The Villain’s White Lotus Halo — Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: The Convalescence

Cang Ya Mountain, Mission Hall.

Within a boiling cauldron of voices, cultivators didn’t gather here just to receive sect assignments. No, a bigger reason for them to stay here was because they could leisurely chat and gossip with the other disciples. They could also take the chance to expand their information networks. It was a great way to enrich their exhausting cultivation lifestyles.

“How come things ended like this? To say senior-apprentice brother Luo was in the wrong, I don’t believe it!”

“A month of isolation for the both of them? What kind of punishment is that? That Xi Hua Peak disciple, everytime he shut himself in for closed-door cultivation, he could stay there for half a year! However, senior-apprentice brother Luo’s situation is different. Currently, he needs to take charge and appear personally to handle many Cang Ya Mountain matters. What should we do now?”

“Actually, this result might not necessarily have been Xi Hua Peak being biased. At that time, I was standing at a good place. Senior-apprentice brother Luo had walked into the Palace Hall with dishevelled hair while respectively holding his sword with both hands. It really looked like he was walking in to acknowledge his mistake……”

Suddenly, a person bowed his head and lowered his voice. “Do you guys think, for the results of the trial to become like this……Was it not because of the Sword Saint’s famous name?”

As if it was because they had mentioned the two words, ‘Sword Saint’, for a moment, everyone’s voices became much quieter as their attitudes became more cautious as well.

The silent teenager sitting in a corner suddenly shouted. “What do you guys know?!”

Everyone followed the voice and looked over. Then, they realized that this was the Mission Hall’s Cheng Xi.

Someone hurriedly slung their arm over his shoulders before saying, “Yo kid, you know something, right? I heard you were one of the people who escorted that Xi Hua Peak disciple from the dungeon to the Palace Hall?”

The teenager’s gaze was firm as he began speaking once more.

“Martial Uncle Yin is a good person. If you’ve really met him, you wouldn’t be misled by the rumours!”

A commotion rose when the others heard that.

Everybody became exhilarated as they approached Cheng Xi. There were even some people who moved over benches and prepared some tea. They made him sit down and moisten his throat before listening to him slowly explain his experience with Yin BiYue.

Compared to the noisy outside world that was currently circulating with a bunch of gossip, Yin BiYue’s courtyard on Xi Hua Peak was much more peaceful.

Even if Duan ChongXuan still hadn’t left.

“Senior-apprentice brother, this is the medicinal soup made from the prescription Elder Ning gave you. Quickly drink it while it’s still hot.”

“Senior-apprentice brother, your innate talent is unsurpassed and your future growth cannot be measured. You must not feel depressed because of that person.”

“Senior-apprentice brother, do you have something you can’t figure out? Don’t worry, we can slowly chat about it, ah……”


Yin BiYue, who had been leaning against the headboard of his bed in order to drink the medicine, almost did a spit take. He really couldn’t imagine what the heck this guy was fantasizing right now.

He lightly coughed before saying, “Junior-apprentice brother, I’ll like some quiet……”

Don’t ask him who quiet was.

He was too naive, to have actually doubted the original Yin BiYue’s judgement. However, who would have thought that this elegant and noble man was actually a chatterbox?

“No, that won’t do. Senior-apprentice sister has already instructed me to carefully watch over you……senior-apprentice brother, what are you looking for? Don’t get off your bed, I’ll help you get it.”

Yin BiYue sighed. “Fifth junior-apprentice brother, I feel my true essence functioning without any obstructions. Furthermore, Elder Ning has already said that there are no problems with my spiritual vein. As for this ‘White Hair Illness’, for now, it’s not possible to find the illness’ origin. You and second senior-apprentice sister have no need to bustle around for this.”

After all, it wasn’t like he was disabled.

Yin BiYue hadn’t even finished speaking when he saw the chatterbox stare at him in a stunned manner.

His heart suddenly tightened. Did he just……OOC1?!

That’s right, the original Yin BiYue would never have talked for such a long time!

Yin BiYue hastily shut up.

However, it had already been too late.

The person who had originally been sitting on the stool in front of the bed moved his chair even closer to him. His pleasantly surprised face looked full of expectations as he began speaking.

“Fourth senior-apprentice brother, I just knew you were someone who could chat with people!”

Yin BiYue felt a bit crushed. “……I can’t.”

“I don’t believe that!”

Alright then. Since they had to chat about something, it would be better to skip straight to the real issue.

