I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 31

Hello my lovely readers. After getting enough water and sunlight, your cactus Sak finally feels as if she isn’t dying……..coughs. I’m still wavering between a normal temperature and a low fever one, I still have the sniffles and a sore throat/cough, but I no longer feel as if I got ran over by a truck! Which in my books mean I feel okay enough to translate for you guys, haha.

Many thanks to msycin for the coffee!

Also, I got three late Christmas gifts recently from three of my readers! I’ll take a picture to show you guys them in my next update! And save my thanks for then haha.

But whaaa, we finally got to the first time-skip! Many of you have been trying to guess how old they’ll be, and a few of you actually got it lol. This novel is truly quite slow-paced……but with the first time-skip, I feel like we somewhat made it over the prologue arc, haha. So if its possible, for those who have a NovelUpdates account, please head over to the NovelUpdates page for Villain Astray (which can be found on the table of contents) and drop me a review or a rating! /o/ It will be very appreciated!

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Enjoy the chapter!!


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