The Villain’s White Lotus Halo — Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: The Public Trial (II)

The moment Luo MingChuan finished talking, everyone’s complexion immediately changed.

He YanYun exclaimed, “Senior-apprentice Luo, what are you saying?!”

Zheng YangZi’s beard puffed up as he yelled in anger, “Nonsense! How does this concern you!? What reason do you have, to make you want to take his place?!”

Like everyone else in the hall, Yin BiYue was also stunned.

Xi Ling Peak’s Peak Master Cheng AnTai lightly coughed. “Martial Nephew Luo was originally the victim. Now that he’s speaking out in hopes of taking the offender’s punishment himself, he must have a reason for his actions, one we currently don’t know. However, even if you don’t wish to divulge your reason, you still must give us an explanation.”

Cheng AnTai had a background in law enforcement. Nowadays, he held several positions and was also a Law Enforcement Elder. Unsurprisingly, Cheng AnTai was most fond of reasoning with others.

As soon as this remark was made, one after another, everybody else began echoing his words.

Yin BiYue kept feeling as though there was something off about Luo MingChuan today. However, he still urged himself to relax his heart and mind. It was okay, the already agreed-upon Holy Mother assister wouldn’t do something wrong!

On the other hand, Luo MingChuan deeply inhaled. An explanation?

If he hadn’t used the Jia Lan Spiritual Pupil Arts on Yin BiYue, he was afraid that he wouldn’t have known the real reason either.

However, his junior-apprentice brother was still so young. His current feelings for him were just temporary, ones born from his dependence on an older figure. In the future, after he grew older and understood more things, Yin BiYue might even find a woman he admired. After all, the harmonious fusion of ying and yang was the right way.

If at this moment, Luo MingChuan was to reveal how junior-apprentice brother adored himself, wasn’t that the same as cutting short junior-apprentice brother’s potential future paths?

Junior-apprentice brother had that kind of arrogant and proud personality, he most likely didn’t want to let anyone know of this matter.

In addition, this was originally his own responsibility.

Thus, Luo MingChuan lowered his head. “It isn’t junior-apprentice brother’s fault. It was me. In the past, I once gotten drunk……and intended to force myself onto him. Junior-apprentice brother only wanted to teach me a lesson, he didn’t intend to implicate other people or harm them! Everything was my fault. For the thirty-two disciples of Cang Ya Mountain who got trapped in that dangerous situation, I’m willing to take responsibility!”

Instantly, the palace hall became completely silent.

Became drunk in the past? Intending to force himself onto him? What did all of that mean?

This……it couldn’t be what they were currently thinking of, could it?

In the end, it was Yin BiYue who first reacted. Widening his eyes, he shouted, “Luo MingChuan! What nonsense are you talking about?!”

The indifferent teenager’s expression suddenly changed as a touch of panic and irritability appeared on his face.

Everyone’s hearts jolted at his reaction. Could it be possible that this matter had truly happened? Otherwise, why was Yin BiYue this emotionally stirred up? This kind of cover-up was truly making it look more conspicuous!

On the other hand, Cheng AnTai was still deadly earnest as he continued to question, “Are these words to be taken seriously? Martial Nephew Luo, this isn’t something you should joke about.”

Immediately, all sorts of bewildered gazes became pinned onto the bodies of the two stars of the show.

Zheng YangZi’s ashen face turned completely white as he extended his finger and began pointing it at Luo MingChuan. It trembled uncontrollably from anger, however, he was unable to say anything.

Luo MingChuan knocked his head onto the ground again before offering up his long sword.

“My behaviour was improper. I have turned my back on Master’s grace, and even more on Cang Ya Mountain. I do not deserve this sword. Today at Qing He Palace Hall, I can bear any type of punishment.”

In the past, when Luo MingChuan had just entered Cang Ya Mountain, he had still been a martial art cultivator. Thus, Zheng YangZi helped him find this sword, ‘Submerged Boat’.

This was a masterpiece created by Sword-maker Yan Qing through ten years of painstaking effort, a gentleman’s sword.

But who would have imagined that after Luo MingChuan’s spiritual vein awakened, he contrarily became more suitable for spiritual cultivation? However, Zheng YangZi had been unwilling to take back this sword, so in the end, Luo MingChuan kept it.

At this point, when Zheng YangZi saw this sword, he became even angrier. He didn’t believe his disciple would do this type of disgraceful thing, but he also knew that his disciple never lied. Right now, his thought process was in complete disorder, and Zheng YangZi became so anxious he couldn’t even breathe.