“You entered the Sect a year ago. At that time, I had been in the middle of closed-door cultivation. In the past, we didn’t have many interactions either. I had been unable to fulfill my responsibility as a senior-apprentice brother and look after you. At the Qing He Palace Hall, I still haven’t thanked you yet for speaking out and defending me……”

When Yin BiYue said this, other than expressing his gratitude, he was also trying to feel out how Duan ChongXuan was like.

He could understand Jun Yu or Li QiShuang’s actions, since they were just fulfilling their responsibilities as his seniors. However, he couldn’t really understand Duan ChongXuan. If he had defended him merely because of their relationship as disciples from the same Peak, then the other attached extreme importance to righteousness and justice.

“Fourth senior-apprentice brother, why are you being so courteous to me? I’ve always remembered, the first words you’ve said to me……it was so long ah! ……Although, after that you’ve never cared about me, but I’ve always thought that you were someone who could chat with others!”

Ah yes, he remembered that. Back then, the original Yin BiYue truly did tell Duan ChongXuan, ‘My name is Yin BiYue. I entered the Sect two years before you, and can be considered as your fourth senior-apprentice brother. Usually, I’ll be cultivating within the fourth courtyard on the peak. If you encounter difficulties with a cultivation technique, you can pass on a message to me using a communication talisman. If there’s nothing wrong, do not bother me.’

Was that considered as long? No matter how you look at that, didn’t it just mean, ‘I, your father2, am your fourth senior-apprentice brother. If there’s nothing important, don’t come over and annoy me’, ah!

Yin BiYue pinched the bridge of his nose. “Is chatting something you consider to be very important?”

“It isn’t really that……” Duan ChongXuan looked a bit nostalgic.

“It’s just that, in the past, it was necessary for me to say a lot of things everyday at home. Kind words and unpleasant ones, truths and lies, words with good intentions and harsh threats, or words not complied with one’s heart……the reason I entered a sect was because I wanted to hide in a peaceful place and not speak. I wanted to go wherever was more quiet. However, I would never have imagined that this place would be too peaceful!”

“Eldest senior-apprentice brother says an average of three sentences per year! I counted today, at the trial he actually spoke four sentences because of you. Yeah……I don’t expect him to say anything until next year.”

Duan ChongXuan continued to speak in a grieving and lamenting tone, “Second senior-apprentice sister also doesn’t like to speak. As for third senior-apprentice brother, he’ll be able to speak more, but he’ll always be drunk! In addition, he never returns to the Peak! In any case, it’s not like I can speak to Master’s portrait, right? It’s not like Master has died. An old guy like him wouldn’t be happy if I did something like that!”

No, what Yin BiYue was more concerned about right now was why Master received Duan ChongXuan as a disciple……

Completely minding his own business, the chatterbox poured a cup of Mount Jun’s Clouds and Mist Tea for himself.

“However, fortunately there’s still you, fourth senior-apprentice brother!”

The corner of Yin BiYue’s mouth twitched. Alright then, this chatterbox’s reason for defending him was truly quite simple……

Duan ChongXuan helped him pour a cup of tea as well. “I understand that you’ve encountered unpleasant changes in your life and now suffer from emotional issues and pent-up frustrations. You must want to find someone to chat about this and release some stress. Even if it’s to scold and curse out that immoral and despicable person together, that’s okay too!”

Yin BiYue hurriedly opened his mouth. “Junior-apprentice brother, you’ve misunderstood. There’s really no relationship between me and him!”

Duan ChongXuan sighed. “If you don’t want to talk about these hurtful things, we can chat about something else as well……Oh, right. These are some things that guy sent over. He had been very enthusiastic and it was hard to decline his good intentions, so I helped you receive these things. If seeing them makes you feel annoyed, however, it’s okay to just throw them away. After all, it’s not like our Xi Hua Peak lack stuff like this.”

When Luo MingChuan was mentioned, Yin BiYue’s mood became quite complicated.

At the Qing He Palace Hall and near the end of his trial, Yin BiYue even had the urge to pull out a random sword and stab that liar. However, after calming down, what was left was a heart full of conflicted feelings.

What kind of bizarre thought process did Luo MingChuan have?

How the heck did he manage to think up that explanation?

Today’s youth were really hard to understand, ah.

Yin BiYue took the porcelain bottle and the spiritual mushroom Duan ChongXuan handed him. “Where’s senior-apprentice brother Luo?”

Duan ChongXuan looked completely calm. “Naturally he went back. How could he have the nerve to face you?”

