Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage — Chapter 17 Part 1

Chapter 17 Part 1: “Paling with shock, Hua Che stared at Chu Binghuan and asked, “You……agreed?””

Motionless, the skeleton became completely dazed.

A deathly silence fell, where one could even hear the drop of a pin.

Suddenly, Hua Che let out a laugh. “Is it so hard to believe? The most taboo thing to do in the cultivation world is to judge someone by their appearance. Although I look like this, it’s not necessarily real.”

The ghost cultivator was stunned. Only after a long time did he write out with his trembling skeletal hand: Spirit possession?

Hua Che’s smile deepened. “It seems like you understand.”

The ghost cultivator suddenly saw the light.

That’s right, it had to be like this!

How could a child who was merely sixteen years old be so shrewd? In addition, Hua Che didn’t feel the slightest fear while facing a ghost cultivator, so much that he was even smiling mischievously while leisurely chatting with him. Hua Che definitely couldn’t be a normal person.

Sure enough, this boy had a youth’s appearance, but an adult’s soul.

The ghost cultivator finally understood. 

In this world, medical cultivators were the most precious, while ghost cultivators were most scarce. They had heavy Yin energy, bad luck, and were cruel and sinister. Always looking disgusting and reeking of blood, ghost cultivators were abhorred by all six realms.

The ghost realm was a world without justice, where its residents slaughtered each other all the time. But once they escaped outside, fellow ghost cultivators could be counted on one hand.

Thus, the skeleton nearly cried tears of joy. He finally experienced what it felt to have a teary reunion with someone from his hometown.

The skeleton was itching to have a long, intimate chat with Hua Che. He wished to share their mutual sorrows and complaints, and talk unceasingly for a good three days and three nights.

“To be honest, before death, I used to be a disciple of the Shang Qing Immortal Sect.” Looking out of the window in a daze, Hua Che forced a bitter smile and said, “From the Shang Qing Immortal Master everyone admired, to a ghost cultivator repelled by all of the six realms.”

The skeleton blanked out for a moment before lowering its skull.

Hua Che appeared as if he no longer wanted to talk about his hurtful past. Looking over at the skeleton, he asked, “What about you? What did you do before you died? Only cultivators are capable of turning into ghost cultivators after death, so whose sect were you from?”

The skeleton clenched his hand.

“Just now, when that long-nosed cultivator said he wanted to bring you back to the Shang Qing Immortal Sect so you could be sentenced publicly, you had been extremely afraid.”

Hua Che’s voice sounded very gentle, as soft as falling snow. “You killed Zuo Qi in a manner like that, do you hate him? Or……”

The skeleton wrote at lightning-speed: Shang Qing Immortal Sect. I hate Shang Qing Immortal Sect!  

“What did Shang Qing Immortal Sect do to you?” Hua Che spoke in a soft voice, before he feigned incomprehension and said, “To be honest, you don’t need to repel them this much. After all, they’re the number one sect of the immortal way. If you have any grievances, don’t hesitate to complain! Even if your enemy is a prestigious Elder, the Sect Leader can still discipline them!”

The skeleton wrote: Can’t be disciplined. Completely cannot be disciplined.

Hua Che: “That’s impossible, the Shang Qing Immortal Sect isn’t a lawless place.”

The skeleton gnashed his teeth.

Hua Che’s gaze darkened. “Exactly how did you die?”

The skeleton didn’t answer. Instead, he said: You said you were Shang Qing Immortal Sect’s disciple. Who had you worshipped?

Hua Che replied in a cold voice, “The Sect Leader, Lu Mingfeng.”

The skeleton trembled from head to toe. 

Hua Che gave him a deep look as his lips curved into a malicious sneer, “I accidentally saw his secret.”

Even though Hua Che said such extremely vague words, the skeleton still understood. Sitting up, he shifted a bit closer and wrote: You were killed by him? 

Hua Che didn’t admit or deny it. He only looked down at the skeleton.

The skeleton immediately understood in his heart. The other party had already revealed enough personal information, but he was still being stingy himself. This was very unfair.

Raising his finger, the ghost cultivator began writing out black characters in midair: An Yu.

Hua Che blanked out. He remembered this name, it was written in the Inner-Sect Disciple Golden Booklet of the Shang Qing Immortal Sect.

An Yu, Lu Mingfeng’s second disciple.

After pausing for a moment, Hua Che asked in a serious tone, “After leaving the ghost realm, did you kill anyone else?”

The skeleton shook his head: Other than Zuo Qi, I still haven’t killed anyone else.

“Find a place to stay and don’t run about. If you want to cultivate, go to the battlefield to absorb resentment. Don’t kill people again. In any case, before death, you were once an Immortal Master from a prestigious immortal sect.”

After Hua Che finished talking, he smiled mockingly at himself.

He had been the Demon Lord who was ruthless and cruel, killing people like flies. How could he be qualified to educate others?

“Alright then.” Propping himself on his knees and standing up, Hua Che took out paper and paintbrush with a relaxed face. 

“Let me list out all of your sins. An Yu, who possesses animosity for the Shang Qing Immortal Sect and hates its Sect Leader to the bone. I didn’t say anything wrong, right?”

The skeleton stared blankly as a scary idea sprouted in his heart. Trembling, he wrote: You, when all is said and done, are you……

“Am I what?” Hua Che’s black eyes rolled lightly as his lips curled into a harmless smile. “A ghost cultivator? Spirit possession? Big brother, you really believed this nonsense?”  

The skeleton: “……”

F*ck you!!!

Struggling up and ignoring the dragon keel whip that was still wrapped tightly around him, the skeleton jumped to his feet, ready to take Hua Che down in mutual destruction.

Meanwhile, Chu Binghuan, who had been staying outside, heard the abnormal noise. Raising his sword and charging inside, he felt relieved when he saw Hua Che was still safe and sound.

The skeleton was trembling violently from head to toe. A pair of black holes that represented his eyes stared unwavering at Hua Che, looking as if he was itching to dissemble Hua Che’s body into a thousand pieces. He wrote: Liar, liar!

“What’s happening?” Mu Rongsa and Lin Yan stared in confusion with wide eyes.

“I’m very sorry for lying to you, although……” Hua Che apologized without much feeling. Raising his head, he looked at the emotionally agitated An Yu and said, 

“Because of a private matter, you resent Shang Qing Immortal Sect. Even though you could find your enemy to get your revenge, you went and killed Zuo Qi, a completely irrelevant person. Is he not innocent? Was he not wronged?”

When he mentioned this, Hua Che felt a burst of annoyance.

He suddenly remembered his past life. Dripping blood, Lu Yao had walked over as he hugged a corpse. His screams had sounded heart-wrenching. 

Hua Che’s head began hurting very much. Temporarily ignoring An Yu, he pushed open the firewood shed and walked outside.

“What happened ah?” Mu Rongsa rushed to ask first.

Hua Che rubbed his forehead. He said, “In order to deceive him into answering, I told him I was a ghost cultivator too.”

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