Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage — Chapter 17 Part 2

Chapter 17 Part 2: “Paling with shock, Hua Che stared at Chu Binghuan and asked, “You……agreed?””

“Ah?” Wen Yuan was shocked.

Tone serious like he was speaking the truth, Hua Che said, “I am just possessing this body. As for my identity, I was once a brilliant disciple from the Shang Qing Immortal sect.”

Long Nose’s entire face became filled with disdain. “You can really talk nonsense.”

Hua Che shrugged before sighing. “Unfortunately, this guy was so stubborn, I didn’t even cheat out his name.”

“Wait a minute!” Long Nose put a stop to Hua Che’s incoherent rambles before seriously asking, “In the first place, why did you have to pretend to be a disciple of the Shang Qing Immortal Sect? Can’t other sects work? Why did you think using Shang Qing Immortal Sect’s name is essential to fish out information?”

“Secondly, it’s fine if you wanted to interrogate him alone, but why did you set up a barrier outside? Did the two of you say anything shameful or shady?”

Long Nose looked at Chu Binghuan. When he discovered the barrier and wanted to break in, he had been blocked by Chu Binghuan.

But Hua Che only looked at Long Nose like he was looking at an idiot. “First, he killed Zuo Qi, so doesn’t that mean he has animosity with the Shang Qing Immortal Sect?” 

“Second, I even pretended to be a ghost cultivator, which is equal to acting out a ‘misery loves company’ show with him. Setting a barrier expresses that ‘you and I are part of the same gang, so there’s no harm in saying whatever you want’.” 

“Do you not understand this reasoning? How did you even pass Shang Qing’s disciple selection examination?”

Long Nose choked, completely speechless.

But when Hua Che hesitantly looked over at Chu Binghuan, he suddenly found it hard to speak.

“Little Ice Cube, come here for a second.” Dragging Chu Binghuan with him, Hua Che walked away into the distance. Only after he saw no one around them did he quietly say, “I know this request is a bit excessive, but……can you believe in me? Put away Luminous Soul, and let that ghost cultivator go?”

According to Chu Binghuan’s personality, Hua Che felt that the moment he said this, Chu Binghuan would tack on the wretched tag of the ‘demonic way’s accomplice’ onto his head.

But if he put himself into Chu Binghuan’s shoes, if someone begged him to put away his spiritual weapon and let a ghost cultivator go, it would be hard for him to accept it too.

Thus, Hua Che suddenly regretted it a bit.

Rather than begging Chu Binghuan, it would have been better to think of a way to untie Luminous Soul himself.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t been bound by it before! Hua Che was experienced!

Chu Binghuan: “Okay.”

See? Either Hua Che got pelted with curses, or Chu Binghuan began directly fighting him. In any case, it was impossible for him to……what the hell???

Hua Che stared at Chu Binghuan with shock. “You……agree?”  

Chu Binghuan said in a warm tone, “The things you do will naturally be justified.”

Hua Che was stunned. “You believe in me?”

Chu Binghuan practically didn’t even think at all. “Yes.”

Hua Che felt as if he didn’t know Chu Binghuan anymore.

The people in the town kept waking up because of the disturbances, so the lamps of each household began lighting up. Accompanying each other, the townspeople came out holding torches to watch the show.

Suddenly, a startled shriek came from the crowd. “Fire!”

Unknown when it had started, a few thatched huts in the distance were burning. The intensity of the flames were fierce, soaring into the heavens!

The neighbouring huts were all implicated and the townspeople were caught up in the chaos. Carrying wooden barrels filled with water, they rushed over to put out the fire one after the other.

Wen Yuan and Lu Yao hurriedly casted spells to help. This wasn’t an ordinary fire, and using water hadn’t extinguished the flames at all.

“My child, my child is still in the house!”

“My elderly mother is still sleeping too ah!”

“Papa, I want Papa sob sob sob……”

The tongues of the flames were greedy and insatiable, swallowing everything in its way. Wen Yuan and the others began rushing into the houses to save people.

Chu Binghuan withdrew his Luminous Soul before quickly throwing out three Rain and Snow Seals. But unexpectedly, despite countering the flames with water, the intensity of the fire had no signs of weakening at all. 

Observing all of this, Hua Che knew this was Soul Fire. With a cultivator’s soul as its source, the stronger their soul, the more intense the fire. This wasn’t something that could be extinguished merely by using one’s True Energy.

Avoiding the tongues of the flames, Hua Che saw An Yu take advantage of the chaos to escape. He released a sigh.

