The Villain’s White Lotus Halo — Chapter 16 (I)

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Sorry for the lateness of this chapter! It’s way longer than the usual chapters so I’ve been like……dying. Split it into two parts, next part will probably be up soon! Many thanks to my editor for doing such a speedy edit!!

Chapter 17 might be a bit late again (and also for villain astray — for those who read it) because I’ll be heading into midterm season soon! My first midterm is on the 4th actually, so pls pray for me and for my caffeine intake……


Anyway, for this time’s TLor and Editor theatre!

Little Theatre
Sakhyu: *typing furiously in the corner, dying*
3: *sitting in silence, ruler in hand*
3: Hey
Sakhyu: Oh god I swear I’m almost done
3: You know when Duan chatterbox is described as a “little golden man”
3: I thought he was an Oscar
3: Because YBY definitely deserves one for his acting
Sakhyu: *sobbing, unknown whether from the painfully bad joke or oncoming carpal tunnel*

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