However, nobody knew that Yin BiYue was even more anxious than Zheng YangZi.

Yes, that’s right, he wanted to get rid of his crime. However, he definitely didn’t want to get rid of it based on this explanation!

Protagonist, this was the plan you thought up?

If this became part of his reputation, in the future, how the heck was he supposed to become a villain BOSS?!

When he thought of this, Yin BiYue opened his mouth to try and defend himself. Unfortunately, he got cut-off.

Liu QiShuang took two steps forward. In a tone that suggested she was hating iron for not becoming steel, she said, “Junior-apprentice brother, this sort of thing actually happened and you didn’t say anything?! Did you think Xi Hua Peak wouldn’t be able to protect you, so you needed to endure this kind of grievance?!”

Senior-apprentice sister! At a time like this, there was no need for you to assist in attacking the other side, ah!

Yin BiYue was now so anxious, his speech was becoming a bit incoherent.

“I absolutely didn’t endure any kind of grievance! In any case, I was never some kind of good person, ah!”

“Ding——the villainous line ‘I was never some kind of good person’ has appeared! The conditions are fulfilled, so the Halo has activated!”

Yin BiYue was so touched, he almost started crying.

What good timing!

The Halo was so considerate!!

He YanYun was just about to defend Luo MingChuan. However, her gaze fell onto the person standing in the middle of the palace hall and immediately, she couldn’t say anything.

Ever since this thin teenager walked into the hall, no matter what kind of pointed words, mocking or ridicule he was faced with, his indifference didn’t change and he didn’t offer a single explanation.

It wasn’t until senior-apprentice brother Luo said those words did he suddenly become this emotionally stirred-up. Suddenly, he began to raise his voice, as if he was rushing to hide something.

I was never some kind of good person.

In a good situation, when would someone want to say something like that about themselves?

In reality, it had been Yin BiYue who had been wronged, right? So right now, his heart must be feeling awfully pained.

Likewise, it hadn’t only been He YanYun who thought of this. No, this explanation floated forward in practically everyone’s minds.

Yin BiYue quickly realized that something was wrong.

The gaze everyone used to look at him became even more strange. Now, traces of sympathy, pity, tenderness and regret all appeared in those eyes. In addition, the gazes they used to look at Luo MingChuan became either conflicted or filled with indignation.

No, wait, wait! Didn’t the Halo activate? How did things turn out like this?!

What happened to the advertised, ‘one glance and they’ll cry’?!

Duan ChongXuan stepped forward as well before stopping beside Liu QiShuang. “Senior-apprentice brother, you hadn’t wanted to explain these secrets. Was it because you were threatened?”

Liu QiShuang seemed to have thought of something too as she added on, “In addition, I visited junior-apprentice brother half a month ago. At that time, his hair had still been a fine black. However, now, he has three thousand strands of white hair. Isn’t that quite strange?”

Yin BiYue didn’t understand what everyone was fantasizing about. He only knew that things were now completely out of his control. In addition, they were currently heading toward some unknown direction at the speed of light.

Duan ChongXuan continued to speak. “Senior-apprentice sister, that must be a slip of the tongue. For the most part, white hair is an omen for cultivation deviation. Although the Sect Leader sealed senior-apprentice brother’s cultivation, he has never led him down the wrong path. In addition, senior-apprentice brother Luo, what kind of things are you saying? Currently, you are Cang Ya Mountain’s succeeding disciple, someone with an extremely precious identity. How could you so easily replace someone and take their punishment like a scapegoat?”

Zheng YangZi hastily shouted, “You……You……saying a bunch of nonsense!”

Though Duan ChongXuan’s words seemed to be praise, he was actually ridiculing them. Not only was he scolding Luo MingChuan for his dishonourable behavior and for taking advantage of his position to bully others, he was also accusing Zheng YangZi as well. Duan ChongXuan was basically saying that although he was the Sect Leader, he handled affairs in an unfair manner as he shielded his own disciples. In addition, he had wrongly accused Yin BiYue before things had been properly investigated. Duan ChongXuan’s tongue was truly poisonous, so much that he even had the mind to link Yin BiYue’s white hair to him as well.

Just as expected, the atmosphere in the palace hall changed dramatically.

At this moment, the eldest senior-apprentice brother from Xi Hua Peak opened his mouth.

“Junior-apprentice brother Duan, withdraw.”

