The Villain’s White Lotus Halo — Chapter 13

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RIP guys its that time of the year: finals season. My first exam (human physiology uhuhuhu who the heck named the tuberomamillary nucleus histamine activating system??) is on the 8th (this Saturday TnT so I’ve been pulling allnighters like crazy aHAHA, including right now), and my last on the 18th. So please expect delayed releases for both Halo and I’ve Led the Villain Astray until then. ;;w;; So sorry everyone, I wanted to create a stockpile to prevent this, but university had been crazy so I never got a chance to. Thanks everyone for their patience, love you all. I’ll be back before Christmas to make it up to everyone though!!


Also, introducing a translator/editor theatre! There won’t be major spoilers in these, but if you wanna be safe you can skip it and read it after the chapter~

Translator/Editor’s Theatre #1

*Sakhyu and #3 are falling*
Sakhyu: So this chapter is shorter than usual, but it had 15x more poetic nonsense….
Sakhyu: So I cried more tears than usual.
Sakhyu: (゚´Д`゚)
#3: Oh yeah, there’s a lot. But that’s normal for cultivation novels
Sakhyu: This saturation is what happens when you have short chapters. And the next two chapters are short QAQ.
#3: OwO I feel like the poetic nonsense is going to keep increasing until we hit terminal poetry
#3: Right before the confession.
*Sakhyu and #3 look down*
Sakhyu: We’ve got a long way to go…

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Enjoy the chapter guys! <3

(Also, not sure if you guys have heard what happened with Snowy from SnowyCodex, so signal boosting this just in case. ;w; Please click here!)

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  • Thanks for bringing snowy’s condition to my attention. I hope snowy gets well soon.
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