The Villain’s White Lotus Halo — Chapter 16 (II)

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Hi everyone, I think I’m deceased ajkhdkash! If I look at any more chemistry reactions or pictures of the heart/immunology diagrams, I think my eyes will start dripping blood……….

(That being said, the site admin informed me that people have emailed Sakhyulations yesterday, and some were from the Jan 10 rip. If you are one of those people, pls be patient because I’ll have to keep you waiting for a week longer. I have consecutive midterms and labs starting on the 4th so I’m like……dying. Sorry for being such a slowpoke even for emails QAQ)

Anyway, here is part two, like how I promised although it is a bit late skdhkadha. Thanks for everyone for being so patient, I love you all! QAQ




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Enjoy the chapter guys! <3

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  • LOL RIP. Good luck~ I just finished my exams so I’m finally freee

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