I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 6

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The cruel and cold-hearted Mister Blood Devil……was spanked on the butt!!!


If this matter was transmitted outside, it could be estimated that 90% or more of the blood devils would split their sides laughing to death, and the rest would laugh until they fainted.

“Let me go! You bastard! How dare you…….” Xu ZiRong was practically angered till he was insane. In his two whole lives, he had never experienced such a big insult. Getting spanked on the butt?? Even when he was a real small child there had been nobody who had done it!!

With this, what was tolerance. Hiding his true face had long been cast to the back of his mind. If not for the fact that he currently had the power level of a chicken, he would have for sure tore Xu ZiYan into tiny pieces and swallowed down the blood with the meat!

“Oh my goodness, you actually dare to curse people!” Xu ZiYan’s gaze was very strict. Children who did not follow good examples and who would actually dare to curse must be disciplined.

Pa pa pa!

Thus, as the past Mister Blood Devil struggled and snarled, Xu ZiYan’s face was cold. He ruthless slapped down his palm until that tender white and round buttocks became red. It was bright in colour, and seemingly gave one an appetite. =.=

Xu ZiYan was four years older than Xu ZiRong, and add on how he was already at the fifth layer of Qi Condensation stage, the thin and weak Xu ZiRong in his embrace had literally no way to resist. No matter how much he struggled, it was as if he was clamped onto Xu ZiYan’s thigh and though he was kicking both of his legs, his butt was still suffering.


“Say it! Do you still dare to casually curse at people?” Xu ZiYan’s expression was ice-cold. He himself also cursed, so toward this cursing business he wasn’t too angry.

But right now Xu ZiRong was just an eight year old child (not!). Casually cursing others was a habit that couldn’t be kept because it would allow others to doubt his family discipline methods, and this was something Xu ZiYan definitely could not accept.

Xu ZiYan attached a lot of significance to his family. In his heart, his family members were his most important spiritual pillars. Even if he always complained about how his own little brother was no longer obedient and was now a little bastard, if someone else dared to curse out Xu ZiYu, he would have for sure impolitely rushed over to the guy and beat him up.

His little brother was his. Other than his parents, only he had the qualifications to discipline him. Any other strangers A, B, or C should all move aside. Anyone who dared to raise their hand against his little brother had to deal with him.

Although Xu ZiRong was far from obtaining an important place in his heart like Xu ZiYu’s, after transmigrating into this world and reading that novel, his thoughts toward Xu ZiRong held a lot of pity.

The original Xu ZiRong was but a poor little child. If it wasn’t for how the former Xu ZiYan and his Xu family had pushed Xu ZiRong to his breaking point, he may not have turned into that terrifying blood devil.

The first time Xu ZiYan saw Xu ZiRong, the white and tender child with the innocent admiration in his eyes, it left a deep impression on him.

Subconsciously, he had already instinctively taken this adorable (not!) little brother under his own wing. To his own people, Xu ZiYan was actually even more strict.

He was determined to raise Xu ZiRong into an upright and moral young man. Ah…….and the first disciplining act was started by Xu ZiRong maliciously spitting curses from his mouth!

“Say it! Do you still dare to casually curse at people?” Xu ZiYan asked strictly once more. In his point of view, this kind of problem must be corrected the first time it happens. If you let him off once, it would be too late afterwards!

Xu ZiRong’s complexion had already turned a pale purple. His thoughts were sinister but his facial expression looked terrified. Although the pain on his behind wasn’t painful to the point of being unbearable, this kind of humiliation to himself made him hate Xu ZiYan to the bones.

Xu ZiYan! Xu ZiYan!

In his two lives, Xu ZiYan only brought him infinite torture.

In particular, after he died in his past life, in order to locate his hidden treasure Bai Hua and the others deliberately roasted his soul under the Nine Yang Dark Fire1. That kind of bone-deep pain, even reincarnating could not make the memory fade away.

He still remembered that while his soul was suffering under the Nine Yang Dark Fire, Xu ZiYan and the others were unfettered and cheerful in his palace. His soul’s consciousness was gone, but he was still able to know what was happening in his palace. Thinking about how those four guys had rolled into a ball on his luxurious and big bed as they did their nasty deed, Xu ZiRong even felt the urge to vomit.

“Barf…….” Unable to control it, Xu ZiRong began to violently retch. From his rebirth to now, his nerves from the beginning to the end were tightly wound. He was afraid that this was just a sweet dream of his, and that the moment he woke up he would still be that dying soul tortured by the Nine Yang Dark Fire.

His mouth was full of a metallic sweet taste and Xu ZiRong was shocked to find out that just now when he had been extremely angry, his body instinctively began its protective response. Perhaps it was because he was already too familiar with the contents of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, but he actually unknowingly absorbed a small amount of spiritual qi. In addition this qi had also entered his dantian, and began moving according to the course of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra.

Although this spiritual qi was still too small and weak, before he wasn’t even considered as one in the first layer of Qi Condensation stage. But after this qi appeared, he was now considered as one who had opened the big door into cultivation, and was officially someone who entered the ranks of cultivators.

Next, as long as he devotedly trained and increased the qi aura in his body, he could enter the first layer of Qi Condensation stage in less than three days!