In reality, what happened was this:

Luo MingChuan was stuck outside Xi Hua Peak’s restriction barrier. He had no other choice but to shout, “I wish to meet junior-apprentice brother once!”

Duan ChongXuan looked quite awkward as he replied, “Fourth senior-apprentice brother had stayed too long in the Cang Ya Mountain dungeons. I’m afraid that his spiritual root has been damaged.”

Luo MingChuan immediately said, “I have three ranked nine essence rejuvenation pellets here.”

Duan ChongXuan took the porcelain bottle he offered before faintly sighing. “The dungeon is very cold……”

“I also have a Jade Fire Mushroom,” Luo MingChuan took it out before asking in a hopeful tone. “Would it be possible for me to see him once……?”

Duan ChongXuan held the medicine and the mushroom before waving his free hand. “I’ll help you send these things to him. Senior-apprentice brother Luo, I won’t send you out, walk slowly and be careful!”

When Duan ChongXuan began walking up his meet, he coincidentally met Li QiShuang who had been going down the mountain.

“Luo MingChuan just visited us?”

Duan ChongXuan smiled. “I didn’t let him enter.”

Liu QiShuang nodded her head, tacitly agreeing with his actions. “I’ll go and discuss this issue with eldest senior-apprentice brother. You go nurse and watch over junior-apprentice brother.”

Duan ChongXuan had wanted to say a few more words, however, his senior-apprentice sister had already turned away and walked into the distance.

Yin BiYue frowned.

That doesn’t make any sense, ah. Even if Luo MingChuan thought up that kind of explanation, why was he coming here to send him things? It was like he really did something unforgivable to him……

Bah! What a hideous mess this was.

Thus, when Liu QiShuang returned, the first thing she saw was Yin BiYue’s worried frown and his face that was full of anxiety.

“Junior-apprentice brother, I’ve already checked the ancient books and records from the library. Although your White Hair Disease came in a strange manner, there are ways to cure it. You don’t have to be so concerned.”

When he saw Liu QiShuang, Yin BiYue wanted to get off his bed. However, Li QiShuang gestured for him to stay put.

He had no other choice but to say, “Second senior-apprentice sister, I’m really fine now.”

Liu QiShuang shook her head. “The dungeon is very unique. When all is said and done, staying there for a long time is very harmful to your body. If you don’t carefully rest and take care of yourself now, you may damage your spiritual vein. If that happens, from now on, you will face many cultivation problems. Therefore, for the next couple of days, it’s still better to lie in bed and rest.”

Yin BiYue was left completely speechless.

“Have a good rest. When you feel more spirited, go and visit our eldest senior-apprentice brother. For now, I and junior-apprentice brother Duan will stop disturbing you here.”

Yin BiYue nodded. “Many thanks for senior-apprentice sister’s concern. Second senior-apprentice sister, fifth junior-apprentice brother, please walk slowly.”

Duan ChongXuan looked as if he still wanted to stay and chat for a while. However, after he glanced at Liu QiShuang, he seemed to have put an end to that thought and silently followed her out.

The moment they left, Yin BiYue flipped over and got off his bed.

He had already entered the Soul Manifestation realm. Meditating and completing breathing exercises were more than enough to replace sleep. In the past, the original Yin BiYue would practice his swordplay everyday at the ice-cold pond. During the day he would practice swordplay, during the night he would return to the room he used to meditate in before meditating for the entire night. It had truly been a long time since he had entered his bedroom.

In addition, his true essence was abundant and functioning without any problems. There was no need for him to lie in bed and rest.

Liu QiShuang’s concern was probably because of that medical cultivator Elder Ning. He couldn’t find the origin for the White Hair Disease, yet Li QiShuang kept asking him questions. Thus, he was forced to declare that Yin BiYue just had pent-up emotions and should stay in bed to repercurate. There was no need to worry……basically, the elder said a bunch of nonsense like that.

Yin BiYue walked outside his bedroom before sweeping his gaze around the original Yin BiYue’s courtyard.

White walls, grey tiles. The whole place was arranged in an extremely simple manner. There wasn’t even a single superfluous decoration.

Facing the south, the door of the courtyard faced the centre of the sky. As far as the eye could see, clouds rolled around like the waves of an ocean. Within the small gaps of white, one could see hints of emerald green pines.

A restriction barrier was placed at the door of the courtyard. It prevented unwanted visitors from entering and hid this place other prying eyes.