His voice was not loud, but it seemed to contain some sort of power. It began to echo in the palace hall, sounding so cold, it was like ice and snow that never melted. Immediately, this sound made everyone become more alert.

When he heard his voice, Yin BiYue turned his head to look at him.

This was the first time he had so carefully sized up Jun Yu.

He wore a black robe without any patterns or decorations. Ink-black hair was draped over his shoulder, scattering like a waterfall. Like a knife, cold indifference was present in his brows and eyes as his thin lips looked like a cicada’s wing. Jun Yu was clearly sitting upright in a chair, but he still looked like a heavenly soldier. A dense, powerful and cold aura surrounded him, making it impossible for anyone to look at him from close-up.

From the start of the trial to now, this expressionless and cold-looking man only said a single sentence.

When he did not speak, it seemed as if not many people had noticed him.

However, the moment he spoke, nobody else dared to talk again.

Duan ChongXuan and Liu QiShuang both silently returned to his side.

Everyone began to calm down as they waited to see what Jun Yu’s attitude to everything was.

On the other hand, Zheng YangZi released a breath of relief. At least there was still a Jun Yu who understood logic and could remain calm. He was worthy of being Wei JingFeng’s disciple, Xi Hua Peak’s eldest senior-apprentice brother……

And then he saw the person he had just been praising turn around and talk to a boy, the sword bearer, standing behind him.

“Go and bring my sword here.”

Zheng YangZi immediately felt his vision turning dark.

The sword bearer nodded his head before leaving.

The moment Jun Yu said those words, the palace hall became so silent, it was like everyone had died.

No one knew how much time had passed before Zheng YangZi lightly coughed. Then, he opened his mouth, like he wanted to say something.

However, this was the moment the sword bearer returned holding a box respectfully with two hands. Countless gazes fell onto that box, their line of sight searing like they wanted to burn a hole in the old-fashioned peach wood.

Mentally, Zheng YangZi began wailing in anguish. This was bad, really bad. Xi Hua Peak’s terrible habit had appeared once more——they were super overprotective, like mama bears! One couldn’t reason with them!


Although the previous protective Wei JingFeng had left, Jun Yu followed his footsteps!

And then, as if he was trying to court death, Luo MingChuan spoke up again.

“Master, everything this disciple said was the truth. For the thirty-two Cang Ya Mountain disciples who got trapped into such a dangerous situation, disciple is willing to accept any punishment!”

Zheng YangZi really wanted to throw Luo MingChuan over to Xi Hua Peak and just let him go die!

……However, no matter how disgraceful he was, Luo MingChuan was still the precious disciple he had raised.

Zheng YangZi sighed, his tone softening as he asked, “Martial Nephew Yin, has my wicked disciple done something unforgivable to you?”

“Absolutely nothing happened! It has nothing to do with him!”

Yin BiYue finally snapped out of the daze caused by Jun Yu’s threatening aura and hastily began explaining.

At long last, it was finally his turn to speak! Hello, he was the actual person involved here!

Unfortunately, there seemed to be an ice-cold robotic voice in his head telling him that, beep beep, sorry, your teammates’ IQ have now gone offline.

The Peak Master of Xi Peng Peak lightly coughed. “In my opinion, this may be the result of Martial Nephew Luo restraining his admiration for Martial Nephew Yin. You know……just a youngster being impulsive. It is very fortunate that a big mistake didn’t occur. Cough……Martial Nephew Jun, how about you put away your sword? If you want to say anything, let’s just have a proper chat, alright?”

Xi Peng Peak had always been good at keeping the peace and patching up a quarrel. In addition, they also had a bad habit of diminishing important events into small matters.

In the past, Zheng YangZi had hated this kind of unconcerned attitude and this Peak Master’s habit of always glossing things over. However, at this moment, he only repeatedly nodded as he said, “That’s right, that’s completely right.”

Xi Ling Peak’s Peak Master also began speaking. “It’s better if the youngsters settle their own personal matters. If we give them a big punishment and end up making these things public……After all, there are boundaries to these kind of matters.”

The other Peak Masters began agreeing one after another. “Yes, that’s completely correct.”

Li QiShuang began considering everything. She didn’t care about what happened to Luo MingChuan, but this wouldn’t be good to her junior-apprentice brother’s reputation.

Of course, everyone else could also think of the things she had thought of.

That man’s well-defined hand rested on the box containing his sword. Almost at the same time, a clang of metal rang out within the very depths of everyone’s souls. Thus, everybody couldn’t help but tremble.

