This week’s release might be late again ORZ very sorry guys. I woke up this morning at 2AM with a high fever and even now I’m stuck with a migraine and a fever ahhh. I don’t know what happened for me to suddenly get sick like this??? Been sleeping/eating fine too….

Anyway, I’ll try to get out those chapters as soon as possible! Please hang in there guys and thanks for being such lovely and patient readers <3

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  • Hope you get better soon — take care. =)

  • Take care of your health ❤.. Get well soon 💕

  • No worries. Take a rest and get well soon🌷🌷🌷

  • Get well soon!

  • Hello, I was wondering if you could collaborate with some other translator, especially since all the projects you’ve picked up are really long and you’re not one of those super fast monster translator (no idea about how they manage to be that fast). I’m sure there are many that would be happy to help you, even something like making them translate on short term like deciding a specific number of chapters, like 10 or 20(for all those that don’t want to pick up long term stories). Or is there some reason you like to work alone?

    • Hi there! There’s a couple of reasons I haven’t thought of collaborating yet. For one, I’m pretty new to the translating scene (only been here for a few months haha), but I already know most BL translators if not all through our secret discord chat //wink wonks// I actually do get assistance from them a lot, but the thing is, they each have their own graves (especially poor Snowy haha) to dig, so no one really has time to collaborate. That would mean I would need to somehow fish in new translators if I could even find any, make sure their quality is up to par, and somehow hope they won’t bail…which according to my friends isn’t an easy task at all.

      Another reason is, I’m mainly translating as both a gift back to the community and because I want to learn how to read Chinese <3 Hopefully I'm not that slow at translating (if you don't look at my exam and sick times haha)~ Thanks for the suggestion though~~

  • get well soon 😘

    im also sick..more like accident..got to go to terapy,low back pain 😫

    take care 💖

    • Oh no, take care too!!

  • Take time to heal, don’t push yourself. You do such great job with your translations, they’re a joy to read. We will wait patiently 💕 (Well, perhaps just a tiny bit anxiously as the stories are so good 😉)

  • Please take care of yourself I hope you come back soon fix we all are waiting for you

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