The Embarrassing Days of Accidentally Wearing the Same Clothes as the Campus Prince Part 9-10 [END]


Twelve years ago, the six-year-old Tong Yao went to his grandmother’s home in the countryside during summer vacation. While he was fishing in the river, he encountered a group of little boys bullying a person. 

Tong Yao walked over and saw they were bullying a very cute little girl. She was not that tall and had a red dot painted between her eyebrows1. At that time, she was sitting on the ground and crying miserably. 

As a little gentleman, Tong Yao’s desire to protect suddenly soared. Disregarding everything, he charged over headfirst and knocked a few of the leading bullies down. 

Following that was a scuffle. Taking advantage of the chaos, Tong Yao grabbed the little girl’s hand and rushed out, not stopping until he finally lost the chasers.

“Red Dot Bean, don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you.” Tong Yao patted the little girl’s shoulder and said.

The little girl had already stopped crying a while ago. With big, watery eyes, she stared at the bruises on Tong Yao’s temple and the corner of his mouth.

The pain on Tong Yao’s face, which was still hurting badly, was miraculously relieved by the little girl’s gaze.

“Hey, are you Superman?” 

The little girl’s voice sounded a little deeper than other girls he had heard before, but Tong Yao didn’t care.

Hearing the girl’s question, Tong Yao suddenly became more energetic, “That’s right, I’m Superman. Red Dot Bean’s exclusive Superman.”

That summer vacation, Tong Yao and Red Dot Bean played together. Tong Yao also “married” Red Dot Bean several times in order to play house together. 

However, Red Dot Bean just came to the countryside with her family for vacation. After summer vacation ended, she returned to the city.

… …

“You’re……Red Dot Bean?” Tong Yao’s recollection of his distant childhood memory made him beyond surprised.

“Yeah.” Jiang Jinyue nodded, his smile looking a bit forced. Tong Yao actually hadn’t recognized him until now.

“But wasn’t Red Dot Bean a girl?”

“What part of me looks like a girl?”

Tong Yao shook his head violently.

Jiang Jinyue was very tall. His muscles were packed, and he fought with explosive strength. 

Even if he looked pretty, it was definitely the beauty that belonged to a handsome boy, not the slightest like a girl.

“I’m very sorry I’m not a girl, but will you try to accept me?” Jiang Jinyue took a step forward as Tong Yao retreated. His back directly hit the wall.

The things Tong Yao found shocking had smashed onto him one by one, he was almost about to faint.

“Tong Yao, little Superman?”

Jiang Jinyue’s magnetic voice sounded bewitching, making Tong Yao gradually lose self-control.

While his last trace of reason still existed, Tong Yao asked, “Aren’t you just tricking me? Something like losing in a Truth or Dare game, so you have to confess to a boy.”

Jiang Jinyue smiled. It turned out that this was why Tong Yao had such a big reaction just now. It was because the other boy felt he had been fooled. 

This had previously caused Jiang Jinyue to be extremely worried. He thought Tong Yao had been confessed by someone he hated, and that was why the other boy had been so agitated.

“But I’m not Superman at all. I’m just the most humble and normal high school student, without any superpowers.” Tong Yao said, head falling because of his low self-esteem. 

The person who had superpowers should be Jiang Jinyue, who was good at everything.

Jiang Jinyue leaned forward. “How could you not have superpowers? With merely two months, you captivated a person for eleven years.” 

“After encountering them again, for over three years, you didn’t look at that person at all, but still plucked that person’s heartstrings all the time.” 

“Tell me, if this is not a superpower, what is it?”

After he finished speaking, Jiang Jinyue’s lips were only a centimeter away from Tong Yao’s lips. Just as he was ready to remove that last centimeter—

Tong Yao suddenly shouted with panic, “Jiang Jinyue, your elbow is bleeding!”

It had been cut with a knife during the scuffle just now. Jiang Jinyue had been afraid Tong Yao would see it, so he hid it behind his back. But his wound was ultimately still discovered by Tong Yao.

Jiang Jinyue furrowed his forehead. Using the hand that wasn’t dirtied by blood, he held Tong Yao’s face and kissed him.

The flavour of mint entered Tong Yao’s mouth. He tried responding tentatively.

What he got in response was a strong kiss from Jiang Jinyue.

At that moment, the world became a dream.

This kiss, Tong Yao had secretly fantasized for three years, while Jiang Jinyue waited for many years.


During summer vacation, Jiang Jinyue cheated Tong Yao into visiting his big villa with the excuse “it’s so lonely to live in such a big house alone. Do you have the heart to let me be so pitiful?”.

One day, Tong Yao, who had just taken a bath, was lying on Jiang Jinyue’s big bed and playing with his cellphone. Suddenly, he saw a walkman2 lying in the open drawer, the one Jiang Jinyue had been openly carrying at school.

Like all of his other classmates, Tong Yao was also curious about what Jiang Jinyue was listening to every day, so he picked up the walkman.

However, there was only one audio file in the walkman, titled “The First Time”.

Tong Yao plugged in his headphones. A few seconds later, his entire face turned tomato red……

What he heard in his headphones was actually the recording of his first conversation with Jiang Jinyue in school! 

It was precisely that time during the first year of high school, when he had picked up that fallen pen and said, “Jiang……Jiang……Jiang Jinyue”. It sounded like a rap here, and then there was that embarrassing sentence “The office asked you to go to Mr. Tian”.

“What are you listening to?” Jiang Jinyue, who had just finished his shower, pressed his hot body onto Tong Yao’s back.

“Listening to yourself speak?”

“You you you……How could you record this? Don’t you listen to English programs every day?”

“English doesn’t sound as good as you.”

Tong Yao’s ears were completely red. Jiang Jinyue couldn’t help but nibble on them.

“Don’t tell me you also had a secret crush on me for three years just like how I did?” Tong Yao asked.

In fact, Jiang Jinyue made it very clear on the day of his confession. But Tong Yao couldn’t accept it until now, and he even accidentally told his own “secret”.

“You had a crush on me?” Jiang Jinyue was shocked.

“Yeah, I just didn’t dare to talk to you.” Since they were already together now, it didn’t matter if he said this, right?

The mystery was solved. It turned out, it wasn’t that Jiang Jinyue couldn’t attract Tong Yao’s attention, but his little Superman was just too cute.

“Then my crush started a little longer before yours.” Jiang Jinyue’s breath hit Tong Yao’s neck.

“I have another question.” While enduring the constant teasing from the teenager behind him, Tong Yao insisted on asking his question. “Why have you been wearing the same clothes as me during the second semester of third year? I swear I didn’t deliberately copy you like what our other classmates said.”

“Yeah, you didn’t mean to, but I did.” Jiang Jinyue put his arms under Tong Yao’s and wrapped them around the other boy’s chest. “I came up with ten thousand clumsy ways to try and get your attention. This was just one of them.”

“But ever since the first time I saw you during first year, you have always stayed in my eyes, never leaving once.” Tong Yao was eager to explain. 

As soon as he turned his head, he met Jiang Jinyue’s lips, ones that had long been waiting there for him.

“I know now. I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”


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  1. I think this might have been a huadian (painted for fun). See this for more information:
  2. A portable audio player. See: This story might be set in a time period a couple of decades ago.

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