Once again, that chilly voice began echoing through the palace hall. “The trial will end at this point. The matters we’ve learned today cannot be divulged to anyone else.”

When Jun Yu finished speaking, he glanced at Zheng YangZi.

Zheng YangZi knew that this was Jun Yu’s way of asking for his opinion. The younger man had finally remembered to give him some face. Thus, he also said, “Everyone, please bear in mind, these matters cannot be told to other people.”

Jun Yu nodded. He handed his sword to the sword bearer before standing up.

Liu QiShuang and Duan ChongXuan also followed behind him.

Feeling extremely emotional, Yin BiYue watched his cheaply-obtained apprentice brothers and sister approach him.

What should he say?

Should he say, thanks a lot guys, your assistance went in a completely wrong direction, making it seem as if Luo MingChuan really did something to him!

If he didn’t say thank you……these people were willing to help him to this degree even though they weren’t friendly with the original Yin BiYue. It was truly more than just doing their duty. Instead they were extremely benevolent!

He was a villain, where the heck did these protective mama bears come from? Did you guys walk into the wrong film?!

However, very quickly, Yin BiYue realized that he had been thinking too much. After all, when Jun Yu finally stood before him, he didn’t manage to say a single word.

The man raised the hand covered by his wide sleeve. His finger was a bit cold as he touched the spot between Yin BiYue’s eyes.

Abruptly, pure, cold and raw energy flowed through his finger and into Yin BiYue’s spiritual vein.

As if it was a stream of clear and cleansing spring water, all the invisible shackles within his body suddenly disappeared. Boundless true essence began bubbling out as it rapidly poured into his four limbs and every inch of his bones. It felt as if every piece of muscle in his body became smoothed out as every piece of bone began brimming with energy. Suddenly, Yin BiYue felt invigorated as his entire body became relaxed and refreshed.

Jun Yu had unsealed his cultivation.

For a moment, Yin BiYue could only stare blankly. The feeling of possessing power really felt too nice.

Then, he heard the man in front of him speak in a light tone. “It isn’t cultivation deviation.”

His next words were said toward the two people standing behind him. “Send junior-apprentice brother back to rest.”

Duan ChongXuan smiled. “Fourth senior-apprentice brother suffered so many unfortunate events. You truly ought to take a nice break.”

Liu QiShuang added on, “I’ll go and invite Elder Ning over so he could carefully give you a check-up.”

And just like this, Yin BiYue was practically lifted up and dragged out of the Qing He Palace Hall.

With matters finished, one after another, the other Peak Masters began getting up and saying their goodbyes as well.

Luo MingChuan had been staring at that teenager’s back, however, his line of sight was suddenly blocked by a tall figure.

Step by step, Jun Yu began walking toward him. When he was around three steps away, he stopped and began staring into Luo MingChuan’s eyes.

Instantly, Luo MingChuan became frozen to his spot as he became unable to move a single step. Cold, frightening power that could destroy the heavens and wipe out the ground began rushing toward him, making him feel as though he was looking down an abyss or if he had a sword to his neck.

He almost believed that in the next second, that wooden box would explode. Then, that sword that was capable of cutting a mountain into two pieces or razing Cang Ya Mountain to the ground would fly out before skewering him in the chest.

It felt as though he had suffered the brunt of this ice-cold power for ten years, even though it had clearly been merely a second. Finally, Jun Yu turned around and left. Luo MingChuan leaned forward and began gulping down large mouthfuls of air. It was only then did he realize that cold sweat had already drenched his clothing.

The dazed He YanYun standing not too far away finally dared to rush over now. She tried helping Luo MingChuan up a few times without succeeding. Thus, she anxiously asked, “Senior-apprentice brother Luo, how do you feel? Are you okay ah?”

This time, Zheng YangZi did not make a move.

He knew he would be unable to stop Jun Yu. In addition, nothing would happen to Luo MingChuan. Jun Yu only wanted to give him a small punishment to prevent this from happening again. In the end, he still let Luo MingChuan off lightly.

Zheng YangZi couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Finally, this mess had ended……just when he about to drag his disciple back home and give him a thorough beating, he saw his unfilial disciple get up and chase after a certain teenager.

“Let me see junior-apprentice brother once! I want to tell him something!”

……Zheng YangZi was going to kill this shameful disciple of his, this stupid disciple who kept trying to court death!

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