The Promotion Record of a Crown Princess Chapter 16

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I’ve been so sick lately I didn’t even have enough energy to post this even though it was translated and TLC’d+edited already. Urgh.

What happened was I was starting to feel better, and then I forced myself to go to my lectures and my three hour lab, and then I had a relapse. Ha ha. Long story short, I’m still really sick. Will see if I have any strength to TL for those other projects asap! Thanks for all the well wishes and all, guys!

Also, wow! I didn’t know there were so many of you reading Promotion Princess? Really came as a surprise considering the feedback and comments I get for this project is a lot less compared to my other projects. That being said, I’m reaching the end of my chapter stock (next time’s will be the last), so I’ll appreciate it if more people comment or say hi! I know now that there are a lot of silent readers, but if I’m spending the same amount of time to translate and my other projects get more attention, I might focus more time on those other projects, not to mention Luen also spends time to help me perfect these chapters too.

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Enjoy the chapter!!


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  • Mate u needa rest o.o dont push urself too hard.

  • Sleep the sleep of justice! And breathe steam if you have congestion.

  • Hi so sorry to hear you have been ill, please rest and look after yourself, eat well ,sleep in a calm relax atmosphere, no reading novels on your laptop , and taking a walki in fresh air, always makes me feel refreshed when i’m tired, and run down. I know you have loads of silent readers, that constantly chech for updates. Thank you for bring us so much pleasure xxxx

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