This fire came so suddenly, the one who had set it must be in close vicinity.

What was their goal? The townspeople?

Or was it An Yu?

Hua Che took out his black bamboo xiao. Pouring in energy from his soul, his lips let out a breath of air before the elegant and beautiful sound of the xiao flowed out. 

Sometimes, the music was mellow and soothing. Other times, it was intense and filled with sorrow. When everyone heard it, all of their hearts shook. 

Happiness, anger, sorrow and joy all rushed into their chests. For a moment, they felt a bit dazed, unable to tell where they were or even what year it was.

If one states that the outstanding part of sword cultivators was their exceptional swordsmanship, which was practically invincible, then the scary part of musical cultivators was how their killing moves weren’t visible. 

Musical cultivators punished one’s souls and hearts, letting people sink into great sadness or joy, becoming deranged.

If a musical cultivator was virtuous, they could raise the spirits of a thousand soldiers. They could make plants grow like it was spring, and resuscitate thousands of things.

But if a musical cultivator was evil, they could cause a thousand soldiers to go insane. Making them slaughter each other rampantly and causing blood to flow until it became a sea.

Hua Che’s goal wasn’t actually to put out the fire. His aim was to give the culprit a taste of their own medicine.

That person set fire to burn down the huts. So Hua Che would punish their heart and devour their soul.

Chu Binghuan also used his soul to put out a large fraction of the flames that had plundered wantonly.

Through the surging black smoke and relying on just a single strand of weak aura, Hua Che saw the person who had committed the arson with a single glance. The person was a hundred zhang1 away, standing alone on the peak of a mountain.

Using spiritual energy, Hua Che took two steps to chase after them. He had just landed on a rooftop when his footsteps suddenly came to a stop.

That person emitted a dense aura of death, as if they were a ferocious viper or a collapsing mountain.

It wasn’t that Hua Che’s heart had given birth to fear. Instead, it was the instinctive reaction of an animal in the forest. It was like the legs of a rabbit softening when it sees a tiger, or when a sheep sees a fierce wolf and forgets to flee in their fright.

The Demon Lord who would kill anything blocking his path, even gods and immortals, didn’t really feel any fear in his heart. It was merely because his cultivation level was too low right now, so his body was instinctively afraid.

Suddenly, Hua Che saw that person’s body begin to glow. Because he was too far away from them, he wasn’t able to clearly see exactly what they did. 

Hua Che only saw the light from the person begin to approach them, before transforming into hundreds of rays. Only after it came closer did Hua Che finally see what it was—

The light was actually densely packed feather arrows!

So numerous, they hid the sky and covered the earth!

With his current cultivation level, Hua Che knew that even if he set up a barrier, it would be very difficult to block the rain of arrows. He yelled in a loud voice, “Mu Zhaoyao, use the Thunder Escape Seal!”

The spatial-space pouch in Mu Rongsa’s sleeves was filled with treasures, so Thunder Escape Seals were nothing to him. He immediately emptied his pouch of them.

Unfortunately, the feather arrows approached too rapidly. Even though Mu Rongsa had promptly threw out Thunder Escape Seals to protect the entire town, a small amount of the feather arrows still drilled through an opening.

Despite the blazing flames in front of them, everyone had no other choice but to first block the falling feathered arrows.

A little girl fell onto the ground. As tears and fresh blood mixed together, she began crying with pain, “Mother.”

Three bright arrows made from True Energy shot at her. Noticing with great alarm, Hua Che rode the wind and rushed over. At the same time as his black bamboo xiao crushed two arrows into smithereens, he protected the girl by pushing her behind him.

Suddenly, Hua Che’s back cooled.

It felt as if something had penetrated through his chest, making him feel empty.

Hua Che had no time to pay attention to this strange feeling. Carrying the child, he quickly gave the girl to her mother, who had been looking everywhere for her. 

The eyes of the mother were brimming with tears. As she hugged her daughter, she kneeled and said, “Many thanks to the immortal master, many thanks to the immortal master for saving her life!”

Hua Che didn’t even pause to take a breath. He immediately began rushing over to the distant person who had set the fire. 

“Dear, why did you bleed so much? Where are you injured?” Cheeks streaming with tears, the mother inspected her daughter’s body. However, she couldn’t find any wounds on her at all.

Dazing out, the mother subconsciously looked toward the direction Hua Che had gone in.

Dark-red blood stains covered the entire path.

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  1. Measure of length, approximately ten Chinese feet (3.3 m).

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