Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage — Chapter 18 Part 1

Chapter 18 Part 1: “Little Ice Cube, why didn’t you go to the Shang Qing Immortal Sect?”

While chasing, Hua Che kept nagging himself to “strive harder, strive harder, don’t be a disappointment”.

Although his current cultivation level was still shallow, he was already in this situation for good or worse. Gentle Breeze ought to have woken up by now, right?

In his previous life, Hua Che went to the Ming Yue Valley1 with everyone to train. In order to save someone, he lost his footing and fell down the valley, into a pond that was a hundred zhang2 deep. 

There, he encountered Gentle Breeze, who had been lying unused for many years.

Although their current encounter would be one year ahead of schedule, in any case, Gentle Breeze was Hua Che’s sword—one that had followed him through many battles. 

Blood-soaked, close-quarter combat, while accompanying each other through day and night. 

After time flowed backwards into the past, would these fetters engraved on one’s soul really disappear?

Hua Che landed onto the mountain top, anxiously gasping for breath as he looked down. The arsonist had already disappeared. 

But this wasn’t surprising. If that person wanted to escape, the current him wouldn’t have been able to chase them down.

Just as Hua Che began wondering whether he should return, or if he should enter the pond to retrieve his sword now, suddenly, a loud noise echoed out of the valley!

Immediately afterwards, the entire mountain range began shaking!

Hua Che quickly held onto an old locust tree to keep his body steady. The source of this vibration couldn’t be something normal. In addition, he felt a strong sense of déjà vu.

But without giving Hua Che any time to guess what was happening, a ray of splendid silver overflowed from the fracture in the valley floor, rushing straight toward the skies!

This familiar aura made Hua Che’s mind shiver. Almost instinctively, he rushed over. The closer he got, the more intense that pure and gentle aura became.

Gentle Breeze was different from other swords. It wasn’t as cold and arrogant as Bright Moon, much less as pure and sharp as Hearing Spring. 

Instead, it stood out from the crowd, gentle as jade and like the soft breeze. A single slash passing through the world was like spring coming upon a withered tree.

Breaking through the mist, melting clouds and clearing rain. That was Gentle Breeze.

Hua Che stamped his feet.

The blade of the sword was frosty white, without the slightest dust and with reserved splendor.

But——Gentle Breeze was currently being held by someone else.

Instantly, Hua Che’s gaze became extremely terrifying.

The arsonist’s aim hadn’t been as simple as just setting fire to the town. They actually came to take away the ancient sword!

Despite how this person wore black from head to toe and covered their entire body with a very big cloak, Hua Che was seventy-percent sure about their identity already.

“You were the one who set fire to the town?” Hua Che asked cautiously.

Although it wasn’t possible to see the arsonist’s appearance, anyone who got chased down by a sixteen-year old youth would feel extremely shocked.

The arsonist stared at Hua Che for a moment. Without saying a single word, they actually unsheathed the sword and rushed over to kill him.

Hua Che dodged hurriedly. 

Spiritual swords like this all had their own temper. In any case, Hua Che had accompanied Gentle Breeze for a hundred years, and was long acquainted with the sword’s character. 

Thus, he barely managed to dodge two strikes from the arsonist, despite the person’s profound cultivation.

Seeing this, his opponent was obviously very shocked. After all, the inexperienced youngster they thought they could easily solve was actually a crafty expert. Thus, they began to get even more serious.

The edge of the blade slid past Hua Che’s neck. If he hadn’t dodged quick enough just now, his head would have been chopped off.

Hua Che’s vision had become a bit blurred. Reaching out, he rubbed the trace of blood off his neck before he glared at Gentle Breeze, the sword who was breaking faith and abandoning him. “Rebelling, huh?!” 

It was unknown whether it was because it was truly scared by Hua Che’s yell, or if the cause was how the sword had tasted familiar blood, but Gentle Breeze began to hum restlessly.

The arsonist tightened their grip on the sword. Speaking in a low and deep voice, they said, “You are already my spiritual weapon. Do you want to betray your Master?”

Hua Che smiled coldly, “When all is said and done, who is actually its Master?”

In response, the arsonist revealed their murderous intentions, every strike of Gentle Breeze becoming both rapid and ruthless. Even though Hua Che could see the trajectory of the sword, his body became unable to react in time.

In the blink of an eye, many gashes appeared on his body.

So when the sword rushed toward him again, Hua Che simply stopped dodging. Taking the initiative to reach out his hand, he grabbed onto the blade of Gentle Breeze.

The tip of the sword finally stopped, merely the length of two fingers away from his chest. 

Hua Che’s action even scared the arsonist.

