Former Sweetheart — Chapter 18 Part 2

Chapter 18 Part 2: “What exactly is your relationship with him?”

In this world, spirits had hidden themselves very deeply. In fact, merely finding traces of them was a rare opportunity that was hard to come by.

You Jiang had cultivated for a hundred years, yet he had only seen one spirit by accident. Thus, in regards to the culprit behind the incident at the Rain Monarch Cave, You Jiang hadn’t at all thought in this direction. 

Only after hearing Fu Hongye’s reminder did You Jiang realize that this hypothesis actually made some sense.

But if this was truly the case, then there was something fishy about what was happening at the Rain Monarch Cave. You Jiang shot a look at the silent Qiu Yuebai and said:

“Spirits themselves are basically formed from spiritual energy. It’s reasonable to say they won’t be contaminated by any form of demonic energy whatsoever. So what exactly happened at the Rain Monarch Cave?”

Spirits were different from spiritual beasts or demons and held no interest toward human beings. In addition, they didn’t need to prey on anything living in order to increase their own cultivation. 

Normally, spirits wouldn’t even take a single step inside a human city, much less create a huge fuss like this.

Unless, humans had provoked them first.

Since things had already developed to this point, Qiu Yuebai also knew it was impossible to conceal anything any longer. He finally asked Fu Hongye with a subdued expression:

“Alliance Leader. For the matter regarding the Wang family I had explained previously, do you believe it’s wrong of Wang Facai to seek revenge for the grievances of his ancestors?”

Was it wrong of Wang Facai to retaliate against the Zhang Mansion? 

The enmity of their entire family going bankrupt and people dying; if one could obtain a bloody revenge, who would be capable of resisting such an urge?

But if one was to say Wang Facai had been right, the old Father Li’s weeping still rang in their ears. Not to mention the people who had lost their close relatives because of the wishing well were still sobbing with grief every day.

Wang Facai clearly knew there was a path to the wishing well here, but he concealed the news from the authorities. He even cooperated with the demonic thing to spread the advantages of the wishing well to the public. 

For those who had been implicated by Wang Facai, how could they possibly endure this?

Fu Hongye was also no longer that young and naive. He knew there were many things in the world that couldn’t be completely categorized into black or white, right or wrong.

Meeting Qiu Yuebai’s gaze, he merely replied in a light tone, “Vengeance is a matter where it is hard to determine what is right or wrong. But he shouldn’t have brought disaster to the innocents, nor should he have concealed the whereabouts of the demonic thing.”

This answer made Qiu Yuebai’s expression dim even more. Letting out a sigh filled with exhaustion, he forced a smile and said, “You’re right ah. One committed a mistake first, but the other committed a mistake afterwards. It’s right to not know which side to choose.”

Spirits won’t take the initiative to provoke people. Thus, for this matter, the Azure Sky Mansion might not actually be the righteous party.

However, the people of the Heavenly Alliance cannot be unrighteous. If they continued investigating, they might bring about a very terrible outcome.

Fu Hongye could see it was precisely because Qiu Yuebai was unwilling to arouse criticism, for him to conceal these facts. Perhaps, the best option now would be to cooperate and stop interrogating him any further. After all, they just needed to eliminate the demonic thing.

But Fu Hongye still stood out and said:

“Mansion Master Qiu, if you cannot deal with this matter, you can hand everything over to me. Even if the wrong choice is made, I can assume all responsibility for it. You have no need to blame yourself, nor do you need to feel any misgivings. It’s enough for you to just tell me the truth.”

For this old affair, Qiu Yuebai had been brooding on it by himself for over a month. He had been unable to sleep peacefully every night. 

Qiu Yuebai had never expected to hear something like this. Immediately, he felt as if had finally found a pillar of support.

The man said emotionally, “Alliance Leader is overwhelmingly righteous……” 

Fu Hongye had always been like this. He would keep saving those people who were completely not related to him, subsequently lying in those muddy waters that wouldn’t benefit him at all. 

People like Fu Hongye were destined to not live long, but when they died, they would make the people around them feel at a loss.