The sudden breakthrough made Xu ZiRong’s heart feel ecstatic.  Even the humiliation of being spanked was swept away by this moment of joy. Of course, with his pettiness there was no chance of him forgetting this. But for now he must first train up until he re-learnt the Heart Sea Blood Sutra, and then he could take his revenge all at once.

The bullying from his past life, the suffering his soul experienced, and the humiliation of today’s spanking, all of this he would return to Xu ZiYan!

“You silly child! It was only to let you change and bathe, but you would go as far as doing something like this!” Xu ZiYan scolded, feeling as if he was hating iron for not becoming steel.

As a cultivator, he was extremely sensitive to smells. Being so close to Xu ZiRong, of course he would smell that faint scent of blood.

Feeling shocked, he set Xu ZiRong down and tried forcing open the other’s mouth. However, all he saw was the stubborn and delicate face of a young child, a drop of blood at the corner of the younger’s mouth.

At this moment Xu ZiYan was truly both angered yet distressed. He was angry because of how stubborn this child was. The other would rather bite his lip and draw blood than cry in defeat. However, he felt distressed because of this same point. The Xu ZiRong that survived in the original’s memories was also stubborn like this, and even if he was hit until he was black and blue by the other children of the clan he had never cried once. However, this kind of child made others feel even more heartbroken.

Heaving a heavy sigh, Xu ZiYan gathered Xu ZiRong into his arms before talking in a quiet whisper, “ZiRong, be good. Right now you are still young so you cannot casually curse. Big brother spanking you is just because he wants you to remember. Some things can be done, but towards your family members you can never curse at them.”

Xu ZiRong did not say a single word as he silently hanged his head.

Xu ZiYan rummaged through his memories but was still unable to find an experience with Xu ZiRong like this.

The novel had Bai Hua that guy as its protagonist. Being the book’s villain BOSS, it was after Xu ZiRong had became a blood devil had people begun to become concerned about him. His childhood experiences were all things Xu ZiYan saw from the original’s memories, and before that, the original Xu ZiYan obviously did not care about how the other fared before he came to live in the Xu family.

Towards Xu ZiRong’s previous lifestyle, he had no idea what it was like. But now, seeing this child with his stubborn expression and combined with that ‘true love’ story written by that dog, Xu ZiYan involuntary understood that this child’s past life was not something one wanted to infer.

Thinking about it, that also made sense. It could be deduced that his mother had put all her energy into trying to obtain Xu Xiao’s love, so how could she still have time to care about her own son?

With that in mind, his eyes filled with tenderness as Xu ZiYan hugged the Xu ZiRong in his embrace, before he began speaking in his gentlest tone possible. “ZiRong, starting from today, you are my, Xu ZiYan’s, little brother. Rest assured that no matter what happens afterwards, big brother will always protect you.”

Xu ZiRong slowly raised his head, his pitch-black eyes looking deep and bottomless. He stared straight at Xu ZiYan, and in his eyes revealed a look of expectation.

Xu ZiYan could see that Xu ZiRong felt a bit hesitant, so he gently touched the other’s head. “I know you have just arrived here and you probably don’t dare to believe me. But that does not matter. Later you will understand that no matter what time it is, big brother will always be someone you can rely on.”

Xu ZiRong gently bit his lower lip as he hesitated again, before he finally nodded his head.

Xu ZiYan immediately showed an expression of delight as he fiercely kissed Xu ZiRong’s face. “Good! Big brother promises he won’t let you down!”

Xu ZiRong’s face reddened again before he slightly lowered his eyelids. His delicate eyelashes were thick and spread out like a fan as they slightly trembled twice, hiding the sneer in his eyes.


Xu ZiYan?

Hehe, since this Xu ZiYan wanted to play this elder brother little brother game, he didn’t mind playing along with him. In any case the days at Xu family were quite boring, so using this as entertainment was pretty good as well.

Xu ZiYan, seeing the obedient look Xu ZiRong exposed, felt completely comforted. This new little brother was really too obedient and good, thus he must raise this adorable child into an upright and morale young man!!

What blood devil, what villain BOSS, those things should fly away with the clouds! My little brother would never turn into a blood devil! o( ̄ヘ ̄o*)[pumps fist!]

Xu ZiRong’s mood which had experienced the previous ups and downs had completely calmed down. He quietly finished rearranging his mask. No matter how many times Xu ZiYan peeked at him from the corner of his eyes, he looked like a bashful but very determined little child.

“En, okay, since we already finished this matter, next we should take that bath.” Xu ZiRong’s trick was not done yet when he heard those words of Xu ZiYan that made him instantly dazed.

After that, he was completely too late to react, and was stripped by Xu ZiYan so that both his upper body and lower were bare.

Xu ZiRong reflexively covered his lower body, but then he realized that this action was totally not one a blood devil like him would do.

His face subtly turned green for a moment, before returning to normal. Just when he was about to pretend to nonchalantly lower his hands, Xu ZiYan suddenly opened his mouth to speak.

The author had something to say: Hey hey……everyone guess, what will Xu ZiYan say……

1. AKA an OP martial arts power. Basically, if you’re burned by it, even your spirit would be destroyed. Thanks to Snowy who let me steal her name for it!! I originally translated it as the fiery fires of the nine suns rip so tedious…”

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