“After a spiritual weapon recognizes a Master, they wouldn’t betray them for all of eternity. As long as their spirit is not extinguished, no matter where or when, in the heavens or the underworld, beckoning one’s sword would immediately recall it.”

Hua Che held onto the blade with a death grip. Sliding his hand down from the crossguard of the sword to its tip, he dyed the entire blade of the sword with fresh blood.

In a split second, Gentle Breeze bloomed with bright light!

Dazzling silver reflected off of Hua Che’s deathly pale face. His phoenix eyes were filled with severity as a bloodthirsty smile curved his lips. 

“This lord’s spiritual weapon, how could something like you deserve to touch it!”

The arsonist only felt their palm burn, as if it was scorched in a raging inferno. After instinctively releasing their grip, that sword actually flipped around, before rushing over to pierce their forehead! 

At the same time, another sword appeared, cleaving through the skies. Taking a look into the distance, the arsonist unexpectedly gave up before rapidly leaving.

Hua Che restrained the gloominess in his eyes. Recognizing the sword was Hearing Spring, he also turned his head to take a look. Sure enough, Chu Binghuan had arrived.

“It’s you ah, how is Sasa doing over there……” Seeing him, Hua Che’s tense nerves suddenly relaxed. While this wasn’t anything abnormal, he immediately felt his vision blur as all his limbs turned soft. 

“Hua Che!” Just in time, Chu Binghuan hugged him from behind. After he took a look at the person in his arms, Chu Binghuan’s complexion immediately changed drastically.

Let alone him, even Hua Che was startled.

Unsure when it had happened, the lapels of Hua Che’s robes were completely dyed red with fresh blood. There was even a bloody hole in the right section of his chest, but Hua Che only sensed pain from his wound now.

“Don’t move.” Compared to Hua Che himself, Chu Binghuan seemed much more frightened. Even his voice had a slight tremble.

Hua Che allowed Chu Binghuan to fiddle with his body. After undressing him, Chu Binghuan staunched the bleeding on his chest and treated the wound simply. 

Suddenly, Hua Che seemed to have remembered what had happened. That’s right, back when he saved that little girl, Hua Che probably hadn’t managed to dodge in time and was struck by one of the arrows.

He leaned onto a tree trunk. After losing too much blood, Hua Che felt extremely dizzy. Forcing himself to be more alert, he began watching Chu Binghuan, who was fiddling with bottles and jars beside him. 

Chu Binghuan took out his entire collection of spiritual medicine and plants from the spatial bag in his sleeves. In a fluster, he began blending medicine. Every now and then, he would transfer Hua Che some True Energy and feed him some Congregating Energy Pellets, as if he was afraid Hua Che would die the moment he wasn’t attentive enough. 

However, unlike him, Hua Che himself appeared rather relaxed. Absent-mindedly admiring the full moon and the stars in the sky, his gaze unintentionally fell onto Chu Binghuan. 

Immediately, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Great Doctor Chu, you added female ginseng and safflower. Do you think my blood isn’t flowing enough ah?”

Chu Binghuan blanked out, his complexion deathly pale.

With great difficulty, Hua Che resisted the urge to burst into laughter. Faking a ‘my life is so hard, all hope is lost’ kind of expression, he said, “Are you really competent enough for this job ah? Maybe its better to ask another medical cultivator to come over, I don’t want to die……”

“……” Chu Binghuan held his forehead. “Shut up!”

Hua Che laughed in spite of himself.

This was truly a case of extreme concern leading to chaos. Chu Binghuan breathed in deeply. In his fluster, he even managed to forget the prescriptions he had memorized inside and out.

Clearing his head, Chu Binghuan locked away the image of Hua Che, being covered in blood from head to toe, from his mind. Then, he threw out the prescription he had already finished and began to blend new medicine.

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  1. Ming Yue is translated to “Bright Moon”.
  2. Measure of length, approximately ten Chinese feet (3.3 m).

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  • Oh Chu Binghuan, so worried about Hua Cheng he mixed up the wrong medicine.

    • Oh my goood, this chapter is so damn good. The main character getting hurt, then the male lead trembling in fear and worry. The imagery of Hua Che dragging his hand across the blade of Gentle Breeze, covering it in blood and regaining its acknowledgement that Hua Che is its true master…

      Chu Binghuan remembering Hua Che’s death in their past life makes my heart tremble. How horrified and afraid he must’ve been. How heartbreaking it must’ve been to try and fail to save his husband’s life. And to think that Hua Che had actually asked for Chu Binghuan to come there, as Hua Che was dying? When he must’ve known what was happening and what scene Chu Binghuan would’ve arrived to, and Chu Binghuan would have realized that eventually? 😭💔

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