You Jiang didn’t want to experience that kind of feeling anymore, so he forbade himself from developing even the slightest favourable impression for Fu Hongye. 

And even if he did develop one, You Jiang must immediately fight against the youth so that he could make himself forget it.

Fu Hongye’s personality, however, was the type You Jiang was most fond of during his youth.

For preferences like this, could one truly change them whenever they wanted?  

Even You Jiang himself wasn’t sure what the answer to this question would be. His annoyance merely grew upon seeing the rotten brat Fu Hongye act so foolish again. Unable to hold back, he said:

“Why debate if there is a right or a wrong choice? If one wants the protection of the righteous way, then they must not kill.”

“And if one does kill, then they must understand this: you can kill others, and others can kill you.”

“Just like the war between the righteous and the demonic. If the demonic way won, they would be able to wantonly torture the cultivators of the righteous way. But if the righteous cultivators win, they naturally have the right to eliminate the demonic cultivators left.”

“These are all paths one had chosen for themselves. Nobody should take their defeat with bad grace.”

As the leader of the demonic way, You Jiang’s manner of speaking had always sounded very indifferent. In the past, Fu Hongye was unable to understand the meaning hidden beneath his words. He only thought this person was just ridiculing him, so everytime he beat back the demonic way, Fu Hongye would feel depressed for a very long time.

But nowadays, the youth was actually able to understand his hidden message a little bit. 

So it turns out that You Jiang was scolding him not because he hated Fu Hongye, but because the other man felt the things the youth did weren’t worth the trouble. 

If Fu Hongye truly took a tumble, his old enemy would be the one who felt the most pity and regret.

The demonic cultivator’s kind intentions were hidden too deeply. If it hadn’t been for how You Jiang had taken the initiative to kiss him during his qi deviation that night, Fu Hongye was afraid he still wouldn’t have understood him even to this day.

The past Jiang Fengzi, who was able to treat everyone softly with kindness, now wrapped himself up with sharp blades. It appeared as if he believed that the moment he gave someone some of his goodwill, he would be harmed. 

But Fu Hongye had always hidden himself in the Profound Sect. He had never tried to understand exactly what had caused Fengzhi to become someone like this.

So how could Fu Hongye abandon his heart tribulation?

Even if heart demons had no way to contaminate him, after understanding everything, Fu Hongye still didn’t want to let himself get away with this. 

It was difficult to approach the current Fengzhi. If you followed along with him, it would just lead to a battle. But if you tried going against his opinions, the outcome would ultimately still be another fight.

Fu Hongye could only take things slowly. In a gentle tone, he tried to persuade You Jiang: 

“You always act so aggressively. Even if you’re speaking kind words, you still need to use such a fierce tone.” 

“Since you possess good intentions, why refuse to admit it? As long as you take a small step back, the two of us will be able to get along harmoniously.”

Words like this naturally attracted You Jiang’s glare. The demonic cultivator stubbornly said, “The result of taking a step back will naturally be death. This lord won’t retreat.”

It was Fu Hongye who had woken up too slowly. At the very beginning, when Fengzhi had been forced to enter the demonic way, he hadn’t been able to promptly appear by his sweetheart’s side.

Nowadays, the bitter fruit of being so late was naturally something the youth had to swallow by himself. Thus, Fu Hongye turned around to deal with the business at hand. 

No longer caring about You Jiang’s defiance, he just softly said, “Alright. I’ve already become accustomed to dying, so I can take that step back.”

Sure enough, Fu Hongye really retreated to discuss the details of the Rain Monarch Cave with Qiu Yuebai. Like this, the youth created enough distance for the leader of the demonic way to feel safe again.

However, this considerate action of his made You Jiang’s expression become even more complicated. 

You Jiang silently stared after the youth’s hazy figure, as if the other man was made from clouds and mist. His grip on his Naihe fan relaxed before tightening again.

Ultimately, You Jiang still didn’t ask the questions he had hidden in his heart for so long:

Rotten brat, what relationship do you have with this lord? 

Why yield to me?

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