Yin BiYue threw out some true essence onto the restriction barrier. Immediately, the barrier began rippling like water. Intricate lines created a delicate pattern of the eight inner gates. If someone tried to force an entry, the barrier would borrow energy and strike back to devour the intruder.

Vaguely, Yin BiYue remembered that a long time ago, he seemed to have transmigrated into a xianxia3 world and saw someone use a similar technique. This clearly told him that other than swordplay, the original Yin BiYue had been pretty proficient at seals and barriers.

There were some benefits to transmigrating a lot. After all, there would inevitably be some things that were the same as what he had experienced in previous worlds.

Yin BiYue pushed open the door to the room he used for meditation and immediately felt the pressure of a blade rushing toward him. Instantly, it made his spirit stretch taut to the extreme.

He concentrated his Soul Manifestation realm before walking inside. Although this wasn’t the place where the original Yin BiYue practiced his swordplay and was only the place where he meditated, this room was full of sharp, spiritual sword intent.

Walking in a bit more, suddenly, an incorperal but immense pressure began rushing toward him in all directions.

There were two rooms in this place. The outer room functioned more like a study room, with a desk complete with pen and ink. There was a tall bookshelf that touched the roof leaning against the east wall, with both jade books and bamboo ones bound with string.

There was also a low couch a bit further away from the bookshelf. On the couch, there was a praying mat for meditation.

Yin BiYue closed his eyes and concentrated. He could sense the fine fluctuations of true essence here as well. Sure enough, there was another seal hidden in this room. If someone outside the room tried to attack the restriction barrier while he was meditating, the seal made it possible for him to directly strike the intruder without moving a single muscle. In addition, the attack would be almost instantaneous.

Yin BiYue suddenly remembered that when the original Yin BiYue had first entered Xi Hua Peak, many people didn’t accept his status and often dropped by to challenge him. The original Yin BiYue just sat here and threw those people off the mountain without even opening the door.

The way he dealt with those challengers had been extremely simple. In addition, it had been extremely arrogant as well.

This also meant that the original Yin BiYue had offended a lot of people. That was why, the moment he met misfortune, there had been so many people who hurried over to hit him while he had been down.

Yin BiYue sat on the praying mat, his suspicions and doubts becoming even deeper.

The sharp spiritual sword intent here was a type that advanced courageously no matter the circumstances. For what reason would a person this obsessed with cultivating be that intent on killing Luo MingChuan?

Had it really been because of the original Yi BiYue’s extreme hate?

Now, Yin BiYue felt quite unsure whether or not this was the real reason.

However, he stopped trying to guess what had happened. This was because, right now, there were more important things that had to be done.

Yin BiYue held the sword that was tied to his waist.

This sword had been confiscated before the original Yin BiYue entered the Cang Ya Mountain dungeon. Yesterday, Jun Yu’s sword bearer had dropped by to return it to him.

The first moment he saw his sword, Yin BiYue actually felt as if this sword was scarier than Jun Yu’s sword, the one kept in that peach wooden box he had felt at the Qing He Palace Hall.

Thankfully, that kind of illusion only lasted for a moment before fading away.

The sword was three chi4 and two inches in length. The entire sword was pitch-black. There were no patterns or engravings on the sword, and although the blade was thin, the whole sword was quite heavy.

When Yin BiYue unsheathed the sword, he couldn’t see the glint of the edges. Then, when he inserted his true essence, it felt like he was doing something completely useless, as if his energy was just disappearing with no hopes of returning.

This sword did not recognize him.

That was extremely strange. Why would a sword without a spirit not recognize him as its owner?

Yin BiYue was a martial arts cultivator. More specifically, he was a sword cultivator. Although his cultivation realm was still intact, if he couldn’t use his sword, he was no different from a child who had a mountain of treasures but was unaware of them.

For now, this was Yin BiYue’s biggest problem.

Whether it was the Holy Mother protagonist with his exotically strange thought processes, or that cheaply obtained Master of his that only lived in legends, or even his mama bear apprentice brothers and sisters that had walked into the wrong film. All of those issues had to take a backseat.

To continue surviving in this world and to become the ultimate final boss, not a cannon fodder, the most important thing was strength.

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  1. OOC is the short form for out of character, it’s popular enough today that some stories will use it as a verb, haha.
  2. An arrogant way of belittling the person they’re talking to.
  3. Martial arts genre developed from wuxia but has more fantasy elements and is more influenced by Taoism and Buddhism.
  4. Known as the Chinese foot, it is approximately 1/3 of a meter.

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