Binghuan’s lips. However, Chu Binghuan tilted his head and avoided him.

Pausing for a moment, the corner of Hua Che’s lips curved up in a malicious and gloomy sneer. 

He said, “Chasing after the customer to sell goods truly isn’t doing business, and stolen melons aren’t sweet.”

“In my Fen Qing Palace Hall, I have a row of people lining up, just waiting for a chance to crawl into my bed. Meanwhile, you don’t even want it despite this lord sending it to your lips.”

It was unknown which sentence had finally irritated Chu Binghuan. He suddenly flipped himself over.

Hua Che only felt as if the sky had begun to abruptly spin as the positions of the two people switched. He was pressed underneath Chu Binghuan’s body, while the unique scent of the other man rushed directly into his face.

This was a scent that was capable of making Hua Che relinquish all of his vigilance, one he would willingly sink into.

As elegant and refined as the bamboo amidst snow, and like flowers appearing in the mist, with the faint fragrance of medicine.

“Why be like this?” Chu Binghuan asked through gritted teeth.

In comparison, Hua Che appeared much more relaxed and satisfied. He said:

“In the mortal realm’s imperial palace, in order to obtain splendour and wealth, how many people would wrack their brains in order to climb onto the Emperor’s bed? Let alone me, the monarch who dominates the entire demonic way.”

Chu Binghuan’s gaze became cutting. “You know I’m not asking this!”

Hua Che held back his smile. He naturally knew what Chu Binghuan had meant.

A cold breeze blew in from the window, blowing out the lit candle on the tabletop. The entire room had gone dark, but Hua Che’s eyes were still unusually bright and clear.

The limpid moonlight shone brightly like lustrous gems, reflecting off of the man’s seductive appearance that was startling beautiful. A ghostly flame ebbed and flowed in those gorgeous eyes as a vicious tide began to accumulate. 

Hua Che laughed coldly. As if he had been restraining himself for too long, his voice was ruthless yet brazen.

“As the son of a prostitute, lowliness was written into my bones. But after becoming the Demon Lord, they call me innately bloodthirsty!”

“Within my body flows the fresh blood of the Demon Lord. I am dirty all over, someone who deserves the entire world yelling for me to be beaten.”

“Don’t they say, ‘like father, like son’? Don’t they believe people of a different race cannot be trusted?”

“Then I’ll become a demonic cultivator to fulfill their wishes!”

“I want to show them—”

“When this lord cultivated the immortal way, they could only be left in my dust! But even when this lord switches to the demonic way, they will still be trampled beneath my feet!”

Hua Che suddenly smiled. While his cold glares made people tremble with fear, his smiles revealed his soft, seductive manner. He said:

“The facts prove that this is indeed true. Even you, the saint of the immortal way, have been imprisoned in my Fen Qing Palace Hall. Who else can they count on?”

“When the time is ripe, this lord will order a group of demons to attack the immortal way. Shang Qing Immortal Sect is precisely the people who will bear the brunt, and then it’s the Feng Ming Valley, Ye You Prefecture, and finally your Yuntian Shuijing.”

“Unifying the nine continents and six realms, I will become the supreme overlord for thousands of years!”

“Are these truly sincere words?” Chu Binghuan, who had been quietly listening, finally asked indifferently. Just like before, his appearance was still as cold as ice and frost. “Hua Qingkong. Do you really believe this from the bottom of your heart?”

“Otherwise?” Hua Che stretched out both arms before hooking them ambiguously around Chu Binghuan’s neck. “I am a man. Of course I have the ambition to conquer the entire world.”

The gaze in Hua Che’s eyes revealed his intention to provoke Chu Binghuan. With a deceitful smile, he said, “If you don’t want blood to flow like the sea across the entire world, how about you just kill me now? Enforce justice, on behalf of the heavens.”

He leaned close to Chu Binghuan’s ears before saying, half-genuine and half-jokingly, “I’ll be very willing to die in your hands.”

Chu Binghuan pushed him away. Shaking his sleeves, he began to leave.

Warmth on his body leaving, Hua Che felt a kind of empty hollowness. The smile on his face gradually faded away. “Since you’ve been imprisoned by me in the Fen Qing Palace Hall, this is the first time you’ve said so many words to me.”

Chu Binghuan’s footsteps halted.

Turning around, Hua Che laid back onto the soft couch. Watching the other man anxiously, his smile became somewhat bitter and forced. “Little Ice Cube, can you……give me a hug?”

This was the last sentence Hua Che had said to Chu Binghuan.

After Chu Binghuan left, without even giving him a backward glance, Hua Che laid on the ice-cold couch for an entire night. 

At all times, he felt the pain of being stabbed with a thousand knives.

In reality, even if Chu Binghuan didn’t make a move against him now, Hua Che wouldn’t be able to live much longer anyway.

And the moment the sky had brightened the next day, his Protector came to inform him:

The main forces of the immortal way had already slaughtered their way to the foot of the mountain.




Dried firewood laid in the bonfire. Occasionally, it would let out a crackling noise.

Hua Che opened his eyes. He had no idea if it was dusk or evening.

He only felt a mournful puff of sadness, hard to repress, rush into his heart.

The person appearing in front of him was still that person. He merely looked younger.


“I’m a bit cold.”

Hua Che stared dazedly, before a distressing smile appeared on his face. “Little Ice Cube, can you give me a hug?”

Hearing this, Chu Binghuan seemed stunned.

It wasn’t surprising. Chu Binghuan was that kind of a reserved person, who disliked having physical contact with others.

Immediately begging for a hug after waking up like this was indeed a bit shameless.

Hua Che was just about to force a smile when he suddenly saw Chu Binghuan lean over. The other youth took off his outer robes and wrapped it around Hua Che, before pulling Hua Che into his own arms.

He still had that familiar, medicinal fragrance. Not at all harsh or bitter, but serene and tranquil.

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